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Chris Quigley

Would you pass on our thanks to Chris for his contribution to the EPHA Deputy Heads’ Conference. The event went really well and his presentation was very well received. 100 delegates graded Chris’ presentation as excellent.

- Pam Langmead, EPHA Professional Officer, Essex

I attended the Last Drop 2 Day Designing Your Curriculum: Intent, Implementation & Impact conference last month and was completely blown away by the ideas that Chris presented - so much so that I have signed up for a Master’s at MMU to explore some of the research you outlined and think through the implications for our practice. Thank you so much for an enlightening and thought provoking two days.

- Deborah Cox, Big Life Schools, Manchester

All of it was useful! Feedback is stunning, once again. Delegates loved being able to take practical tips away and start implementing them straight away.

- Fiona Radford, Rotherham School Improvement Service

Feedback from the other heads has been excellent and staff have been really inspired by the messages. Everything ran very smoothly and your team have been very helpful and professional from the very point of booking. It was a fun and interactive session which gave staff lots to think about and they thoroughly enjoyed. It was good to find out more about the pedagogy behind learning and to understand how children process learning over time. It was beneficial to be able to consider when children learn best and to explore the concept of ‘botheredness’. There have been lots of conversations about identifying clear concept thresholds and ensuring that the curriculum doesn’t cover lots of different ideas in minimal detail. The session was delivered fantastically and collectively schools came away feeling inspired and motivated.

- Nicola Wallace, Headteacher, CCIG Cluster of Gateshead Schools

We really enjoyed our CPD provided by Chris and I would rate the quality of my booking as excellent. Chris’ delivery supported our school's intentions/planned actions very well. It really helped to inspire everyone to improve teaching and learning while providing support and direction on how to improve.

- Nerys Thornton, Deputy Headteacher, Thorntree Primary School, Middlesbrough

I particularly like the way Chris uses, introduces and refers to research carried out by others that can be explored later if we want too. I would rate the quality of my booking as brilliant, booking was very easy, communication beforehand was straight forward and the day itself was thought provoking.

- Liz Harris, Deputy Headteacher, Stannington Infant School, Sheffield

Chris set the scene beautifully for all staff in his keynote at the start of the year (including our CEO and Senior colleagues) in terms of the latest research on learning and what that means for designing our curriculum as we move forwards. He also asked just the right amount of challenging questions, disrupting our curricular and pedagogical ideas, whilst simultaneously being supportive of our aims and values as a school. Generously sharing his resources and experience, he also inspired our middle leaders in smaller groups, instigating discussions in cross-school teams and motivating them to review the way children learn in our school and how our current curriculum helps or hinders this.

- Jo Osman, Deputy Headteacher, Tanglin Trust School, Singapore

- Clear, enlightening, thorough journey through the latest research on learning.

- Outstanding level of content - so relevant to the situation our schools find themselves in on their own journeys of curriculum review.

- The ’76 take aways’ - exceptionally useful way of holding on to the training - also enabling delegates to share with others who did not attend.

- Outstanding from start to finish! Many, many thanks!

- Viv Ainsworth-Brown, Headteacher, Melling Primary School, Melling

I just wanted to say a huge thank you to Chris for the conference for the Colne Valley cluster. We have used your curriculum as our starting point for 8 years in our school and we love it! It was so inspiring to have time to reflect today and to absorb your passion and expertise. What a rare treat. Look forward to next time.

- Julie Sarti, Headteacher, Colne Engaine C of E Primary School, Essex

It was an excellent day that will help to shape the curriculum at our network schools.

- The Redbridge Education Partnership Curriculum Network

Absolutely excellent – insightful, relevant and exactly what we needed! Chris' delivery was engaging and the balance between information sharing and discussion was just right. My Lancot colleagues and I thoroughly enjoyed it, and it was a pleasure to host. Thank you.

