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I just wanted to say a huge thank you to Chris for the conference for the Colne Valley cluster. We have used your curriculum as our starting point for 8 years in our school and we love it! It was so inspiring to have time to reflect today and to absorb your passion and expertise. What a rare treat. Look forward to next time.

- Julie Sarti, Headteacher, Colne Engaine C of E Primary School, Essex

It was an excellent day that will help to shape the curriculum at our network schools.

- The Redbridge Education Partnership Curriculum Network

We would use the Skype option again. It worked well on the first occasion and was a way for a good number of our staff to receive training at once. I liked the fact that Lesley not only suggested what we could do in class, but gave us links to find more examples to help us. I shall definitely incorporate some of the suggested activities, like writing a paragraph with words provided, using a couple of minutes for reflection in class and using appropriate questioning to encourage children to come up with better vocabulary, among others into my lessons next year. I found the training informative. It made me think of new ideas and ways that I can improve my focus on vocabulary.

- Hornbill School, Brunei

Absolutely excellent – insightful, relevant and exactly what we needed! Chris' delivery was engaging and the balance between information sharing and discussion was just right. My Lancot colleagues and I thoroughly enjoyed it, and it was a pleasure to host. Thank you.

- Claire Probert, Headteacher, Lancot Challenger Academy, Bedfordshire

The day was a great success; we received excellent feedback from delegates, all of whom really enjoyed Gary’s presentation and found the content stimulating. The session on enriching children’s vocabulary was particularly well-received. The resources were excellent and highly relevant, and the presentation had the right balance of interaction.

- Andrew Uglow, Director of Studies, Cokethorpe School, Oxon

The pace of the sessions was excellent. The whole group was engaged and time was given to allow each group to discuss the issues and share their thoughts with the whole group. Lesley led the session well and engaged everyone, and the whole training was geared to our school. An excellent consultant.

- Moya Rooney, Headteacher, St Bede's RC Primary School, South Tyneside

Yet again, it was an excellent course and we really enjoyed working with Richard. The progression of the learning within the course dealt with the 3 I's of the Ofsted Curriculum inspection model which was very informative and developmental. Richard is a great facilitator.

- Emma Harkins, Headteacher, Huntingtower CP Academy, Lincs

The session Craig delivered was very focused on our needs and our development as a school. We were able to deepen our understanding of teaching for mastery particularly looking at memory and we have been able to make rapid and realistic improvements over the last academic year.

- Debra Cannings, Headteacher, Linsdale Lower School, Beds

The time spent with Richard last week was invaluable - we knew where we wanted to get to, but we weren’t sure how to get there. Richard definitely set us on the right path. The idea of looking at the content of the National Curriculum, then the threshold concepts and milestones, and choosing topics that would allow us to cover all of this made complete sense. Designing a curriculum is a daunting task, but with Richard’s guidance and the Essentials curriculum, it feels like it is now a task that can be achieved in the near future.

- Elaine Mythen, Curriculum Coordinator, St George's International School, Luxembourg

Craig was knowledgeable and engaging. The information he provided was interesting and thought provoking.
The opportunities he gave for discussion and the activities provided enabled our thinking and will inspire
improved practice in the classroom. We will take the learning from these sessions and develop it further as part of our school development work over the next 2 years.

- Georgina Young, Headteacher, Houghton Primary School, Cambs

The whole day was extremely inspiring. The case studies helped show the potential of what could be produced and the opportunity to use Karen’s experience and knowledge in the afternoon supported staff in planning engaging, exciting activities which will motivate the children, but also staff that were enthusiastic about delivering. Signposting to free resources made the course ideas accessible and sustainable. Karen was extremely knowledgeable and passionate about the Arts. As well as delivering the content of the course, she was able to personalise it to meet the needs of the schools involved, the abilities of the teachers and topics being covered.

- Lucy Hodges, Head of School, Trinity Academy Richmond, North Yorkshire

It was a great session and Chris was very well received! The step by step approach to considering the development of the curriculum, as well as the built in talk time that Chris gave us to consider ideas in our settings was very useful. Chris’ research was well received and he provided a reading list which was helpful in considering new and different approaches to curriculum design, for example, spacing. Many delegates discussed inviting Chris back to look further at the application of designing the curriculum.

- Chris Upton, Headteacher, Tarleton Community Primary School, Lancashire

My thanks to Craig for a great day, the training on Infusing Rich Vocabulary was very good and feedback from staff has been positive.

- Karen Cartright, Deputy Head, Elfrida Primary School, London

Booking Chris to deliver his Infusing Rich Vocabulary Course has been so easy and everyone has been extremely helpful. Thank you so much it made our first ‘River Wye Teaching Alliance’ course extremely easy to manage.

- River Wye Teaching Alliance

- 15.03.19 Newcastle

The previous training days I have attended have now all come together and I can link everything up – interleaving!!

- 17.05.11 Crewe

It’s great to see how the theory ‘making it stick’ links with ‘continuous provision’ and support one another. 10/10.

Daily routines were very helpful.

It was an excellent day in terms of how it will support our curriculum development – loved it. Thank you!

The daily routines and the whole concept of Continuous Provision – such a clever way to cover breadth.


- 14.03.19 Sheffield

I found it really informative and I love the idea of practical takeaways.

It was very useful to understand why children forget and some strategies to help with this.

Explanation of long term/working memory and it’s application in the learner process was useful.

Like the short/sharp tips that can change practice within the classroom.

Great! Thank you!

Procedural, episodic, semantic planning with this in mind will be useful.

Chris is always thought provoking and provides really well thought out materials and practical examples.

Fabulous – you made a space for us at the last moment. Thank you!

Love the workbook – great to use for future to recap.

Latest research on how memory works.

Very informative - would love to attend more courses.


The materials and delivery of them were excellent.

Chris guided us through all the content with a great pace, excellent knowledge and the right balance between theory and practice.

Loved the puzzles.

Interleaved practise - interesting to find out that it’s not good to block as children learn more by doing it over a time.

Reinforcing that we need to slow down to ensure basic ‘skills’ are secure.

Activities that we can take away and apply to our teaching, e.g. mnemonics.

Fabulous day – provided the whole team with knowledge/theory needed to design our new curriculum.

All absolutely fascinating and relevant.

Thank you! A really great training session. Very insightful and I can’t wait to implement this in our school.

Very informative and made me think about what I do now, the effect it may have on the children and strategies to go forward.

I liked the handouts – found these useful and easy to follow. Video clips were useful and aided my understanding.

Useful ‘takeaways’ to take back to my team.

Best training I’ve been on. Loaded with content but not boring.

The literacy idea of using 2 settings and 4 characters was so simple but achievable. I can’t wait to do this with my class. I am so pleased you recognise the pressure of expecting independence in year 1. Nice to hear lots of what I have felt as a teacher that we rush through and don’t do anything well. Super ideas!

- 13.03.10 Bolton

I thought the entire day was extremely useful.

Chris was brilliant. So knowledgeable. Great explanation. Look forward to next training. Huge thank you!!

An incredibly useful day.

Hearing about evidence based practise and thinking about how children learn was great. A great day full of learning in a great environment – thank you.

Has helped me to refine own thinking and given me some valuable guidance on where to read more.

It has got me thinking about current practise in school and how effective is this in developing long-term memory. Very good, entertaining as well as very informative and thought provoking. Thanks.

Useful course that covered the implications of memory and how to support learning.

Chris condensed a wealth of research and information from cognitive science and summarised it into really meaningful/user friendly information. Really eye opening – pragmatic thinking which resonates with aspects of things we’ve been told to do in the past that have never felt right. I just loved it! Thank you Chris – I’ve always heard great things but never had the chance to hear you speak! Brilliant!

Chris modelling the style of pedagogy that will be required to help us develop long term memory and free up working was great.

Chris presents well. Lots of considerations to take back to school and quality documentation.

Thanks for the references for further reading.

Very informative and helpful. 10/10.

- 07.02.19 London

Quick take-away ideas to feedback to staff as instant practice chargers.

Fantastic day. Would recommend.

Very informative and thought provoking.

Reducing cognitive load, repetition, spacing and interleaving were useful.

Highly thought-provoking content delivered very clearly. Thank you! 100% - a fabulous day, fast paced, loads of content…

Interesting to look at the scientific procedures involved with long term 'v' short term learning.

Knowledge preceding creativity was useful. All of the day was very relevant and thought provoking. Excellent presentation, engaging.

Really useful opportunities to think about how we can develop our practice to ensure that learning sticks e.g., cultural capital and different in pedagogical approaches in BAD stages.

Tacit and connective memory and strategies for long term memory were great. Outstanding/informative.

This will feed into both our curriculum and teaching and learning policies.

New ideas, supported with research and principles. Today is a perfect ‘springboard’ to develop our current curriculum.


- 06.02.19 London

‘Shopping’ for a vocabulary list. Course had very inspiring ideas.

A wonderful session – gained many ideas for further developing vocabulary. Outstanding – very well organised and clearly presented.

Excellent content and delivery as usual.

Brilliant approach to developing vocabulary – linking to all aspects of cognition and learning.

Ideas on how to generate 400 words.

Inspired me to improve the vocabulary in school.

It was fantastic, so current and so useful.

The day was packed with examples and clear, explicit reasoning throughout. Energy levels were high even after lunch – sign of great content.

We have previously worked with Chris on Designed Curriculum and Continuous Provision. Having started our new designed curriculum in September, this leads me on to where to go next. As always, I’ve got loads of ideas, loads of motivation, I feel challenged but in a good way because I know where I want to get to and it feels possible!

It was nice to have some links to Early Years as this is often left out.

Loved the ideas for selecting and categorising vocabulary.

Pack is excellent.

I love the idea of exploring Latin and Greek roots with children, which should also help with their spelling. Great to have a bank of ideas at the end to apply straight away too.

Enjoyed the day very much!

Lovely handout manual!

The process of bringing the curriculum to writing through drawing and building upon pupil experience was useful. This will facilitate a more meaningful learning experience.

Lots of excellent, practical ideas and enthusiastic delivery. As a school we will definitely be changing our delivery of the curriculum and I am very excited about it. Thank you!

All very relevant and useful. Practical ideas and resources.

Really interesting to listen to the importance of vocabulary in school and how the curriculum can support this.

- 05.02.19 Newcastle

Clear to see how these ideas could be jointed to other initiatives e.g., thrive. Very clear, lots to consider and quality resources.


Excellent structure with clear and insightful content. I learnt a lot. High quality experience from start to finish.

All aspects were very useful. However, cognitive load theory and working memory were particularly helpful. Excellent all round. I liked the variety of styles of presentation and think the handbook is excellent.

High quality. Very informative.

Excellent standard of presentation. Outstanding!

Lots of useful theory and linked to practical approaches. Very interesting applications.

Theory to underpin revisiting and review of curriculum in school.

Organisation and mapping of key concepts and BAD made progression very clear. Thought provoking day for ideas to take back to school to review and evaluate current curriculum.

Everyone who attended felt they had been challenged and inspired. Gary was able to adapt the course for us and we found the work on curriculum drivers, the difference between mastery and greater depth and the cross curricular approach to sustaining mastery most useful.

