Greater Depth in Science


Greater Depth in Science: Planning for Fundamental Foundations to Greater Depth

To plan for progress, different types of tasks may be created that prove to the teacher that pupils are gaining a deeper understanding of the same content.

The examples in this file shows how pupils working Milestone 1 may progress from a BASIC to an ADVANCING and then DEEP understanding of an aspect of the science curriculum by completing the PoP tasks.

Chris Quigley’s Essentials Curriculum defines the Essential Characteristics of a scientist and these traits are the basis for creating the PoP tasks in Section 3 of this resource.

Greater Depth in Science is a resource designed to help teachers: understand the concept of greater depth in science, plan activities that will lead to progression from fundamental foundations to greater depth, see examples of pupils’ work that show progression and assess progress.

The CD includes all sections of the resource in a electronic format for use within an individual school to aid professional development.

Click here to view samples pages.

Click here to view examples of pupils’ work.


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