- Claire Probert, Headteacher, Lancot Challenger Academy, Bedfordshire

It was a great session and Chris was very well received! The step by step approach to considering the development of the curriculum, as well as the built in talk time that Chris gave us to consider ideas in our settings was very useful. Chris’ research was well received and he provided a reading list which was helpful in considering new and different approaches to curriculum design, for example, spacing. Many delegates discussed inviting Chris back to look further at the application of designing the curriculum.

- Chris Upton, Headteacher, Tarleton Community Primary School, Lancashire

Booking Chris to deliver his Infusing Rich Vocabulary Course has been so easy and everyone has been extremely helpful. Thank you so much it made our first ‘River Wye Teaching Alliance’ course extremely easy to manage.

- River Wye Teaching Alliance

The whole day was inspirational and was extremely well planned to ensure that staff developed their understanding of the intent of the curriculum before moving on to considering the implementation. The opportunities to process and discuss ideas during the session meant that all staff were able to explore ideas, make links and develop concepts throughout the day. As always, Chris challenges staff in a non-threatening way and the humour is well placed to make people reflect on their own stance and the possible limitations of this. Having completed three courses with Chris over the last 2 years, it is impressive to see how his thinking evolves and keeps pace with current research linking closely to the national educational agenda. This was just what we needed to reboot our curriculum!

- Amanda Arnold, Executive Headteacher, Delves Federation, Walsall

Staff received the training Chris delivered very well and were very positive about the elements of the day. Excellent – once again a really useful and inspiring day – Many thanks.

- Mark Gilbert, Head Teacher, Abbey Primary School, Walsall

We found the session Chris delivered very helpful in enabling us to think about the quality of the curriculum that we deliver to our children. We are aware that we spend so much time worrying about coverage that we neglect the importance of ensuring that the fundamentals are fully embedded in the children’s long-term memory before moving on. The session has allowed us to start some useful discussions amongst staff about how we can better organise our curriculum and we are looking to work together on this so that a new curriculum plan is in place for the next academic year. We would definitely recommend Chris Quigley Education to others.

- Jane Wright, Deputy Headteacher, Deadwood Primary School, Kent

I should like to express my appreciation for the day Chris led at Staverton Primary School in Trowbridge recently. My staff attended as part of a four school initiative and the messages conveyed were timely and well received. I usually enjoy courses when points are made with which I agree! In this case, there were several points where my current and past thinking was challenged and ideas re-framed. I was so pleased that all my teachers heard the same message. I always enjoy listening to people who know their onions and Chris is obviously one such.

- Roger Whitewick, Headteacher, Holbrook Primary School, Wilts

Dear Chris, I wanted to thank you for a truly inspirational day. I absolutely loved every moment and can’t wait to infuse the curriculum I’m offering to the children in my class, with a rich and challenging bank of vocabulary. Using your booklet, I even managed to deliver the key elements from the day to my family around the tea table!

- Joanna Gurr, Teacher, Staverton School, Wilts

The clear explanation of the need to revisit learning and deepen it over time really struck a chord with my staff, it was music to their ears! The idea that progression through objectives should be identified with “not a tick, but a tally” really was a ‘golden nugget’. I have to say that I went home delighted on Friday. I could see a perceptible change in my staff as they realised that Chris’ message was one they have been waiting for, for years: learning is not achieved in one lesson or event. Feedback from staff has been very positive, with one teacher professing to have “found God” in a real nirvana moment of what we ought to be doing for our children, and another described the morning as, “The best CPD I’ve had for years!” There was a real buzz around school. I am confident that Chris’ excellent training has put us in a good place to move our schools forward, so thank you!

- Rebecca Jordan, Head Teacher, Thorns Primary School, West Midlands

Chris just ignites that spark again of why we work with children, and helps push through the swathes of unnecessary paperwork. Chris visited my previous school where we used the Creative Themes for Learning, Depth of Learning Tracker and the Essentials Curriculum. My new role is within a large Trust and so I needed Chris to sprinkle his magic to all of the other schools and start that conversation Trust wide. Chris and his products helped my previous school move mountains and I would love to see that having a wider effect to all pupils within the Trust.