- Tess Trewinnard, Headteacher, Woneresh and Shamley Green C of E Primary School, Surrey

All parts of the day were extremely useful. They closely matched the needs in our schools – to raise the bar in the teachers’ and children’s use of vocabulary. Matt made the link with my work on questioning and the importance of written vocabulary on working walls.

- Richard Queenborough, Director of Learning, Portico Academy Trust, Essex

Richard really was an excellent trainer. He got everyone on side, used humour and was skilful in ensuring everyone was included. He is clearly extremely knowledgeable and this came across in everything he said. We really enjoyed the day and gave us much food for thought.

- Lesley Blount, Headteacher, St Peter's CE Primary School, Bucks

Re-visiting and refreshing staff on curriculum aims and values was useful as were discussions about planning and how to teach discreetly or/and through interleaving. Richard was great.

- Alison Sinclair, Assistant Headteacher, Winton Primary School, Bournemouth

Craig was able to provide useful knowledge & experience on curriculum development and those key aspects we needed to bear in mind in developing a creative, high-quality humanities programme of study. We were very happy with Craig’s support.

- Liz Grundy, Headteacher, Longmoor Community Primary School, Liverpool

The vocabulary suggestions and strategies were extremely useful and staff followed up from the first day’s training in the classroom. Craig’s suggestions were eagerly taken up by the teachers and will be used in their lessons. The back up administration for the event has been outstanding.

- Diana Dryland, Headteacher, Bursted Wood Primary School, Kent

The whole day was so relevant for our current needs. We really enjoyed the ‘not yet’ tagline in relation to children mastering skills and most poignant was linking recognition and praise to effort rather than the outcome. We have all come away with ideas that can be put into place immediately – so thank you Matt!

- Rachel Dixon, Teacher, Biddick Hall Infant School, Tyne and Wear

Great information on depth of learning and the need to consider progression of skills as well as lots of fantastic ideas to use immediately. Matt was a great trainer who communicated well to understand our school's needs and tailored the presentation brilliantly to meet this.

- Stephanie Peters, Executive Headteacher, Haughmond Federation, Shropshire

- 11.12.18 Newcastle

How vocabulary can be embedded and taught throughout the curriculum and strategies to do this.

The whole day was very informative. The section regarding 3 tiers and how to apply this was very interesting.

Useful activities to improve writing through vocabulary, as this is an issue within school.

Latin and Greek root words were great.

Looking at work progression (depth and breadth) was useful. Such a useful and thought provoking course – lots of ideas to take our curriculum to the next level.

Looking at the reasons behind why a rich vocabulary is important was useful.

Really enjoyed the day – I was worried it wouldn’t be relevant for EYFS but was definitely appropriate and backed up what we are trying to do.

- 10.12.18 Newcastle

Ideas of how to implement back in school were useful.

Fantastic day – very useful and thought provoking in terms of whole school approach to vocabulary.

The tiers of vocabulary - ensuring staff have high expectations of all children, even our youngest ones, was useful. Excellent, I have been on various training with Chris and look forward to more.

This course was extremely useful in helping us look at vocabulary and in seeing some of the research behind an effective curriculum and some key issues in curriculum planning. We always receive high quality training or products and clear guidance in taking things forward.

The research behind the information was excellent.

New approaches to teaching vocabulary and its use across the curriculum memory ideas.

10/10! Brilliant course – extremely useful. Thank you.

How to strategically develop an approach to a vocabulary rich curriculum was helpful.

The whole day was inspirational and was extremely well planned to ensure that staff developed their understanding of the intent of the curriculum before moving on to considering the implementation. The opportunities to process and discuss ideas during the session meant that all staff were able to explore ideas, make links and develop concepts throughout the day. As always, Chris challenges staff in a non-threatening way and the humour is well placed to make people reflect on their own stance and the possible limitations of this. Having completed three courses with Chris over the last 2 years, it is impressive to see how his thinking evolves and keeps pace with current research linking closely to the national educational agenda. This was just what we needed to reboot our curriculum!

- Amanda Arnold, Executive Headteacher, Delves Federation, Walsall

This course was booked with fortuitous timing given that Ofsted had released strategy guidance on 18th December! Richard was completely up to date and included this in his programme.

The staff reported that they felt there was the perfect balance of presentation and time given for reflection and discussion. It enabled us to reconsider so many things that really needed the stimulus of this thought provoking day.

Richard took the time to talk through all the relevant Chris Quigley resources that would support our needs. We have as a result booked a demonstration of the DepthofLearning Tracking System for our senior and middle leaders next week.

I am very grateful for Richard’s flexibility in adjusting the start time at very short notice.

- Evelyn Harper, Headteacher, English Martyrs' Catholic Primary School, Birmingham

We had a very productive and enjoyable day with Matt. The course was pitched just right for the beginning of term. The day was well structured and Matt was very professional. He utilised his own knowledge, the power point presentation and elements from the on-going discussions to keep the staff on task. The focus of the day was constantly being reinforced. The staff (and one governor) were thoroughly engaged throughout the day and have each taken away a range of thoughts and suggested next steps for their own curriculum area. A very thought provoking day. High quality course which more than met our expectations.

- Angela Boxall, Headteacher, Warboys Community Primary School, Cambridgeshire

Considering this inset was the last day of a busy term, it was fantastic and inspiring to all. Alex was great and adapted for our needs. We found the depth of knowledge and resources to use particularly helpful.

- Shelley Jones, Head Teacher, Orsett Primary School, Essex

To put the training into context, this took place on the last day of the Autumn Term when all anyone could think about was breaking up for Christmas. Alex managed to enthuse and motivate all the staff, his knowledge of the curriculum and his passion for sharing great practice was brilliant. To be honest, trying to pick out the most useful parts is difficult as it was all very useful. Thank you so much for such a great and inspiring day. The day was outstanding from start to finish.

- Tracy Grieh, Vice Principal, Wednesbury Oak Academy, West Midlands

Staff received the training Chris delivered very well and were very positive about the elements of the day. Excellent – once again a really useful and inspiring day – Many thanks.

- Mark Gilbert, Head Teacher, Abbey Primary School, Walsall

We found the session Chris delivered very helpful in enabling us to think about the quality of the curriculum that we deliver to our children. We are aware that we spend so much time worrying about coverage that we neglect the importance of ensuring that the fundamentals are fully embedded in the children’s long-term memory before moving on. The session has allowed us to start some useful discussions amongst staff about how we can better organise our curriculum and we are looking to work together on this so that a new curriculum plan is in place for the next academic year. We would definitely recommend Chris Quigley Education to others.

- Jane Wright, Deputy Headteacher, Deadwood Primary School, Kent

Lesley was very friendly and professional. The staff valued the training and it has provided ideas for how we can continue to develop our curriculum provision at Northcote.

- Charlotte Foden, Deputy Head Teacher, Northcote Primary School, Liverpool

Very good quality Inset. Richard was very personable and had a fantastic ability to support our journey into Chris Quigley and the milestones.

- Kate Benton, Bushbury Lane Academy, Wolverhampton

- 28.11.18 Bolton

The concept of a communication curriculum was great.

I enjoyed the discussion on etymology and making connections between words.

A brilliant day and I can see how this will have an impact on teaching and learning in my school. I left full of ideas and enthusiasm.

How to immerse children in language, not just in the wider curriculum, but within core subjects too.

Really liked Chris’ vision and will certainly take this back to school.

Spiralling across learning domains – B.A.D.

The importance of not just teaching vocabulary via English lessons.

Practical ideas and resources backed up by research. Chris is very knowledgeable and provided many examples. We will definitely be taking many ideas back to school to improve our curriculum.

I liked the tier system for organising words. The bank of new activities are great.

I feel like I can develop a whole school action plan based on the day’s training.

Learning about children’s cognitive behaviour was great as it should be a much bigger focus in the school setting.

‘Intent’ – getting the starting point right drives everything else. Lovely to hear cognitive psychology backing up ‘basics’!

The opportunity to consider how best to review our curriculum with additional knowledge from research. Inspirational and thought provoking in equal measure! Many thanks for a wonderful day.

The section on threshold concepts was useful. Brilliant!

I have enjoyed the day, found it very useful and would recommend to others.

- 20.11.18 Sheffield

Discussion on thinking through the traditional ‘blocking’ of the curriculum and how this doesn’t suit children’s learning.

I have been encouraged to consider why we do what we do – design or default!

Simple messages linked to complex psychology so everyone is clear.

5 star as always!

Spacing and interleaving were useful.

A breakdown of the process of curriculum design and the theory behind it.

An amazing insight into thinking more deeply about the intent of our curriculum.

Longterm memory strategies very useful.

Intent, implementation and impact were useful, as were threshold concepts v breadth.

Clear structure on how to design the curriculum.

- 19.11.18 Newcastle

Challenged my thinking.

Theory and research with practical examples to use in the class. A nice number of people and very good resources.

The course provided clear reasons for why it is essential to have a systematic approach to the introduction of vocabulary. Lots of practical ideas which could be transferred to the classroom.

Super quality – great day.

The different activities to encourage the use/understanding of new words were useful.

Good quality materials.

- 15.11.18 London

Strategies and processes to help us reflect on how to widen our vocabulary curriculum in a meaningful and purposeful way.

Every idea was supported by examples/practical support.

The template and process for creating a vocabulary progression document was useful.

Fantastic course. I can’t wait to get back to school and try things out. If you ever need another school to work with, let us know!

Very engaging and relevant, thank you!

Great resources and insightful ideas.

Lots of strategies for teaching vocabulary in depth and practical ways to implement within the classroom.

Fantastic course – very clear and inspirational.

The advantages and results rich vocabulary can have on work produced were insightful.

Great activity ideas at the end.

I am so looking forward to infusing vocabulary into our curriculum and love the practical activities. Thank you so much for being so focused on infusion – so often courses are geared more towards KS2 and it was all pertinent to me and our school!

It was brilliant. The day flew by and I’ll take so many ideas and strategies back to school.

Adding the curriculum to our writing, not writing across the curriculum – a different way of thinking.

Richard was excellent and very good at facilitating discussions.

- Carolyn Ellis-gage, Parkside Complex Needs School, Norfolk

I should like to express my appreciation for the day Chris led at Staverton Primary School in Trowbridge recently. My staff attended as part of a four school initiative and the messages conveyed were timely and well received. I usually enjoy courses when points are made with which I agree! In this case, there were several points where my current and past thinking was challenged and ideas re-framed. I was so pleased that all my teachers heard the same message. I always enjoy listening to people who know their onions and Chris is obviously one such.

- Roger Whitewick, Headteacher, Holbrook Primary School, Wilts

- 08.11.18 London

Examples from other schools were useful.

‘Memory is the residue of thought’.

It was all incredibly relevant and realigned thinking. Very current - very ‘doable' - strategies.

A very useful day – thank you.

Very good, useful advice and tips. Very helpful and thought provoking.

Clear knowledge based on experience.

The real examples from Chris’ experience were useful, as were the research studies and evidence. A thought provoking day. I feel enthused to start revamping the curriculum provision in my school.

The research into cognitive learning and how important memory is to sustained mastery was useful.

- 07.11.18 Birmingham

Lots of great ideas and things to discuss with the staff back at school.

The importance of distinguishing between breadth and depth was useful.

Brilliant thanks!

Such a great speaker and inspirational.

