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Alex Bedford

Considering this inset was the last day of a busy term, it was fantastic and inspiring to all. Alex was great and adapted for our needs. We found the depth of knowledge and resources to use particularly helpful.

- Shelley Jones, Head Teacher, Orsett Primary School, Essex

To put the training into context, this took place on the last day of the Autumn Term when all anyone could think about was breaking up for Christmas. Alex managed to enthuse and motivate all the staff, his knowledge of the curriculum and his passion for sharing great practice was brilliant. To be honest, trying to pick out the most useful parts is difficult as it was all very useful. Thank you so much for such a great and inspiring day. The day was outstanding from start to finish.

- Tracy Grieh, Vice Principal, Wednesbury Oak Academy, West Midlands

The way Alex enabled staff to see Greater Depth as a way of thinking, not special activities for the more able children was very useful. The day was great and the staff are buzzing with ideas.

- Eileen Anderson, Headteacher, Knutsford School, Watford

The whole day was very useful in many different ways. It offered practical ideas for improving teachers’ skills, many of which related to what they currently do but with more precision. This meant that teachers felt it was achievable and of use. Everyone loved the wonderful selection of books that Alex shared during the training. My booking with Chris Quigley Education was excellent.

- Nicola Stanley, Headteacher, Rowley Hall Primary School, Midlands

We all thoroughly enjoyed the day thinking about continuous provision and how we can incorporate it into our way of teaching and learning. Alex’s knowledge and passion for the curriculum was inspiring and all teachers are now using ideas in the classrooms.

- Tara Davies, Principal, Our Ladies Catholic Primary School, Oxford

The whole day was excellent. Very well presented by an excellent Associate Consultant - very useful and thought provoking. Senior leaders have attended two courses recently - both high quality and very useful as we move forward.

- Ian Dryburgh, Head Teacher, Blackrod Primary School, Bolton

Alex worked with staff to provide support with mastery. It was outstanding! Alex is highly effective and very inspirational - thank you!

- Sarah Green, Headteacher, Corngreaves & Timbertree, West Midlands

Staff found all aspects of the day exceptional.

There was a suitable balance between the theory and the practical ideas, the resources which were used to exemplify the teaching and learning were fabulous and Alex’s delivery was just inspiring.

We have undertaken follow up sessions ourselves and all staff have implemented many of the approaches discussed. The quality of work produced by the children reflects how well they are enjoying their topics.

- Nin Matharu, Head Teacher, Kings Hill Primary School, West Midlands

Thank you, Alex, for leading our In-Set day on Tuesday. It was just right. Plenty of food for thought, reminders of things we already do that we can refine to make them even better & lots of practical ideas that are easy to put into practice. During PPA on Wednesday afternoon my Y1 teachers were already using some of your ideas & I walked into a great discussion in a Y2 class yesterday where the children were being really challenged with their thinking. It’s always a sign of great CPD when you see the impact in classroom practice straight away.

- Rachel Edwards, Head Teacher, Park Infant School, Gloucester

Alex is always full of ideas and suggestions that continually help and support what we do. All the staff he worked with found his sessions immensely useful in helping shape our curriculum development. The SLT session not only gave us further ideas of areas to develop but helped us understand how to use pupil conversations as an effective way to monitor progress and learning.

- Gabrielle Solti, Head Teacher, South Hampstead Junior School, London

Everyone was very impressed with Alex, his knowledge and the content (Learning without Lessons). Other schools who attended have also been sending me emails so say how good it was. Comments include Inspirational, Practical, Entertaining and Informative.

- Catherine Millar, Head Teacher, Beacon Hill, Surrey

Alex tailored the sessions to the needs of our school. His relevant and recent classroom experience gave him an insight into the current needs of pupils and demands on staff which my colleagues appreciated. Examples of pupil work, lessons taught and materials used was very valuable. The booking was very smooth. Nicola and Emma couldn’t have been more helpful. It’s been a pleasure and we look forward to working with you again in the future.

- Bernadette Dempsey, Head Teacher, Ss Alban & Stephen Infants School, St Albans

Useful and practical activities for depth & mastery which staff have already begun to use.

Once again the training was high quality as we have come to expect with Chris Quigley days. Alex adapted the day to meet the needs of the staff and therefore we maximised our day. Thank you for the re-energising the staff with practical activities.

- Kirstin Cameron, Deputy Headteacher, St Matthew's CEVAP School, Ipswich

I just wanted to update you on the impact your training has had with our staff. We have realigned our assessment system to link with the Do it, Use it, Own it language which allows both the teachers and children to question and learn at a greater depth. The children are talking about how they are owning their learning and are able to explain it using the Blooms verbs. All areas of school have adopted this approach, so I really feel we are developing a shared language of learning.