- Rebecca Clayton, Director of Improvement and Performance, Enquire Learning Trust, Wakefield

Having all classroom-based staff attend the INSET day provided a whole school opportunity to evaluate our current practice. The day proved to be very useful and informative so that all staff were able to take something away that they were able to implement in the classroom and collectively make a difference. A very inspiring and thought provoking day.

- Terry Jones, Headteacher, Perryfields Primary School, West Midlands

A big thank you to Chris. Yet again it was a truly inspirational day and had a huge impact on the team. Staff are motivated to try out the quick routines and some of these have already been introduced this week. Chris was realistic about what actually happens in the classroom and feedback from all staff was totally positive and they had a brilliant day.

- Lindsay Smith, Deputy Headteacher, Cliffedale Primary School, Lincs

The service from Chris Quigley Education has been excellent from start to finish. I have been on many Chris Quigley courses and always find them inspiring. To be able to host training at school has been fantastic and has provided the opportunity for all of the staff to listen and become inspired as I have in the past few years. Thank you!

- Tara Davies, Principal, Our Ladies Catholic Primary School, Oxford

Chris was able to personalise the day to suit the needs of our school. Chris had really good ideas about how we can assess deeper understanding and really back up our judgements about the progress and attainment of pupils. Chris has a calm and measured way of delivering and all staff took a lot from the training.

- Charlotte Foden, Deputy Head Teacher, Northcote Primary School, Liverpool

The whole day was very useful and was well received by the schools attending. There were some very pertinent messages in the current climate around making best use of teacher time as well as the children’s overall level of productivity. Chris provided lots of thoughts for us to feed into our current redesign of the curriculum and into the ways we think about progress. Please pass on my thanks to Chris for a very valuable day.

- Jonathan Moody, Principal, Edenthorpe Hall Primary Academy, Doncaster

"Thanks again for an inspirational talk. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the morning and were really buzzing as they left. As the host school we had lots of positive comments about what Chris said. One quote, 'so inspiring yet simple to achieve'."
Chris delivered a morning session on Teaching & Learning with a particular focus on Continuous Provision to 40 delegates.

- Carol May, Deputy Principal, Hazel Leys Academy, Corby

Chris delivered his Greater Depth in English course and all participants from 20 schools were inspired by the whole day.

- Anita Cliff, Executive Head Teacher, Manor Multi Academy Trust, Wolverhampton

Discussing the three elements of curriculum design and understanding what depth is was really useful as was having time to discuss our drivers and looking at continuous provision examples.

We have had a very good two days – we just wish it could’ve been longer!

- Vicky Evans, Principal, St Johns CE Primary Academy, Staffs

It was another fantastic day. Our school leaders found the content relevant and thought-provoking. Chris tailored the day to our needs, using his knowledge of our school to make the day highly engaging and useful. We have really enjoyed our consultancy days with Chris. We value his opinions and insight into the work we are doing, and have gained a great deal from his input.

- Mandy Lawrence, Deputy Head Teacher, Keys Meadow Primary School, Middlesex

Working with Chris over the two days has surpassed our expectations. We have had an opportunity to focus on curriculum design and finding a balance between meeting the statutory requirements and building a curriculum that is carefully designed for our children and community. It enabled us to question the content and delivery of our curriculum and with Chris’ guidance push the expectation of curriculum design beyond the normal thought processes. We were able to analyse our values and priorities and ensure these are encapsulated within our new curriculum. Throughout the sessions Chris was able to expertly identify the areas that our schools needed to develop and plan professional development for staff accordingly. The staff thoroughly enjoyed the session on continuous provision and are keen to explore the concept further. I am keen to continue the professional development into the next academic year for the development of the curriculum. One area I am keen to develop further, as I think it is vital to the success of our new curriculum, is around vocabulary.