The understanding of cognitive domain to reach greater depth and threshold concepts were useful.

Clarification of sustained mastery/greater depth.

As always, it was inspiring and makes complete sense. A sensible and well-researched approach to curriculum design and the pedagogy of teaching. Thank you.

Enabled us to consider our current curriculum provision and ideas to make required changes. The day gave us much needed direction and confidence to make the changes. An excellent thought provoking day backed up by relevant research and first hand experience.

We have been investigating cognitive overload, therefore the spacing, interleaving made a lot of sense. Now we will go and investigate retrieval practise, especially linking it to the continuous provision part of our SDP.

Thank you. I love how it made me think deeply about our curriculum and what practical steps I can take to improve ours.

Threshold concepts throughout the year groups – very useful.

Chris is very thought provoking and challenges listeners to think about the subject from a different perspective.

Excellent. Well paced and engaging. Very informative. Thank you.

An excellent course delivered by an expert – thank you.

Really liked the idea about curriculum drivers.

- 17.10.18 Birmingham

Fantastic conference - informative and thought provoking.

Excellent, inspiring day – very well presented.

We are really struggling to engage children in writing and your approach is going to really help.

I have gained so much from the course and feel enthusiastic to make changes at school.

Insightful, useful, inspiring as usual.

Didn’t stop nodding and scribbling things down all day.

Fabulous! So glad I was allowed to come.

Loved it all! Especially the afternoon on cognition, changing approaches to dictionary/traditional methods.

Totally different perception of vocabulary - I am now thinking how to adapt Foundation subjects rather than English.

How to capture the essence of words and explain the meaning in everyday language - supports children with depth of understanding. Found the etymology very interesting and can see how this would engage the pupils. Research underpinning conference was extensive and helpful.

Looking at ‘word depth’ rather than just the amount of words that need to be taught was useful. Excellent useful ideas to take back to school to increase children’s vocabulary through a broad and balanced curriculum.

Exactly what we need in school, addresses the needs of our children and builds on previous Chris Quigley materials. I haven’t made this many notes for ages, can’t wait to take it back to school.

Seeing examples of how vocabulary has enriched writing across the curriculum and the progression from Early Years to Year 6. Good links back to key research.

Fantastic subject knowledge. I always value evidence-based input.

Chris was a fabulous speaker!

Excellent - wish every organisation we come into regular contact with was as efficient!

I can see the impact of what a vocabulary infused curriculum can produce.

I can see the impact of what a vocabulary infused curriculum can produce.

Useful activities for children to have a go at. I feel like I’ve learned loads today!

Our children always struggle with inference and the idea that is due to low cultural capital makes perfect sense - thank you.

Opportunities to discuss and start the process of creating rich vocabulary lists. Course was good value as it dealt with enriching vocabulary but also gave the opportunity to evaluate the current curriculum – challenging current/traditional practice. Thank you.


It was amazing and very inspirational - thank you.

Great! Such a good use of a day! Thank you.

Practical tips for implementation in school.

- 16.10.18 Sheffield

Chris’ courses are always engaging and give us lots of food for thought in moving forwards.

A very interesting course – some great ideas and voiced by a very down to earth, relatable person.

Vocabulary list creations for subject specific areas were useful.

Ideas for embedding etymology.

Research behind how crucial vocabulary is in increasing life chances for our children and how to infuse this in the curriculum. Inspiring speaker, lots of content covered and food for thought!

Love how Chris brought my question from earlier into the afternoon session – it gave me practical ideas to address the issue.

A very informative day with numerous ways to implement and enrich vocabulary within the curriculum.

Thinking about building vocabulary over 2 years to deepen knowledge on a topic – I feel like this is missing from our curriculum. Practical steps for teaching vocabulary to implement in class.

Statistics on word recognition/comprehension and examples of percentage word recognition were very eye opening and will be useful when creating reading comprehension lessons. Also, how knowledge of the word can impact on writing.

Cultural capital and threshold concepts were useful. I liked the fact that everything was backed up by either first hand experiences or research.

400 words idea was great. Wonderful!

Giving examples of work produced by children in the classroom was very useful. Excellent – great subject knowledge with a fun delivery.

Child friendly definitions were helpful.

Discussing the breadth/depth of vocabulary and how cross curricular links can help the understanding of words was useful.

Dear Chris, I wanted to thank you for a truly inspirational day. I absolutely loved every moment and can’t wait to infuse the curriculum I’m offering to the children in my class, with a rich and challenging bank of vocabulary. Using your booklet, I even managed to deliver the key elements from the day to my family around the tea table!

- Joanna Gurr, Teacher, Staverton School, Wilts

The way Alex enabled staff to see Greater Depth as a way of thinking, not special activities for the more able children was very useful. The day was great and the staff are buzzing with ideas.

- Eileen Anderson, Headteacher, Knutsford School, Watford

Sophie systematically took us through the DepthofLearning Online Tracking system and built in time for staff to explore during this. She was clear and reassuring. When I was planning the day with Sophie, she had said that if I protected the afternoon session for data input, staff would be able to enter their current assessments for the core subjects and this was exactly what happened. It was a great session and I feel very positive about the future of assessment at Worplesdon.

- Kareen O'Brien, Headteacher, Worplesdon Primary School, Surrey

Thank you, we had a great day with Richard, everyone really enjoyed it and found it informative. It was a pleasure to meet and work with Richard. The day was very useful and promoted good discussion amongst the staff attending. It made us all re-think the idea behind the new curriculum and what greater depth actually meant.

- Sara Dangerfield, Headteacher, Peaslake Free School and Shere School, Surrey

Please pass on my sincere thanks to Robin for his hard work in preparing such a personalised day for us. It was the best value for money CPD we have had for a long time. When my staff, as well as those we have invited to join us for the training, all go out of their way to email me and thank me for organising the day, I know it has been a good training session; I even had a personal thank you from one member of staff who emailed;

‘thank you for today – loved it!’

Robin was entertaining and inspiring. He had taken on everything I had asked for in order to tailor the day to suit our needs. For this I am extremely grateful as it meant a lot of juggling for him too but was so worthwhile for the staff.

- Julie Ball, Executive Headteacher, Bomere & the XI Towns Federation, Shropshire

Brilliant session and such useful information provided. Best session I’ve been to.

Robin was brilliant, very passionate about children and his job, gave some really insightful information not just about assessment but about schools in general.

Can we have this lecturer for most of our remaining lectures?

It was so interesting to hear a perspective from somebody actually in the school environment at this moment in time. Thanks to Robin for such a good day.

A very engaging speaker. Thank you for enabling us to access such a thinker.

Brilliant lecture, kept us engaged.

- Comments from Primary Education Undergraduates

- 25.09.18 Newcastle

Explaining greater depth through different analogies at the beginning was really helpful. An in depth look at what greater depth looks like across the curriculum. Love the daily routines – definitely getting four clocks.

A good day. Thank you!

Clear strategies to embed the development towards greater depth and how to link objectives to maths. This will allow us to spend more time to ensure content is embedded before progressing towards greater depth. Really informative and engaging. Superb 10/10.

Clear explanations around the difference between basic, advanced and deep cognitive processes and therefore greater depth. Excellent resources, delivery and content.

The daily routine ideas were great – quick and easy things that can be introduced. Well resourced, planned and delivered.

As an NQT, I’m still wrapping my head around challenge and greater depth, and I’m looking forward to trying these ideas out!

Reinforced what we believe in! Buzzing with ideas.

Ideas for increased language in the classroom were helpful.

The clear explanation of the need to revisit learning and deepen it over time really struck a chord with my staff, it was music to their ears! The idea that progression through objectives should be identified with “not a tick, but a tally” really was a ‘golden nugget’. I have to say that I went home delighted on Friday. I could see a perceptible change in my staff as they realised that Chris’ message was one they have been waiting for, for years: learning is not achieved in one lesson or event. Feedback from staff has been very positive, with one teacher professing to have “found God” in a real nirvana moment of what we ought to be doing for our children, and another described the morning as, “The best CPD I’ve had for years!” There was a real buzz around school. I am confident that Chris’ excellent training has put us in a good place to move our schools forward, so thank you!

- Rebecca Jordan, Head Teacher, Thorns Primary School, West Midlands

Chris just ignites that spark again of why we work with children, and helps push through the swathes of unnecessary paperwork. Chris visited my previous school where we used the Creative Themes for Learning, Depth of Learning Tracker and the Essentials Curriculum. My new role is within a large Trust and so I needed Chris to sprinkle his magic to all of the other schools and start that conversation Trust wide. Chris and his products helped my previous school move mountains and I would love to see that having a wider effect to all pupils within the Trust.

- Rebecca Clayton, Director of Improvement and Performance, Enquire Learning Trust, Wakefield

Everything in booking with Chris Quigley Education was very smooth. Office staff, administration and communication were great. Lesley was friendly, informative and facilitated the day very well, working with staff as she went along. Many thanks.

- Elaine Ritchie, Headteacher, Ballymena Primary School, County Antrim

Having all classroom-based staff attend the INSET day provided a whole school opportunity to evaluate our current practice. The day proved to be very useful and informative so that all staff were able to take something away that they were able to implement in the classroom and collectively make a difference. A very inspiring and thought provoking day.

- Terry Jones, Headteacher, Perryfields Primary School, West Midlands

Useful to know that we can cut down what we do whilst being compliant with regulations. The information about mastery and the chance to begin a review of our current curriculum provision using the matrix were very useful too. Craig was very helpful and patient.

- Debra Cannings, Headteacher, Linslade Lower School, Bedfordshire

A big thank you to Chris. Yet again it was a truly inspirational day and had a huge impact on the team. Staff are motivated to try out the quick routines and some of these have already been introduced this week. Chris was realistic about what actually happens in the classroom and feedback from all staff was totally positive and they had a brilliant day.

- Lindsay Smith, Deputy Headteacher, Cliffedale Primary School, Lincs

Matt was great, everybody enjoyed the inset and we've got a lot to unpack from it. Matt gave solid examples of how to implement curriculum planning with plans and examples from his school. We particularly liked the discussion around school drivers and how to achieve depth of learning. I would rate my booking with Chris Quigley Education as excellent.

- Steve Long, Assistant Headteacher, Cassiobury Junior School, Hertfordshire

The whole day was very useful in many different ways. It offered practical ideas for improving teachers’ skills, many of which related to what they currently do but with more precision. This meant that teachers felt it was achievable and of use. Everyone loved the wonderful selection of books that Alex shared during the training. My booking with Chris Quigley Education was excellent.

- Nicola Stanley, Headteacher, Rowley Hall Primary School, Midlands

We all thoroughly enjoyed the day thinking about continuous provision and how we can incorporate it into our way of teaching and learning. Alex’s knowledge and passion for the curriculum was inspiring and all teachers are now using ideas in the classrooms.

- Tara Davies, Principal, Our Ladies Catholic Primary School, Oxford

The service from Chris Quigley Education has been excellent from start to finish. I have been on many Chris Quigley courses and always find them inspiring. To be able to host training at school has been fantastic and has provided the opportunity for all of the staff to listen and become inspired as I have in the past few years. Thank you!

- Tara Davies, Principal, Our Ladies Catholic Primary School, Oxford

Chris was able to personalise the day to suit the needs of our school. Chris had really good ideas about how we can assess deeper understanding and really back up our judgements about the progress and attainment of pupils. Chris has a calm and measured way of delivering and all staff took a lot from the training.