Last week we went through our DSIB inspection and it was commented on how children were able to choose their level of learning based on DUO (Do it, Use it, Own it) and that they had much more opportunities to go deeper. We have also adapted our lesson plans which really helps to focus on a suitable level of challenge. My next step is to involve the parents and run a workshop for them to share this approach.

We really feel there has been a shift of mindset with the teachers and children since the training, so I wanted to thank you for that.

- Fiona Nicholson, Assistant Principal, Gem Jumeirah Primary School, UAE

Alex was very professional, he has so much experience which he can draw on which the teachers liked and was very realistic. He was clear and made sense. The staff were very upbeat by the end…even at 6.30pm on a Thursday night!

Thank you. Well worth the money!

- Laura Phibbs, Head Teacher, Sinfold CofE Primary School, West Sussex

The opportunity to hear, as a whole staff, the understanding of what greater depth and mastery mean and to have the opportunity to discuss these together was useful. Spending time discussing appropriate resources and how these could be used in a variety of contexts was also useful. The different types of questions used to probe for greater meaning will be a continuing talking point and will be particularly useful for TA's involved in reading activities. An excellent day! Will recommend highly. Alex was very engaging and informative without overloading the staff or making them feel that they had to ‘reinvent the wheel’.

- Elizabeth Green, Head Teacher, St Oswald's Catholic Primary School, Lancs

How to differentiate mastery in the classroom from fluency, applying to deepening learning was useful. Alex was an excellent facilitator and it was a brilliant course.

- Edward Hobson, Head Teacher, St Anne's Primary School, Staffs

The day was insightful, with the staff that worked with Alex taking away an awful lot of ideas and ways to develop and improve their planning of activities and lessons.

The training was excellent, a great experience, very thought provoking with great practical ideas, would really recommend to others.

The use of depth and mastery will really transform how we plan in school.

- Miss R Towns, Head Teacher, Wickhambrook Primary Academy, Suffolk

This was an excellent session, staff found it extremely helpful in developing and engaging creative ideas across the curriculum to develop deeper thinking.

- Nicky Tyler, Westfield Primary Academy, Suffolk

Alex was a very inspirational speaker who involved the staff and gave lots of examples of his own experience. A great mixture of talk, time for group discussion and watching videos on his powerpoint.

- Emma Hardy, Head Teacher, Ecclesall Infant School, Sheffield

Alex presented "Reviving Primary Science" in Wakefield for Yorkshire NAHT and received excellent reviews from all 23 attendees. There was not one negative comment and everyone left with a plan to improve science in their school. Another excellent day.

- Dave Evans, Yorkshire NAHT

We found the whole day extremely useful. Alex delivered his material in a truly inspiring way. The first session was particularly so when he described the way in which he had used picture books to develop a deeper level of understanding in Literacy. It gave us all a real “buzz” and there was very positive feedback over coffee in the staffroom.

Particularly useful was,
· B.A.D. verbs
· Crafting deep questions
· Definition of a learning objective and how to develop depth within that

We had been working on an enriched topic based curriculum and overall the day made precise and explicit for us what we now need to do.

It reinforced our aims of high expectations for all children and how that can be developed through depth and mastery in the curriculum.

We had to cancel our original booking as our budget was very tight, but that was not a problem and everyone in your office was more than helpful in rearranging our day.

- Gill Anderson, Deputy Head Teacher, Isaac Newton, Lincolnshire

The staff found Alex very inspiring and enjoyable to listen to. Each member of staff, whether NQT or experienced, gained something useful from the session.

- M Masters, Willow Bank Infant School, Berkshire

The conference was brilliant – to the point that several tutors were quite miffed by students telling them it’s the best session they’ve had all year!! I am very much hoping to book something similar for next year. Alex was excellent, and really couldn’t be faulted. The trainees’ feedback was fantastic. We were extremely pleased with the whole day- The conference was brilliant – it was exactly what we hoped it would be.

- Elizabeth Farrar, Senior Lecturer, Bishop Grosseteste University, Lincolnshire

The children (understandably) love Alex!

- Eastwick Schools

Alex was able to give us practical activities and new techniques which promote a greater depth of understanding.

- Eastwick Schools

It was wonderful to see Alex teaching the children and showing us how we could adapt our current practice to get even better results.

- Eastwick Schools

Alex was an inspiration to the both the children and staff.

- Eastwick Schools

I just wanted to say how brilliant the training day was, Alex! You really are a brilliant leader and really have inspired and motivated me. Thoroughly enjoyed it! In a world that is full of criticism, I thought I would just let you know!

- Lewis Morgan, Calverley Parkside Primary School, Leeds

Alex was very easy to listen to and very knowledgeable which was important at the end of a busy day and half term! Staff now have a clear understanding of mastery and what they need to think about when planning lessons to enable children to master and deepen their learning across different areas of the curriculum. The verb sheet was really useful as an aid to think about questions, lots of ideas that will have an impact in the classroom on learning. Everything Alex said was relevant and you can tell he has recent experience in classrooms and it will be quite easy to implement some of the suggestions. The inset was very well received by all staff. The booking process was easy, queries were responded to promptly. A professional and efficient service. Thank you.