- Stephanie Peters, Executive Head, Haughmond Federation, Harlescott Junior School and Sundown Infant School and Nursery

We are so delighted that we have managed to book Chris, many of our schools do use his materials and both myself and my senior English lead are huge fans of the Greater Depth Reading document.

- Shoshannah Thompson, School Improvement Officer, London Borough of Tower Hamlets

We had a fabulous day with Chris on Continuous Provision, thank you! We especially liked the 10 daily routines, the dashboards, how to combine subjects without adding to workload, as well as models of how to fit things into the timetables.

- Fiona Radford, Children & Young People's Services, Metropolitan Borough Council

Please thank Chris for our Head Teacher cluster training on Leadership of Learning. He was fantastic! I could listen to him all day! He gave me more confidence to continue to develop my school based on our principles rather than external criteria and I would love to work with him again.

- Lynn Smolinski, Head Teacher, Penny Bridge CE Academy, Cumbria

Chris was knowledgeable and his ideas were useful and practicable. We all enjoyed his delivery – just the right balance of humour and professionalism. Thank you Chris!

- Kate McKenna, Deputy Head Teacher, Sacred Heart Primary School, Newcastle upon Tyne

The day provided us with a framework to refine our school curriculum design. Your office provided prompt, efficient and courteously helpful communications at all times.

- Gareth Davies, Head Teacher, Holy Apostles' School, Cheltenham

We had an excellent day. Chris doesn’t try to sell his products but instead uses his work as an example of one possible way. He listens to what is being said and our views, but works in a way to suggest ‘have you thought of this?’ or ‘what about this?’ to get you to think beyond what you currently do to see if a different way could be better or not. He ensures you stay true to the needs of your children.

- Cath Lloyd, Head Teacher, Oasis Henderson Avenue, North Lincs

It was another fantastic day. We really value the work Chris is doing with us. Observing and then evaluating the teaching and learning with Chris was extremely helpful. It was great to get his insight, he asked provocative questions and offered lots of ideas for development.

- Mandy Lawrence, Deputy Head Teacher, Keys Meadow Primary School, Enfield

We want to thank Chris and the company for being a beacon of hope in a somewhat dreary era for education! The whole day was inspiring for everyone who attended. The introduction on what Mastery is and why it exists gave the whole day a solid foundation on which to build upon. It put everyone on a level footing. The staff at our school found Chris' pedagogy inspiring and it reflected the views and ethos that we have as a school. The 10 top tips for reading were particularly fantastic and we loved how easy they were to implement into daily routines straight away with minimal preparation. It was useful to have pockets of time to discuss the content without the pressure of always feeding back and Chris was always very open to questions during this time. Chris really has inspired the staff at our school and our staff meeting on Wednesday is a discussion based around this training with the aim to roll out some of the fundamentals that Chris mentioned across the school and embed it into our daily teaching practice. This training helped us to re-think and re-establish our core ideals as a school in a non-judgmental and completely relaxed environment. Absolutely brilliant.

- Leah Eagleton, Teacher, St John's Primary School, Kenilworth

We had a great day with Chris on Securing Greater Depth. The staff are still buzzing. Based on our own evaluation sheets 100% of staff indicated increased knowledge.

- Mrs Ann Gunn, Head Teacher, St Polycarp's Catholic Primary School, Surrey

I have heard very positive feedback from the staff of the schools attending the day. Chris’ delivery was fantastic – his explanations were very clear and the anecdotes added great entertainment. Opportunities for discussion were invaluable in sharing ideas, good practice and helping staff to develop their thinking and explore the ideas.

- Helen Owen, Head Teacher, Layfield Primary, Yarm

My staff have spoken very positively about the day. They all felt that the content and delivery was inspiring. The printed handouts and Chris' presentation were excellent. Chris has such a wealth of knowledge and he has given my staff a great deal of 'food for thought'. Excellent service, from the initial enquiry right through to the training. Thank you very much.