- Charlotte Foden, Deputy Head Teacher, Northcote Primary School, Liverpool

- 27.06.18 Birmingham

Up to date and current. Lots of energy and passion. I liked how the consistent message was ‘What’s right for your school isn’t what’s right for all’.

This course has been useful to enable our school to develop a bespoke and purposeful curriculum for our children.

Brilliant day, thank you!

Great speaker and mentor as always. Thank you!

Excellent course which challenged thinking.

The day made me look back at my curriculum and really made me think about why we do most of it, and highlighted several areas for change.

Brilliant, inspiring and enjoyable course – lots of good, practical ideas.

Very happy I came. Going back with lots of ideas.

The whole thing was useful. In particular; curriculum drivers, planning for relentless consistency and looking at breadth, depth and balance.

Guidance and understanding of depth and building long term memory. Really interesting discussion on cognitive ability.

Changing mindsets on curriculum mapping was useful.

An inspirational speaker, great knowledge of the curriculum.

Real examples and ideas of how this could look in my own school, as well as the materials to start to make changes with my staff. Thank you – I feel inspired! What a fantastic day!

Loved the research based learning that’s going on.

The whole day was useful and I am now able to take ideas such as curriculum drivers and implement them within our current curriculum.

This has been a fantastic day – we now have a lot to think about!

- 20.06.18 Essex

Made me reflect, offered ideas and sparked future opportunities for change.

This course has given me the structure to support curriculum development and opportunities to question and reflect.

Lots of next steps are in my book to discuss with staff. A very useful day with lots to think about. Thank you.

Thank you – really enjoyed it and reminded me of why I do the job!!

Brilliant ideas to adapt the curriculum to what our school needs.

Gave a real focus for how to move my school forward quickly.

The whole course was really useful – enabled me to really think about how the school’s curriculum is formed and how to evaluate it, as well as how other staff can be involved with resources to support that.

Very inspiring.

Great to consider foundation subjects as important as core subjects! Very knowledgeable, high quality training.

Thinking about sustained mastery for the children’s understanding vs speed of moving on and ticking off was useful. I would highly recommend it. Very passionate and knowledgeable.

The whole day was excellent. Very well presented by an excellent Associate Consultant - very useful and thought provoking. Senior leaders have attended two courses recently - both high quality and very useful as we move forward.

- Ian Dryburgh, Head Teacher, Blackrod Primary School, Bolton

All of it was useful but we really took a lot away from the SMSC as well as the core of why we do the things in the curriculum that we currently do.

Robin’s presentation style and professionalism was brilliant and honest and open. He managed to work closely with the SLT in the morning and then completely change tack and inspire and motivate the rest of the teaching staff in the afternoon.

Honestly the day was amazing and Robin was completely able to adapt and respond to our needs and requests. The most useful SLT day we have had facilitated by someone else, ever.

- Vicki Briody, Headteacher, Abacus Belsize Primary, London

Alex worked with staff to provide support with mastery. It was outstanding! Alex is highly effective and very inspirational - thank you!

- Sarah Green, Headteacher, Corngreaves & Timbertree, West Midlands

Craig delivered Questioning for Greater Depth to the North Liverpool Learning network.

All of the course was useful but the most useful was getting Headteachers to think of basic, advanced and deepening questions.

Craig was very good at adapting the session slightly to include HT / curriculum considerations. The quality of the training was very good.

- David Woodhouse, Learning Network Coordinator, North Liverpool Learning Network

The whole day was very useful and was well received by the schools attending. There were some very pertinent messages in the current climate around making best use of teacher time as well as the children’s overall level of productivity. Chris provided lots of thoughts for us to feed into our current redesign of the curriculum and into the ways we think about progress. Please pass on my thanks to Chris for a very valuable day.

- Jonathan Moody, Principal, Edenthorpe Hall Primary Academy, Doncaster

As always Chris is inspiring and challenging.

Understanding the 3 principles for securing progress towards greater depth.

An opportunity to really be analytical about own practices and then thoughtfully improve them in ways that would/should work. Excellent presentation, well-paced and entertaining. Outstanding!

Thinking about retention of information and moving away from blocking! Just because you do something once doesn’t mean the children know it. You won’t get to deep understanding in one day.

I found the PoP activities useful and can see how these can be applied across the curriculum. Thank you for an inspiring day!

I liked looking at different ways to teach science rather than blocking.

Curriculum design and how to organise topics to ensure children ‘remember’ was useful.

Really useful for how to bring greater depth learning to all subjects – very easy to understand and apply. A really detailed course and thought provoking.

What B.A.D. looks like in the classroom, organisation of curriculum, continuous provision, difference between breadth and depth was great. I found it really useful to hear about (from Chris) practical examples of how his ideas look in the classroom and how to organise the curriculum. Thanks Chris – found today fascinating and very useful.

Gaining an understanding of Basic, Advancing and Deep learning/concept was useful.


Examples of work – very, very useful.

Listening to how Chris rationalised the ideas was useful: each time I listen it becomes embedded, making me more effective when I talk to my teachers.

- 19.06.18 Newcastle

How to get children to use their long term memory and greater depth was useful. Came to course title because that’s what we wanted. We got so much more. Excellent.

Greater terminology/terms to planning new curriculum. Very clear on how children can progress and ways of thinking. Best course I have been on! Brilliant!

Absolutely everything was useful. Opened my mind to a different approach to curriculum planning and examples of children’s work which shows the benefits. So interesting to explore ways to make the curriculum more accessible and spaced learning makes such sense!

Finding out about how the science curriculum works across the key stages and milestones was useful.

B.A.D. tasks and changing teaching styles to suit these was useful.

Great day all round. Idea of PoP task very useful. Challenging pre-conceptions of curriculum overview.

- 13.06.18 Kenilworth

Great, calm, thoughtful approach at a pace that was digestible. Thank you!

EYFS information was useful.

Well explained examples. Very useful session. Thank you.

Clear, well-paced delivery matched and complimented with excellent handout.

The presentation was most useful. Thank you. Good to be signposted to the various aspects of ASP data, especially the drilling down of questions on previous exam/test papers.

Question level analysis was useful.

The course provided an opportunity to understand ASP and discuss our own current data. A good, thought provoking session.

Very good to have a walk-through of the document.

- 14.06.18 Birmingham

- 13.06.18 - Birmingham

Extremely useful. Excellent as always!

Clarification of the different levels of questioning and good discussions around ‘deep’ was useful.

Practical ideas and application. Lots of ideas and planning. A*

Clearer understanding of the depth across the key stages. Perhaps my practice lingers too long and therefore not enough retrieval practice.

Thanks for all the book recommendations.

Reminders of BAD have been used before but new ideas and methods of how to implement ideas, books and activities to develop was useful. Great day with lots of time for reflection.

Fabulous day! Great to have time to reflect and discuss. Clear and concise.

- 13.05.18 Dubai

Really appreciate the resources shared – very helpful for CPD.

Moving away from ‘block’ learning, we are now going to trial this in a couple of year groups in science next year. Really good tips on ‘daily routines’ and continuous provision.

Valuable, insightful structures to support our school outlook on the mastery curriculum. Having some time to reflect with Chris personally was also useful.

Threshold concepts, milestones and interleaving are 3 key points that I wish to discuss further with my school. Thank you – you’ve given me lots to think about and do!

The impact is going to be huge. It’s a huge part of how our school is looking to develop.

10/10. Brilliant.

Very engaging, fab stories! Easy to follow and want to hear more!

The session was very informative and Chris had amazing examples to simplify and clarify each area. Insightful and knowledgeable speaker. Good and enjoyable day. Thank you.

Fantastic day – can take a lot back and begin to use in school straight away.

Very useful – again!

Great course to think about a different way to design a curriculum. Great and engaging training session.

Love the idea of threshold concepts. Fantastic delivery. Chris is obviously very passionate about and committed to this.

"Thanks again for an inspirational talk. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the morning and were really buzzing as they left. As the host school we had lots of positive comments about what Chris said. One quote, 'so inspiring yet simple to achieve'."
Chris delivered a morning session on Teaching & Learning with a particular focus on Continuous Provision to 40 delegates.

- Carol May, Deputy Principal, Hazel Leys Academy, Corby

Chris delivered his Greater Depth in English course and all participants from 20 schools were inspired by the whole day.

- Anita Cliff, Executive Head Teacher, Manor Multi Academy Trust, Wolverhampton

Discussing the three elements of curriculum design and understanding what depth is was really useful as was having time to discuss our drivers and looking at continuous provision examples.

We have had a very good two days – we just wish it could’ve been longer!

- Vicky Evans, Principal, St Johns CE Primary Academy, Staffs

The opportunity to discuss continuous threads and to stop and discuss at regular points throughout the day was useful. Matt was able to adapt the day to meet our school needs. Very clear booking and delivery of session.

- Rachel Wells, Head Teacher, West Heslerton CE Primary School, North Yorkshire

It was another fantastic day. Our school leaders found the content relevant and thought-provoking. Chris tailored the day to our needs, using his knowledge of our school to make the day highly engaging and useful. We have really enjoyed our consultancy days with Chris. We value his opinions and insight into the work we are doing, and have gained a great deal from his input.

- Mandy Lawrence, Deputy Head Teacher, Keys Meadow Primary School, Middlesex

I think that the biggest compliment that can be paid to Craig and the content delivered is that even on a Friday afternoon teachers were enthused by the input – to the point that they were planning lessons/activities that could incorporate the ideas being delivered.
Our school’s objective for the training was to develop our curriculum further to ensure that children are being challenged to attain highly – particularly in the humanities – and that teachers have the tools they need at their disposal – particularly in relation to the questions that they are asking. The approach that Craig explained to create a blend of basic, advancing and deep questions into activities, lessons and units of work was one that really appealed to our teachers and curriculum leaders so that our Greater Depth children have the opportunity to be challenged in a way that means they can demonstrate their greater understanding. I feel that teachers were challenged too to ensure that the questions they were generating were deep – as initially many had the misconception that ‘Advanced’ questions were ‘Deep’.
Meaningful examples demonstrated in a clear way how this questioning approach could be used in many different curriculum areas and how important those skills linked to oracy were.
Teachers grew in confidence in their understanding of the role that deep questions can play in the short term (an activity or lesson) and the long (over a unit of work) – and how such questions could be used as a stimulus to a lesson so that formative assessment can take place to more accurately pitch a unit of work. The training matched the brief perfectly and will play a real role in driving up the confidence of teaching staff and standards in our school.

- Mark Garside, Deputy Headteacher, Longmoor Community Primary School, Liverpool

Working with Chris over the two days has surpassed our expectations. We have had an opportunity to focus on curriculum design and finding a balance between meeting the statutory requirements and building a curriculum that is carefully designed for our children and community. It enabled us to question the content and delivery of our curriculum and with Chris’ guidance push the expectation of curriculum design beyond the normal thought processes. We were able to analyse our values and priorities and ensure these are encapsulated within our new curriculum. Throughout the sessions Chris was able to expertly identify the areas that our schools needed to develop and plan professional development for staff accordingly. The staff thoroughly enjoyed the session on continuous provision and are keen to explore the concept further. I am keen to continue the professional development into the next academic year for the development of the curriculum. One area I am keen to develop further, as I think it is vital to the success of our new curriculum, is around vocabulary.

