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Chris just ignites that spark of why we work with children and helps push through the swathes of unnecessary paperwork. Chris visited my previous school where we used Creative Themes for Learning, DepthofLearning Tracker and Essentials. My new role is within a large Trust and I needed Chris to sprinkle his magic to the other schools and start that conversation Trust wide. Chris and his products helped my previous school move mountains and I would love to see that having a wider effect to all pupils within the Trust.


What makes an effective knowledge organiser? -

The problem with knowledge 'organisers'

Kind Words

The clear explanation of the need to revisit learning and deepen it over time really struck a chord with my staff, it was music to their ears! The idea that progression through objectives should be identified with “not a tick, but a tally” really was a ‘golden nugget’. I have to say that I went home delighted on Friday. I could see a perceptible change in my staff as they realised that Chris’ message was one they have been waiting for, for years: learning is not achieved in one lesson or event. Feedback from staff has been very positive, with one teacher professing to have “found God” in a real nirvana moment of what we ought to be doing for our children, and another described the morning as, “The best CPD I’ve had for years!” There was a real buzz around school. I am confident that Chris’ excellent training has put us in a good place to move our schools forward, so thank you!

- Rebecca Jordan, Head Teacher, Thorns Primary School, West Midlands

Vocabulary should be taught not caught

Kind Words

Finally, a course with a good clear understanding of children, how they learn and how to move on. Thank you.

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