- Jen Hughes, Pinfold Primary School, Cheshire

Alex provided lots of ideas. The practical activities provided in the course booklet and ideas on how it could be done were useful. Very good day which was positively received. Excellent and excellent service after the event.

- Michelle Siequien, Head Teacher, Discovery Primary School, Cambridgeshire

Thanks for sorting the day out for us at such short notice. You have continued to impress. It was great working with Alex, the feedback we have got from across the cluster has been great. Everybody enjoyed the day and got a lot from it. Experienced teachers enjoyed the chance to look again at things they knew but had perhaps forgotten and younger teachers found what you had to say very informative and inspiring. Already staff are acting on things they took away from the day.

- Jonathan Bursnall, Head Teacher, Brook Street School, Cumbria

Alex was sensational and a true inspiration to my staff. The emails flooded in from staff last night saying how inspired they felt. Makes my job of designing a new curriculum a lot easier so please thank Alex on my behalf! Keep up the great work.

- Danny Bullock, Head Teacher, Uplands Junior LEAD Academy

The whole day was really inspirational and the staff felt very empowered and positive about taking our foundation curriculum forward. We also had a governor attend and he commented on what a fantastic event it had been. Many thanks to Alex for a great day!

- Mark Church, City Academy Whitehawk, Brighton

Alex has a great presentation manner which links theory with example. It engaged staff and met the brief perfectly, which was to summarise the creative curriculum, enthuse the staff about the new methods and inspire them at the start of the year.

- Zoe Dunn, Headmistress, UCS Pre-Prep, London

Myself and another colleague had been on a course before Christmas with Alex and so we knew what to expect, because after this initial course we booked him for our school as we wanted all staff to gain from his insights.

He didn’t disappoint us as staff were very enthusiastic about it the following day.

- Ian Williams, Whitehouse Primary School, Ipswich

Highly satisfied, overwhelmingly positive feedback from colleagues.

- Sheila Haigh, Ballifield Primary School, Sheffield

Delegates found the day extremely professional and informative. Alex‘s delivery and pace was well received. Delegates all commented on how enjoyable they found the day. Alex managed to reflect the curriculum needs of all 15 schools involved in the training, in the opening session, making the entire day relevant/personalised to each school. Delegates found the interactive elements of the training particularly engaging. A very successful day. We are looking forward to building on this training with the development of a consortium ”Mastery Network”.

- Catherine Crisp, Head Teacher, Hillmorton Primary School, Rugby

Alex was great at linking the teaching concepts to real examples from practice. The morning was very useful for PGCE trainees and NQTs alike. We are going to build on this session by giving the trainees specific tasks to implement in their next school placement. This is not something that could have been done in the morning with Alex because of time, but is a way in which we plan to build on the excellent training he provided.

- Dr Nicola Smith, University College Birmingham

The day was excellent. It had been tailored to meet our needs: to develop our understanding of BAD, to identify essentials for planning, to develop our understanding of responsive teaching and to develop the concept of levels of questioning.

- Pam Weston, Head Teacher, Summerfield Primary School, Milton Keynes

Training days went really well; staff are very enthused and re-engaged! Do thank Alex for us; he is a mine of information. Staff wanted even more time to pick Alex’s brain!

- Debbie Sims, Our Lady and St Benedict Catholic Academy, Stoke - on -Trent

The day was catered to our needs. It gave an overview of the curriculum and what basic, advancing and deep learning looks like. It clearly demonstrated how learning could be improved on a very practical level. 10/10! Thank you Alex.

- Julie Fellows, Head Teacher, Fairford Primary School, Gloucestershire

The most useful parts of the day were:

• recapping of fundamentals of BAD approach and the associated verbs
• methods of assessment techniques
• exploring the meaning of depth and mastery
• ideas for assessment questioning
• looking for pupil evidence of depth and mastery using learning walks
• understanding depth of learning and tracking progress.

The whole day was fascinating and worthwhile. Alex is a fantastic presenter, thought provoking with lots to take away.

- Nikki Hanshaw, Milton Keynes Teaching School Alliance

The day was ideal in supporting the school's goal of learning without limits! Deep learning in an integral part of school improvement and tracking gave staff practical examples of how to develop this. Excellent, thank you Alex.

- Steve Hardaker, Head Teacher, St Luke's C of E Primary School, Cheshire

I found the day to be inspirational; as a Teacher, School Leader and as a School Improvement Coach, I have reviewed my practice and plan to use much of the advice and ideas delivered by Alex.

- Angela Sweeney, SLE for Learning Unlimited Teaching Schools Alliance, Sheffield