- Stephanie Peters, Executive Head, Haughmond Federation, Harlescott Junior School and Sundown Infant School and Nursery

- 19.04.18 Gloucester

Engaging, inspiring and outstanding! Thank you!

Thank you for flexibility when changing date.

The most useful parts of the day for me were SMSC, drivers and I loved the mindful dog poster!

Made me think about the curriculum in greater depth particularly in foundation subjects. I’m inspired.

Lots of very thought provoking information and questions to work with back in school. It’s given us some very clear ways to move forward, involving all the staff, in designing a curriculum which is fit for purpose. Thank you very much!

Excellent. Thought provoking, useful and relevant. 10/10.

Clearly defining broad, balanced, and depth in a curriculum was useful.

- 21.03.18 Bolton

Very informative and useful CPD!

Very thought provoking day.

How we can embed SMSC and British Values was useful.

Having the opportunity to question and reflect on our curriculum was great. Thank you for the ideas and inspiration.

Very supportive and great CPD for an introduction to designing the curriculum. Great real life examples.

All of it was useful. We are at the start of our journey with a new SLT and want to make our curriculum meaningful to us.

I found every minute of the day useful. Truly inspiring day!

Knowing that our curriculum can be slimmed down so children are given the opportunity to repeat and practise was helpful.

- 20.03.18 Sheffield

It was so thought provoking. We will be going back and starting our curriculum re-design with a re-focus.

Excellent course, very useful and useable.

The very practical and inspiring suggestions given by Chris to tackle issues we all face were useful. Chris is fabulous, easy to talk to and listen to and really inspiring in his work. Thank you.

Great advice and great examples of how a designed curriculum has worked in schools.

The model for curriculum (breadth and milestones) was useful.

I am now thinking differently about subject delivery.

The focus on key skills, what makes a good historian, was useful.

It absolutely resonates with what I believe education should be.

Truly inspirational!

Really helpful handout – able to make notes and a useful resource to take away and use back at school.

A plethora of ideas – realistic and achievable and much food for thought.

Super, smashing, lovely and great! I took away lots of food for thought.

Very engaging, motivating and inspiring.

The course has brought clarity to the process of how we are going to re-design our current curriculum specific to the needs of ‘our’ children. It has been an incredibly useful day that has drawn on other areas not just the curriculum. Thank you for inspiring me to do better for the children.

Always a fantastic professional development day!

- 14.03.18 London

It was so thought provoking. We will be going back and starting our curriculum re-design with a re-focus.

Excellent course, very useful and useable.

The very practical and inspiring suggestions given by Chris to tackle issues we all face were useful. Chris is fabulous, easy to talk to and listen to and really inspiring in his work. Thank you.

Well worth coming. Thank you!

The SMSC review was useful.

Made us re-evaluate our current curriculum and developed my understanding of mastery.

Loved the holistic approach and starting with SMSC because it is overlooked/taken for granted.

Breaking down the curriculum into breadth and depth with key examples of how to achieve an effective curriculum was useful.

Prompted thinking about whether everything always needs to be taught and thinking about more real life experiences to make learning real.

Really helpful to have frameworks for work back at the school. Left with so many ideas.

Lots to think about and all realistic and ‘do-able’.

We designed a new curriculum 4 years ago but we are aware it needs renewing. This was an excellent stimulus for us.

I have so many ideas I want to implement. Excellent day. Would definitely recommend to others.

Packed full of thought provoking items.

This is my second Chris Quigley course and both have been outstanding.

Chris is an impressive speaker who is able to relate well to issues currently faced in schools. A great course.

- 13.03.18 Southampton

Examples of how to design the curriculum to provide depth. Excellent course – a lot of ideas to think about and explore.

Loved having my approach to curriculum mapping challenged! So excited to do some work with my staff!

Tools to evaluate how SMSC is embedded throughout all areas of school.

Great day as always. Lots of food for thought.

The criteria for a balanced and broad curriculum ‘v’ basis curriculum was useful.

The idea of ‘small steps’ and the need to revisit learning/skills throughout each year was useful. Really well delivered!

Just what I needed!

‘Permission’ to put children at the heart of the curriculum. Chris was very easy to listen to and everything shared could be related to

I have a much better idea of the changes I need to make to our curriculum to improve outcomes for pupils.

A great overview of principles and way forward for curriculum. We are stuck in old ways and although this means radical development, the course has given us a superb starting point.

I found the explanation of the difference between breadth and depth very useful indeed – this will really help me to develop the understanding of our staff. It was refreshing to learn not only that there is much to development, but also that there is much about our curriculum that we should celebrate.

Provoking thoughts about how we define success and what deep learning is.

We are so delighted that we have managed to book Chris, many of our schools do use his materials and both myself and my senior English lead are huge fans of the Greater Depth Reading document.

- Shoshannah Thompson, School Improvement Officer, London Borough of Tower Hamlets

We had a fabulous day with Chris on Continuous Provision, thank you! We especially liked the 10 daily routines, the dashboards, how to combine subjects without adding to workload, as well as models of how to fit things into the timetables.

- Fiona Radford, Children & Young People's Services, Metropolitan Borough Council

Please thank Chris for our Head Teacher cluster training on Leadership of Learning. He was fantastic! I could listen to him all day! He gave me more confidence to continue to develop my school based on our principles rather than external criteria and I would love to work with him again.

- Lynn Smolinski, Head Teacher, Penny Bridge CE Academy, Cumbria

- 28.02.18 Hull

Love all the examples and analogies Chris gives and the realism with which he delivers his message. Booking was great and incredibly accommodating as we had to change dates. Both content and delivery were fab!

Made me look at our curriculum and provided ideas for a new design to encourage breadth and balance. Very inspiring. Excellent quality.

Useful ideas on where to start when designing a curriculum that meets our learners’ needs. Great opportunity to focus our thinking on reviewing current provision and practice.

Considering the breadth/depth of the curriculum, particularly with foundation subjects was useful.

The emphasis on depth as opposed to breadth was useful.

The materials to use for CPD back at school are excellent.

How to make SMSC at the heart of the curriculum was interesting. Reviewing the curriculum and making it part of the welcome to our school was useful, as were the policy ideas and statements.

- 27.02.18 - Sheffield

Great ideas with short literacy/numeracy activities. Intra-curricular for maths activities and objectives.

All of it was highly relevant and inspirational. All scenarios resonated with myself and my colleague. Rationale was clear. OUTSTANDING!

The day has given me key messages and changed the focus from coverage to understanding. Long term – hopefully teachers will enjoy being teachers again.

Brilliant, letter prior to event, well resourced and great speaker on the day.

Thought provoking ideas around continuous provision within the classroom!

Brilliant presentation, very inspiring and useful.

I liked the reasoning behind initiatives. Great ideas and expert delivery as always.

The analysis of the curriculum to deepen and advance understanding rather than focus on content was useful.

Handy hints and tips which are easy to bring back to school.

Inspiring and thought provoking!

Love the concept of ‘Teach & Tinker’ as a model.

Quick ideas which would be easy to implement. Inspiring day which has given me lots of ‘food for thought’. Excellent 5*

Chris was knowledgeable and his ideas were useful and practicable. We all enjoyed his delivery – just the right balance of humour and professionalism. Thank you Chris!

- Kate McKenna, Deputy Head Teacher, Sacred Heart Primary School, Newcastle upon Tyne

The day provided us with a framework to refine our school curriculum design. Your office provided prompt, efficient and courteously helpful communications at all times.

- Gareth Davies, Head Teacher, Holy Apostles' School, Cheltenham

I would rate my booking as 10/10. The event ran smoothly, everything was very professional, well organised and helpful. Good evaluations from all the delegates on the day.

- Sarah O'Gorman, North Dudley Learning Partnership

- 06.02.18 Southampton

Really useful to have time to think about how to improve the quality of monitoring and the value in our school. Thank you. Very inspiring.

Having the opportunity of seeing another perspective and comparing it to current practice was useful. Great opportunity to share practice and resources.

It was all very useful. Alex really explained how each part could be applied in schools and gave examples which were linked to each of our education settings. It was worthwhile being a smaller group. Fantastic. Thank you very much.

B.A.D. verbs – seeing how these have been further developed to structure questioning, learning talks and work sampling. Overall useful.

Lots of information and good to look ‘outwards’ from local provision.

- 06.02.18 Southampton

Very clear and well paced. The background around assessment was very interesting. Good opportunity to look at resources. Excellent.

Great day – lots of time to talk and think.

Looking at the re-design of the SEF and making the evaluation work for us as a school was useful. As always, I find it interesting to listen to Chris’ wealth of experience. Great quality again.

Interesting to explore the magic quadrants. A productive day.

An opportunity to explore a different way of evaluating provision and to reflect on other aspects of school practice.

A new/different way to look at writing the SEF – visually easy to understand.

A new way to look at self-evaluation, that would be visual, possibly collaborative, easy to share and manageable. I feel re-enthused to look at our provision afresh.

You can see at a glance where the strengths/weaknesses are for your school. I feel very enthusiastic about taking some of the ideas into school.

- 05.02.18 Newcastle upon Tyne

An excellent day!

Very thought provoking. Good quality resources and lots of ideas given.

Today has given me lots of ideas of where to start having been assigned the role of reviewing our current curriculum provision. There are lots of examples to take away, i.e. Breadth and Balance statement, to use as a starting point.

Considering the curriculum in my own setting and how this could be developed with staff was useful. A wealth of ideas to implement at school.

How to teach elements of the curriculum in other ways to leave longer to become ‘geographers’, ‘historians’, etc. was very useful.

I now understand depth more clearly and how to apply it. Fantastic, thank you.

Clear structure and guidance as to where to go next. Excellent format of notes to help you evaluate. Excellent delivery.

We had an excellent day. Chris doesn’t try to sell his products but instead uses his work as an example of one possible way. He listens to what is being said and our views, but works in a way to suggest ‘have you thought of this?’ or ‘what about this?’ to get you to think beyond what you currently do to see if a different way could be better or not. He ensures you stay true to the needs of your children.

- Cath Lloyd, Head Teacher, Oasis Henderson Avenue, North Lincs

- 31.01.18 Newcastle upon Tyne

Very informative day with so many opportunities to reflect on why we have the curriculum designed as we do currently and how it could be improved further.

Great to have examples for foundation subjects. Great presentation and super materials and resources.

Learning how to embed different parts of the curriculum in different subjects was useful. Engaging, very useful course.

Excellent new approaches to tackling foundation subjects. Quick, effective approach in starting to personalise the curriculum for our school.

- 08.12.17 Exeter

Excellent ideas that I will enjoy using in the classroom.

Ideas around semantic vs. episodic memory really helped me understand the reasoning behind continuous provision. Really enabled me to build on ideas from ‘Learning without Lessons’.

Every part of the day was interesting and provoking. Routines were revealed to me anew!

The practical examples of ‘how’ this could be achieved were useful.

Big thank you!

Ideas on how to save time in the timetable by actually teaching things in a better way. Great course. Lots of great ideas that I can see will have real impact in school. Lots of food for thought.

Chris was wonderful and has inspired me to think differently. Great resources.