- Janine St. Pierre, Head Teacher, Plaistow Primary School & Children's Centre, London

Chris delivered Learning without Lessons to 6 Trust Schools -
It was a fantastic day and the staff are really ‘buzzing’ about it all today! Please pass on my thanks to Chris!

- Steve Meakin, Holly Lodge Primary School, Surrey

Chris structured the day to engage us in how we approach the delivery of the curriculum and in the process of reviewing the effectiveness for our current cohort and their individual needs. He shared his ideas and findings in a very accessible way that really facilitated our own learning through group discussion and individual reflection. The whole process was very smooth and supportive.

- John Palmer, Whitehall Infant School, Walsall

Every member of staff who attended (including Pastoral, Business Manager and even a local Educational Psychologist) found it to be an excellent course. No one has suggested anything to improve it and they couldn't wait to apply some of the concepts discussed.

The day Chris delivered was excellent. It was more than we could have hoped and the training will be revisited strategically within our improvement plan for the year. Thank you.

- Emma Harkins, Head Teacher, Huntingtower CP Academy, Lincs

It was such a good day! The opportunity to talk things through with Chris was great. He tailored the day to our needs and provided us with a lot of useful information and resources.

The content and discussion around Basic, Advancing and Deep styles of teaching and learning in different year groups was particularly helpful as was the work around core principles for all lessons.

We really enjoyed the day and are looking forward to the next one. The whole process as usual from beginning to end was highly efficient. Thank you.

- Mandy Lawrence, Keys Meadow Primary, Enfield

I would recommend Chris Quigley Education to anyone – I think the development of the Essentials Curriculum is perfect for Junior Schools to enthuse and inspire children whilst at the same time building on essential skills that are developed across the Key Stage.

- Karen Stonehouse, Head Teacher, Bartley C of E Junior School, Southampton

Securing Greater Depth - one of the best CPD sessions I have attended in 17 years. Professional and well delivered. Thank you Chris.

- Paula Cumming, Deputy Head Teacher, Abu Dhabi

Please thank Chris for a great day! Everyone was buzzing afterwards about new approaches and ideas.

It was very interesting to think about how maths and English can take on “bite size” chunks across other areas of the curriculum and how little exercises can be completed throughout the school each morning.

The day brought about several topics for discussion within my SLT and I heard TA's and Teachers talking about different approaches to parts of the day!

Thank you for a fabulous and thought provoking day!

- Louise Croker, Head Teacher, St. George's Catholic Primary School, Warminster

A fantastic day – very engaging with plenty to think about and reflect on.

Our staff had lots of questions that Chris happily answered, and then tailored the training to meet their needs. This resulted in Chris completely adapting the content of his presentation for us, which meant we were able to get a very personalised experience that matched what we needed as a school. We really appreciated Chris being so adaptable, it was a fantastic morning thank you. The quality of our booking with Chris Quigley Education was exceptional -very personalised, extremely useful, and illustrated with real life anecdotes – adding humour and enhancing understanding.

- Carly Newman, Assistant Head Teacher, Queensbridge Primary School, Hackney

Please pass on our sincere thanks to Chris for an amazing day yesterday and to yourself and the team for organising the booking and putting it all together. Chris managed to open the minds of the staff to re-think what they’re doing and why they’re doing it. Every moment of the day was incredibly useful and will enable me to drive forward curriculum re-design much more easily, as there has been resistance in the past. Chris achieved exactly what I thought he would. The whole school are buzzing with ideas today.

- Mrs Andrea Bedeau, Sudbury Primary, Brent

It was a fabulous day and we were thrilled to have 'the man himself' to throw all our questions at. Thank you very very much to Chris.