The ideas for daily routines and the principles around repetition mindset and semantic memory were useful. Excellent and inspiring session.

Teach and Tinker model was great!

Very inspiring day – very engaging speaker. Great to be able to laugh so much – thank you. Great support materials too.

So many practical ideas!

Delivered with great humour.

Craig delivered a half day session on ASP. It was a great session and pitched just right. 10/10.

- Darren Barrow, St John's Primary School and Nursery, Kenilworth

As a member of an academy we had six primary heads, a secondary headteacher and our CEO spending the day in our school last week. They saw our children working in all their classes and different learning environments. The feedback from headteachers bowled me over - they could see how our curriculum engaged the children; promoted deep learning and how the learning behaviours were embedded across the school. They were particularly interested to know how we use the Essentials curriculum and Secrets of Success from ages 3-11 and have embedded our pedagogy over a few years. The team also went away understanding how integral Depth of Learning was to us in both identifying gaps in learning and tracking progress. Everybody agreed a trip to Kippax North was truly inspirational.

- Barbara Husband, Head Teacher, Kippax North Primary, Leeds

It was another fantastic day. We really value the work Chris is doing with us. Observing and then evaluating the teaching and learning with Chris was extremely helpful. It was great to get his insight, he asked provocative questions and offered lots of ideas for development.

- Mandy Lawrence, Deputy Head Teacher, Keys Meadow Primary School, Enfield

Staff found all aspects of the day exceptional.

There was a suitable balance between the theory and the practical ideas, the resources which were used to exemplify the teaching and learning were fabulous and Alex’s delivery was just inspiring.

We have undertaken follow up sessions ourselves and all staff have implemented many of the approaches discussed. The quality of work produced by the children reflects how well they are enjoying their topics.

- Nin Matharu, Head Teacher, Kings Hill Primary School, West Midlands

Thank you, Alex, for leading our In-Set day on Tuesday. It was just right. Plenty of food for thought, reminders of things we already do that we can refine to make them even better & lots of practical ideas that are easy to put into practice. During PPA on Wednesday afternoon my Y1 teachers were already using some of your ideas & I walked into a great discussion in a Y2 class yesterday where the children were being really challenged with their thinking. It’s always a sign of great CPD when you see the impact in classroom practice straight away.

- Rachel Edwards, Head Teacher, Park Infant School, Gloucester

We want to thank Chris and the company for being a beacon of hope in a somewhat dreary era for education! The whole day was inspiring for everyone who attended. The introduction on what Mastery is and why it exists gave the whole day a solid foundation on which to build upon. It put everyone on a level footing. The staff at our school found Chris' pedagogy inspiring and it reflected the views and ethos that we have as a school. The 10 top tips for reading were particularly fantastic and we loved how easy they were to implement into daily routines straight away with minimal preparation. It was useful to have pockets of time to discuss the content without the pressure of always feeding back and Chris was always very open to questions during this time. Chris really has inspired the staff at our school and our staff meeting on Wednesday is a discussion based around this training with the aim to roll out some of the fundamentals that Chris mentioned across the school and embed it into our daily teaching practice. This training helped us to re-think and re-establish our core ideals as a school in a non-judgmental and completely relaxed environment. Absolutely brilliant.

- Leah Eagleton, Teacher, St John's Primary School, Kenilworth

We had a great day with Chris on Securing Greater Depth. The staff are still buzzing. Based on our own evaluation sheets 100% of staff indicated increased knowledge.

- Mrs Ann Gunn, Head Teacher, St Polycarp's Catholic Primary School, Surrey

Sophie’s knowledge of the Depth of Learning software and how staff in different roles can get the most from it was useful. Sophie was very patient when answering staff questions and showed good understanding.

- Suzie Norton, Head Teacher, William MacGregor Primary School, Staffs

Alex is always full of ideas and suggestions that continually help and support what we do. All the staff he worked with found his sessions immensely useful in helping shape our curriculum development. The SLT session not only gave us further ideas of areas to develop but helped us understand how to use pupil conversations as an effective way to monitor progress and learning.

- Gabrielle Solti, Head Teacher, South Hampstead Junior School, London

Richard came out for a pre-meeting to ensure it met our needs, therefore the training he gave on Continuous Provision gave us food for thought and was of high quality.

- Cathy Walsh, Head Teacher, Temple Meadow Primary School, West Midlands

Everyone was very impressed with Alex, his knowledge and the content (Learning without Lessons). Other schools who attended have also been sending me emails so say how good it was. Comments include Inspirational, Practical, Entertaining and Informative.

- Catherine Millar, Head Teacher, Beacon Hill, Surrey

- 05.12.17 Newcastle upon Tyne

Actual examples to bring clarity to some of the concepts were useful. Fantastic programme – great to be guided through by someone so knowledgeable and passionate about the content.

The course gave me clarity on what greater depth means as well as ideas to take to school to achieve.

Example resources e.g. PoP (Proof of Progress) tasks were great. Chris, you are a captivating speaker who has given me the purpose and confidence to make changes at my school. Thanks.

Practical ideas which I can use – particularly where strategies are effective and time saving e.g. un-guided reading.

The B.A.D. model is very powerful.

A fantastic and thought provoking day expertly facilitated by an extremely knowledgeable and engaging host.

- 04.12.17 Newcastle upon Tyne

I liked the links to SMSC and the mastery approach. Superb.

It was all very useful, especially suggestions for curriculum drivers. Excellent and very worth while.

The social and cultural matrix was useful as were the examples of topic maps/webs. A very useful day, lots to think about.

Love the idea of longitudinal learning. Will go back and look at how our curriculum develops across each year group. Developing curriculum groups so coordinators aren’t working in isolation was useful. Today has really given me focus into the direction I would like them to take.

Thought provoking – excellent issues raised which made me question current provision and how well it meets needs in our school, for our pupils and the community.

Identifying the difference of depth/breadth was useful.

A thought provoking and detailed day – the time flew!

Alex tailored the sessions to the needs of our school. His relevant and recent classroom experience gave him an insight into the current needs of pupils and demands on staff which my colleagues appreciated. Examples of pupil work, lessons taught and materials used was very valuable. The booking was very smooth. Nicola and Emma couldn’t have been more helpful. It’s been a pleasure and we look forward to working with you again in the future.

- Bernadette Dempsey, Head Teacher, Ss Alban & Stephen Infants School, St Albans

Useful and practical activities for depth & mastery which staff have already begun to use.

Once again the training was high quality as we have come to expect with Chris Quigley days. Alex adapted the day to meet the needs of the staff and therefore we maximised our day. Thank you for the re-energising the staff with practical activities.

- Kirstin Cameron, Deputy Headteacher, St Matthew's CEVAP School, Ipswich

I just wanted to update you on the impact your training has had with our staff. We have realigned our assessment system to link with the Do it, Use it, Own it language which allows both the teachers and children to question and learn at a greater depth. The children are talking about how they are owning their learning and are able to explain it using the Blooms verbs. All areas of school have adopted this approach, so I really feel we are developing a shared language of learning.

Last week we went through our DSIB inspection and it was commented on how children were able to choose their level of learning based on DUO (Do it, Use it, Own it) and that they had much more opportunities to go deeper. We have also adapted our lesson plans which really helps to focus on a suitable level of challenge. My next step is to involve the parents and run a workshop for them to share this approach.

We really feel there has been a shift of mindset with the teachers and children since the training, so I wanted to thank you for that.

- Fiona Nicholson, Assistant Principal, Gem Jumeirah Primary School, UAE

- 23.11.17 Leicester

Clear explanation of what ‘depth’ in the curriculum ‘looks like’ and how it can be achieved.

The real-life examples and stories were a great help.

As always, a thought provoking, practical and relevant day which has given me so many things to go back and discuss with staff. My main focus will be to look at our curriculum maps and design.

A brilliant day. Really helpful and will enable us to move forwards. Many thanks.

This course has given me tools to evaluate and re-plan the way forward with our curriculum.

Very thought provoking, useful and inspirational. Thank you.

Clarity on breadth vs depth – we are fairly good at both but not at the importance of distinguishing between the two.

Practical resources and documents to use and implement with staff.

The depth statements and milestones structure were extremely helpful.

All really useful – excellent knowledge allowing greater understanding for us. Crystal clear process – gave me a real understanding of where I want to go. Super quality offered by people at the top of their game!

Ideas to support subject leaders and class teachers to ensure that LI’s are subject related (instead of English related). Lots of ideas to develop the role of subject leader.

Thought provoking – exactly what we were looking for to help to begin our journey to ‘our’ new curriculum.

Lot of valuable information and questions to support and challenge staff. Good to include governors’ understanding of SMSC within the curriculum.

Excellently presented with clear articulation and visual stimuli. I really loved the booklet as a reference point, fantastic resource to share with colleagues.

Practical suggestions and resources to enable schools to take ownership of their curriculum. Excellent. I booked Chris a few years ago when I was a Head Teacher, he was just as good today as he was then. His messages are clear, sensible and relevant.

- 21.11.17 Southampton

I can now see how continuous does not have to be a free for all but structured, meaningful learning.

Continuous Provision can work in KS2!

This course has helped me to think about how to organise my curriculum to maximise learning. Fabulous, really interesting and thought provoking.

Really useful ideas with theories behind.

Very well presented and engaging. Realistic view of classroom practice and sensible, manageable ideas.

The variety of practical activities suggested were useful as they provided me with a different way of thinking about how we can deliver the curriculum.

Have gone away feeling inspired.

Fantastic and inspiring!

Gave us a direction for our curriculum back in school.

Good to hear lots of examples for how things can be done across the day.

Really enjoyed the whole idea of stepping back from what we are doing and looking for making ways of linking learning and creating opportunities for children to revisit skills and concepts in context, while ‘creating’ time. Great ideas to support us in doing this – very useful.

Chris is a very engaging and entertaining speaker – thank you for the opportunity to listen to ‘no-nonsense explanations’ and reflect on practice.

The key messages: longitudinal learning, repetition and schemes were useful as was looking at the case study.

Really enjoyed listening to your ‘real’ approach to teaching. Thank you for some great ideas.

Great delivery, engaging, clear and based on experience of education, hugely informative. I’ve been teaching over 10 years and been on many courses, this one is the best all round experience so far – thank you!

A brilliant, informative day.

Excellent resources – good to have the presentation as a folder to refer to.

A new approach to solve things we spend too long discussing in staff meetings.

The ideas for daily routines and how to weave them into our curriculum were great. Excellent day thank you, with excellent course materials. Plenty of food for thought – my head’s buzzing with new ideas.

Alex was very professional, he has so much experience which he can draw on which the teachers liked and was very realistic. He was clear and made sense. The staff were very upbeat by the end…even at 6.30pm on a Thursday night!

Thank you. Well worth the money!

- Laura Phibbs, Head Teacher, Sinfold CofE Primary School, West Sussex

- 16.11.17 Wakefield

The whole day was useful. It has reaffirmed my own thoughts about curriculum development, as well as providing me with concrete examples. I like the key phrases and theories underpinning the ideas.

I can now build a new curriculum around deepening understanding. I will go back to school buzzing.

10/10 – very good, would use again!

Great ideas that can be implemented quickly into the classroom. I now have a greater understanding of continuous provision and how to make it purposeful.

I like the idea of daily Maths and English for 20 minutes.

Chris was very knowledgeable and funny, engaging from the start. I have found the whole day very useful and relevant to my setting.

Extremely useful for a new to the teaching world NQT. I am taking back a fresh mindset and looking forward to adapting ideas in my KS1 classroom and hopefully relieve some of the pressures of curriculum content.

I now know how to meet much of the curriculum through daily routines.

I found it very informative and will definitely be applying continuous provision into KS2.

Excellent course - very inspiring and thought provoking.

Very excited to feedback at school.

Great practical ideas, which are easy to implement and it’s easy to see their value.

I liked the Listening Station idea. Engaging and inspiring - excellent!

Moving on the idea of provision away from EYFS and looking at how to cover everything through discrete teaching, e.g. daily routines. Really useful ideas to develop our own practice.

Useful to come with a colleague to enable discussion about implementation at school. Very good value for money.

Lots of practical ways to practice, advance and deepen skills without direct teaching. Particularly found maths examples very helpful in determining the process of how it can be introduced.

I have heard very positive feedback from the staff of the schools attending the day. Chris’ delivery was fantastic – his explanations were very clear and the anecdotes added great entertainment. Opportunities for discussion were invaluable in sharing ideas, good practice and helping staff to develop their thinking and explore the ideas.

- Helen Owen, Head Teacher, Layfield Primary, Yarm

The whole process from start to finish was professional and above all else beneficial to our school improvement. Please pass on my thanks once again to Andy who was amazing!

- Emma Jones, Head Teacher, Ryhill Junior and Infant School, Wakefield

As Andy is an old friend of the Infant School, it is wonderful to have that continuity when he visits, rather than having to give him all the background. As always, his discussions with staff were challenging, realistic, insightful and thought-provoking, and his training inspirational and impactful, with numerous takeaways. Andy never fails to inspire, and is a master at tailoring to a school’s needs, even on the hoof as he sees what unfolds on the ground. His feedback is purposeful but he has such an approachable and warm way of asking the critical questions that nobody feels uncomfortable, yet they get to the crux and move forwards anyway.

- Jo Osman, Tanglin Trust Infant School, Singapore

- 08.11.17 - London

A totally new approach to ‘SEF’, which was an eye-opener. It really made us think as a leadership team. A great experience, really inspirational stuff – thank you!

Chris is a brilliant presenter.

Fantastic, interesting, stimulated. Lots of passionate learning discussions and reflection.

Interesting. Engaging. Learning. Fun.

Reinforced the fact that SEF is all about evaluating my school and not just what we think Ofsted wants. Very useful day, particularly with regards to the curriculum and focus on foundation subjects.

This will customise the curriculum to reflect our school culture.

Refocused the why we do things. Gave some excellent concepts to try out with staff in order to move them forwards.

Chris explains things really well and it is great to have a different slant on what can be a very tedious job.

Loved all the videos, really helped to explain the metaphors.

I loved using the magic quadrants to see where areas in my school lie.

We have been looking for a meaningful way to assess the schools’ progress and development without much success. Leadership Lenses will suit our school very well and formulate our S.I.P. too.

Yet again, a fantastic day! I have a head full of ideas and plans to think through and a real buzz about putting then into practice. Thank you so much for making such an inspiring day.

I couldn’t possibly single out one part of the day as it was all useful.

A different way of thinking about school evaluation.

- 17.10.17 - Leeds

Useful updates and advice.

Seeing how DoL works and being able to ask for advice was useful. Sophie was amazing! Thank you for all your help.

Really useful course.

The group report is useful for me as a Subject Leader and KS2 coordinator. Very informative for a new member of SLT.

Reports are much more easy to access and export now. A great update to all things on the DoL website. Thanks, lots to take back, develop and use.

Sophie was brilliant at individual questions.

My staff have spoken very positively about the day. They all felt that the content and delivery was inspiring. The printed handouts and Chris' presentation were excellent. Chris has such a wealth of knowledge and he has given my staff a great deal of 'food for thought'. Excellent service, from the initial enquiry right through to the training. Thank you very much.

- Janine St. Pierre, Head Teacher, Plaistow Primary School & Children's Centre, London

Chris delivered Learning without Lessons to 6 Trust Schools -
It was a fantastic day and the staff are really ‘buzzing’ about it all today! Please pass on my thanks to Chris!

- Steve Meakin, Holly Lodge Primary School, Surrey

The opportunity to hear, as a whole staff, the understanding of what greater depth and mastery mean and to have the opportunity to discuss these together was useful. Spending time discussing appropriate resources and how these could be used in a variety of contexts was also useful. The different types of questions used to probe for greater meaning will be a continuing talking point and will be particularly useful for TA's involved in reading activities. An excellent day! Will recommend highly. Alex was very engaging and informative without overloading the staff or making them feel that they had to ‘reinvent the wheel’.

- Elizabeth Green, Head Teacher, St Oswald's Catholic Primary School, Lancs

How to differentiate mastery in the classroom from fluency, applying to deepening learning was useful. Alex was an excellent facilitator and it was a brilliant course.

- Edward Hobson, Head Teacher, St Anne's Primary School, Staffs

- 18.10.17 - Birmingham

The magic quadrant was brilliant. Chris explained how education works in a simple but effective way. No nonsense jargon.

Thinking about evaluating rather than monitoring was useful. Thank you for another insightful session.

Brilliant. I am a new head, I can see the way forward, I can document where we are, what we are going to do and what impact it will have. Thank you.

All really useful. Really made me think about clarity and professional development.

The Lenses will help identify different areas for school improvement.

I can see how this can work for the development of the school not just an annual updated paper exercise. Visuals are fantastic! Makes evaluation so much more effective and meaningful and well lead to improvement.

Good value for money.

Excellent presentation – lots of reassuring messages.

Will give a more rounded view of provision and its effectiveness.

Thinking more about what makes practice effective rather than sticking to criteria. This will in turn reduce workload and create a better environment for our children to learn. Chris Quigley is a great speaker. I enjoyed the humour he brought to the course, along with his honesty of how schools really are.

Really valuable and relevant – can be used to adapt our systems. Refreshing training - focusing on good teaching and leadership, rather than jumping through hoops.

The focus on expertise and clarity was useful as a self-evaluation tool because it made a useful addition to self-evaluation being end of KS2, KS1, EY's data led.

Chris structured the day to engage us in how we approach the delivery of the curriculum and in the process of reviewing the effectiveness for our current cohort and their individual needs. He shared his ideas and findings in a very accessible way that really facilitated our own learning through group discussion and individual reflection. The whole process was very smooth and supportive.

- John Palmer, Whitehall Infant School, Walsall

Every member of staff who attended (including Pastoral, Business Manager and even a local Educational Psychologist) found it to be an excellent course. No one has suggested anything to improve it and they couldn't wait to apply some of the concepts discussed.

The day Chris delivered was excellent. It was more than we could have hoped and the training will be revisited strategically within our improvement plan for the year. Thank you.

- Emma Harkins, Head Teacher, Huntingtower CP Academy, Lincs

- 12.10.17 Birmingham

Chris is very inspiring, his conferences are always excellent. Thank you.

The Subject Leader section was useful.

Good explanation of depth vs. breadth. Check list guide to review current curriculum was great.

Excellent, inspiring, great verification of how/where we’re moving our curriculum.

Given lots of think about, how designed my school curriculum is not. We need to adjust our thinking away from coverage.

Excellent – impressed.


The whole course was incredibly useful in terms of providing a review framework and model for curriculum planning and/or review.

Love the policy on a page and discussing children as little people not data. As we have been developing our understanding of DoL and B.A.D. learning, we can now begin to develop our curriculum so this has come just at the right time.

Understanding the difference between depth and breadth of the curriculum – reassured out thinking. Our driver is, Explore and Investigate, which has already began to change the mindset of teachers.

How SMSC and British values link together was very useful as this is relevant to us at the moment. Provided me with clarity and useful information and tasks to take back to school. Great delivery. Relevant tasks and information to take back, which will improve provision in school.

Very useful, lots of visual resources. A productive CPD opportunity.

All so relevant. Excellent presentation - thought provoking but did not add to our stress levels.

Engaging course. Lots to take back to school and use.

SMSC information was clear. Right at the heart of the curriculum, where it should be. Given me lots to think about and useful tools to take back to school and do a thorough review. Great!

‘Welcome to our School’ design of the curriculum was useful.

Time to reflect and discuss out own curriculum after listening to good examples. Gave us chance to think about the ‘tweaks’ we need to make to give that clarity to all back at school and ensure they are very much part of the process.

Delivered brilliantly and very informative.

This course will help me as the curriculum leader in a new school, to monitor and develop the planning/teaching.

The breakdown regarding the depth statements are very powerful and extremely useful.

Lots of useful ideas for building and designing our curriculum.

A really thought provoking and productive day. We currently use the Essentials Curriculum but it was excellent for me personally to hear the depth element of it myself as head. I think we were becoming a little contradictory in school as to what ‘depth’ looks like. I have a clear vision of it now.

It was such a good day! The opportunity to talk things through with Chris was great. He tailored the day to our needs and provided us with a lot of useful information and resources.

The content and discussion around Basic, Advancing and Deep styles of teaching and learning in different year groups was particularly helpful as was the work around core principles for all lessons.

We really enjoyed the day and are looking forward to the next one. The whole process as usual from beginning to end was highly efficient. Thank you.

- Mandy Lawrence, Keys Meadow Primary, Enfield

I would recommend Chris Quigley Education to anyone – I think the development of the Essentials Curriculum is perfect for Junior Schools to enthuse and inspire children whilst at the same time building on essential skills that are developed across the Key Stage.

- Karen Stonehouse, Head Teacher, Bartley C of E Junior School, Southampton

The day was insightful, with the staff that worked with Alex taking away an awful lot of ideas and ways to develop and improve their planning of activities and lessons.

The training was excellent, a great experience, very thought provoking with great practical ideas, would really recommend to others.

The use of depth and mastery will really transform how we plan in school.

- Miss R Towns, Head Teacher, Wickhambrook Primary Academy, Suffolk

Securing Greater Depth - one of the best CPD sessions I have attended in 17 years. Professional and well delivered. Thank you Chris.

- Paula Cumming, Deputy Head Teacher, Abu Dhabi

Richard was well informed and led the sessions well. He promoted positive discussions around Continuous Provision and the training was useful. Staff commented that it was informative and had given them a better insight as to how to manage the curriculum. The ideas were well received and phase teams have reviewed their planning as a result of the training.

- Elaine Close, Head Teacher, Stonehill School, Herts

  • A great and thought provoking day as usual.
  • A valuable course, well delivered.
  • Really enjoyable and lots of new strategies to try.
  • A really super day, very entertaining and practical. Great presentation: enjoyable and useful.
  • So many practical examples to use. A really well delivered, easily accessible content.
  • Lots of concrete examples to support theory.
  • Excellent range of ideas and suggestions, thank you!
- A selection of the comments from The Downland Alliance, Berkshire

This was an excellent session, staff found it extremely helpful in developing and engaging creative ideas across the curriculum to develop deeper thinking.

- Nicky Tyler, Westfield Primary Academy, Suffolk

It was useful to see resources which could be used to enhance Continuous Provision at Shepherdswell. The training Karen provided was straight forward, helpful and tailored towards what the academy needed.