- Elaine Le Gros, Head Teacher, Rednal Hill Infant School, Birmingham

The whole day was extremely useful and really supported us in our thinking. Chris is an inspirational speaker who is able to put present complex issues in a very simple and clear manner that compels you to act. It was particularly helpful to hear the research based evidence that underpinned the key messages as well as the humorous anecdotes and analogies. We had the luxury of spending the day after his visit discussing what we had taken away from his presentation and there was unanimous support for making change. I would like to say a personal thank you to Chris for his input, I was lucky enough to hear him in September and hearing him again has ignited the passion for change yet again. It was a truly inspirational day and the feedback was overwhelmingly positive and left us with lots of food for thought.

- Amanda Talbot-Jones, Head Teacher, St Denys Primary School, Southampton

Chris presented the information in an informative and entertaining way. He appealed to all levels within the audience. He simplified, through the use of practical examples, the way to resolve some of the difficulties experienced in school. He was knowledgeable and able to offer alternatives for every staff member to take away. We had a wonderful day and I struggled to make comments about how to improve.

- Bev Allford, Head Teacher, Ravensfield Primary School, Tameside

Chris was a very engaging and knowledgeable presenter. All delegates who attended said that their expectations of the day were fully met, with the majority of teachers stating that their expectations were exceeded. All delegates were able to identify key areas of focus for their follow up work in school.

- Achieving for Children, Deep Learning Conference, Kingston and Richmond Schools

The messages were clear and insightful. Staff were so motivated by the day that they were texting me at home that evening! The morning session was especially useful as the reasons for reorganising our curriculum were obvious to all the staff attending. Staff enjoyed Chris' stories and humour but they were all grounded in thought provoking content. Please thank Chris and the team for such an enjoyable and interesting day.

- Jude Yoxall, Deputy Head Teacher, Beckstone Primary School, Cumbria

Chris covered everything that had been asked of him in a calm and measured way. As always, he was very thought provoking and provided a lot of very practical advice. 11/10!

- Su Plant, West Midlands Consortium

Staff Inset was useful and gave staff confidence to speak to parents about our changes. Chris gave an excellent and inspirational talk to parents and answered questions well.

- Marie-Clare Gilfedder-Bonnar, Deputy Head of Juniors, Blackheath High Junior School

Engaging, informative, reassuring, useable, and very professionally delivered. Many Thanks.

- Simon Perkins, Head Teacher, Long Whatton CE Primary School, Leicester

Please would you pass on our thanks to Chris for today. He was inspirational and my staff are buzzing. It was an absolute pleasure to have him in school.

- Davina Clacy, Old Church CofE Primary School, Walsall

All of the sessions were informative and relevant. Chris, as always, presented the course with the right balance of information, opportunities for reflection and humour. I think everyone took a great deal away from the morning and it certainly made us think about our own schools and possible ways forward to improve learning and understanding in our own settings. A brilliant day.

- Richard Mason, Head Teacher, Milking Bank Primary School, Dudley

Reflecting on the use of questioning to deepen learning helped us to put the National Curriculum 2014 in context, as Chris exemplified the question types and styles. The staff from all of the schools went away feeling positive about next half term. There were plenty of opportunities for discussion, laughter and plenty of learning. The communication has been highly professional and, for once, the course did what it said on the tin - thank you to all concerned. Thank you Chris.

- Julie Rees, Head Teacher, Ledbury Primary School, Herefordshire

All of it was useful! Gave delegates an insight into what depth and mastery was and what they should be looking for in classrooms. Also, gave SLT teams time away from school to talk, plan and reflect on next steps for their school. Excellent.

- Vicki Kavanagh, Head Teacher, Crocketts Community Primary School, Smethwick

All of it was useful! Chris’ bespoke programme was insightful, reflective and just what I needed to help me identify and develop my staff strengths and challenges.

- Cathy Higgins, Head Teacher, Oxley Park Academy, Milton Keynes