- Jonathan Cursley, Head Teacher, Shepherdswell Academy, Milton Keynes

Please thank Chris for a great day! Everyone was buzzing afterwards about new approaches and ideas.

It was very interesting to think about how maths and English can take on “bite size” chunks across other areas of the curriculum and how little exercises can be completed throughout the school each morning.

The day brought about several topics for discussion within my SLT and I heard TA's and Teachers talking about different approaches to parts of the day!

Thank you for a fabulous and thought provoking day!

- Louise Croker, Head Teacher, St. George's Catholic Primary School, Warminster

The whole session was excellent, exactly what I had asked for. All the staff were buzzing and have taken ideas away with them. Andy was great - fun, engaging, motivating. It was one of the best sessions we have had. 10/10.

- Kate Newcombe, Upton House School, Berkshire

Alex was a very inspirational speaker who involved the staff and gave lots of examples of his own experience. A great mixture of talk, time for group discussion and watching videos on his powerpoint.

- Emma Hardy, Head Teacher, Ecclesall Infant School, Sheffield

“My experience of the new Ofsted framework in relation to Depth of Learning Tracker was very positive. The inspector thought our assessment system was robust and that we had ‘forged ahead’ with assessment across subjects since our last inspection. The inspector particularly liked the Lines of Good Progress charts which were easy and quick to use in getting an overview of attainment and progress. The bespoke tracking of each individual child was also seen as really important as it gave the true picture of an individual in terms of strengths and weaknesses.

I am very pleased that we have been working with the Depth of Learning practices and principles as well as the tracker as this has helped us tremendously on our journey of developing our expertise as teachers. I thought Depth of Learning was a good thing, two years ago when I attended Chris’ conference, I now know it is a great thing! Thank you to the Quigley team for the continued excellent CPD opportunities.”

Jeannette Little, Feckenham First School

- 05.07.17 – Bolton

Clear areas for improvement/extra CPD. Always very interesting and insightful. Definitely worth the opportunity to see the product.

Lenses made it clear to help understand where our focus should be.

Thinking about how ‘good’ can look different and not just one way. Thinking about how to evaluate in a new way.

Some very good ideas to use back at school – e.g. strengthening aspects of tracking progress, improving your focus on what’s important in leadership. A very grounded view of education pervades the delivery . A very knowledgeable practitioner who gets you to think.

Lots of ideas to stimulate thought on self-evaluation.

Gave me a clearer thought process of how evaluation can drive improvement (away from Ofsted framework).

All of it was useful! Mostly confirming thoughts of a better way to evaluate as well as better ways to focus on learning. Excellent all round, brilliant resources.

- 27.06.17 – Birmingham

Particularly like the concept of longitudinal learning, with opportunities to go back, revisit and practise so that real and deep learning happens. Loved the opportunity to ‘refresh’ my practice, having already been trained in Pitch Perfect and Life without Levels.

Love the idea of a continuous provision afternoon.

Lots of great ideas and thoughts to move the curriculum forward. Rationale clearly covered – it all makes sense.

A thoroughly enjoyable day and very thought provoking.

Great ideas about continuous provision and chunking some things together in order to free up time. Not everything that needs learning needs to be taught by a teacher.

Plenty of ideas that can be put into place immediately to improve our provision. As always, Chris delivered this training in an inspiring way.

Love the resources given.

Loved the way that effective practice and principles from the EYFS were articulated clearly to be relevant to other key stages. Appreciated language and phrases used to label strategies.

Inspired to make changes so that classes can work together.

Good ideas for cross and intra-curricular links.

As a special school we have found this useful.

Thoroughly enjoyable, informative and clear – thank you.

Really enjoyed my day, I feel inspired and challenged to continue to implement this way of working.

It was all very inspirational and I will be feeding back ideas to SLT to find ways in which our school can adopt and implement lots of the strategies discussed today.

Really valuable and the next stage in our school improvement cycle. Love the ‘ideas’ book.

Clarification of key principles underpinning the new curriculum.

New ways to think about delivering DT/Music curriculum.

Practical examples of how deep learning can be promoted through time saving initiatives. High quality training, which is particularly relevant in the current educational climate.

The teaching of Maths in the classroom, without the need for a Maths lesson was useful e.g. four clock classroom, intra-curricular and cross-curricular links.

Some very radical ideas for teaching history. Great presentation and useful resources.

All very useful. You altered my opinion on a range of issues.

It’s hard sometimes to keep people on board – it’s ‘early years’. This course has given us lots of ideas to engage staff with this approach.

Excellent presentation and thought provoking.

Lots of fantastic, refreshing ideas of how to adapt and ‘combine’ curriculum areas to allow more depth of understanding.

Engaging speaker – made me think about my current practice, especially the daily routines with English and Maths.

- 29.06.17 – Middlesex

The layers of clarity, very well explained.

The presentation was clear and good examples/resources were used to support the delivery of the course. The quality of the booking was excellent and the tutor presented really well.

Great ideas on how to implement writing with purpose in the classroom. Loved ideas of marginal changes. Discussion on what greater depth is was useful. Easy to get bogged down with ticking boxes. Highly rated, useful ideas to take back to school. Engaging speaker – thank you.

Very informative and engaging. I thoroughly enjoyed it and was engaged throughout. Thank you.

Ways to identify greater depth and challenge children were useful. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and now have lots of ideas for the future.

Loved the stories to embed in early years.

Ideas for teaching writing in new and creative ways. Creating consistency through teacher expectations was useful.

Looking at examples of what ‘deep’ looks like were useful.

- 23.06.17 – Bolton

Fabulous ideas and time to discuss.

Lots of ideas which I can see staff wanting to incorporate into their planning.

Every educationalist should hear Chris speak! It’s time we stood up and brought about change.

Really helped me to clarify how to set up continuous provision in KS2 alongside lessons to deepen learning. Really forward thinking. Excited to try out new ideas.

Super handout. I have practical ideas to use in school.

Brilliant examples of activities and a clear explanation of why we need continuous provision.

Quick, easy and obviously effective.

We are already following elements of the learning without lessons, so it’s great to have this course next.

Lots of practical ideas. Love the maths section the most.

A chance to discover and explore the rationale was useful as were the practical ideas to take back to school.

Exciting times thinking about how to restructure our curriculum.

I am re-envisaging the whole curriculum in a more productive way which will promote a love of learning, engaging children because they can access what they are interested in.

Well organised, structured presentation.

A completely new look at the curriculum. Fantastic, excellent knowledge and so engaging.

To move away from the ideas that everything must be taught in a lesson was useful, as was, looking at the curriculum as a whole, encouraging leaders to be more creative in their approach.

I can see it happening – it can be put in place relatively quickly, giving immediate impact.

- 21.06.17 – Chesterfield

Loved the maths and writing ideas for embedding into daily routines.

I gained a deep understanding of what continuous provision is and I had the time to think about how we will do it.

So cleverly simple making it amazingly effective. Leaving feeling inspired and motivated.

Useful starting points to review, refine and improve curriculum delivery. Well structured delivery supported by valuable resources.

The afternoon session around the foundation subjects was useful as this is an area of development for my school.

Our Deputy Head has been insisting I come and see Chris for ages. I can see why and I’m so glad I did. His vision for the curriculum is fantastic. Coherent, well designed and imaginative. The description of how we ‘block’ the curriculum was brilliant. So insightful.

Good theory basis and sensible approach and then lots of practical ideas.

Fantastic delivery.

Continuous Provision ideas in the afternoon were great.

Challenges that children can complete independently, whilst teacher works with individuals or groups. Very useful. I am going to try continuous provision in a special needs setting.

Love all the ideas for ‘daily routines’. Love the intra-curricular maths linked to measure, love the 10 min sketch story, love the ideas of blocking some areas and carouselling others!

Fab ideas and structure for continuous provision. Thank you, it has been a great day!

- 21.06.17 – Huntingdon Primary School, Cambridge

Very thought provoking and practical

Fantastic – full of ideas and useful ‘take aways’. Thank you

Fab! Lots of ideas.

Excellent - very inspirational. Can’t wait to get started back at school.

Excellent course, engaging and informative. Many thanks.

Engaging and lots of valuable information and resources. A very valuable day.

Engaging and informative – I’ve never filled in a whole take away sheet on a course before. A very useful and thought provoking day.

Great presentation and discussion, very engaging.

Excellent delivery, all taken away to be implemented!

Great and engaging! Lots and lots of food for thought. Great information to take away. Very inspiring!

Excellent – very engaging and easy to listen to. So much to take in!

Excellent – Alex was extremely engaging.

Alex was great and gave loads of ideas! Thank you.

- 14.06.17 Short Heath Junior School

Examples of recording learning walks and talks that will enable all staff to identify B.A.D. in and across year groups and subjects. Thank you Alex, a fantastic day. So informative and useful in terms of ensuring our next steps.

Work samples – staff need this! Absolutely fantastic day – so useful with so much to take back to school.

Very thought provoking and challenging.

Very well delivered by Alex.

Finally, a course with a good clear understanding of children, how they learn and how to move on. Thank you.

Fantastic! 10/10.

The handouts and discussion around them will be very useful back in school.

The explanation of how to recognise basic/advancing/deep was great. Thought provoking and good resources.

I like the idea of making children aware of what effective learners are.

Discussing the different areas of monitoring plus examples of how to carry these out effectively was great.

Love the RAID model.

I now have a much clearer vision of leading subjects and steps forward for the school.

Tools for leaders to use and adapt.

- 15.06.16 – London

Exploration of the rationale behind continuous provision and how that fits in with the curriculum was great.

Curriculum design and delivery that make a lot of sense. Clear rationale, exemplified through great activity ideas.

Really enjoyed the maths part of the day as hadn’t really considered deconstructing maths.

Very helpful for reflecting upon and evaluating current curriculum design.

Ideas on freeing up lesson time were useful. Fantastic ideas shared.

Ideas to inspire a curriculum rewrite.

Specific examples of how continuous provision can be delivered throughout all areas of the curriculum.

Very interesting. Made me reflect upon practice.

Lots of lovely practical examples.

- 16.06.17 - London

Learning talks/pokes and ideas that build up towards a portfolio of learning was useful. Ways to support teachers to assess through questioning. Excellent thank you. Some really great thinking points. Bespoke conversations and questions considered.

The opportunity to discuss issues specific to our school with Chris was great. Chris always inspires us to be better and provides practical ways in which to achieve this.

Discussion about the changing ‘culture’ of assessment – the idea of assessment and teaching becoming a daily process was very useful. Thank you.


Sharing ideas – being able to ask questions related to our own schools and Chris incorporating this into the day was useful.

Showed me some features of the online system that I didn’t know about. As always – excellent quality training, lots of food for thought to take away. 10 out of 10!

- 13.06.17 - Newcastle upon Tyne

I am so excited to make changes to the school timetable and embed daily routines. A great course.

Helpful and practical ideas for use in the classroom. An alternative approach to teaching for ‘depth’.

Excellent course that was incredibly thought provoking and will definitely lead to me changing the practice at school.

One of the best training days I have been on. Outstanding.

It was really useful to go through every aspect of the curriculum. Particularly useful was advice/recognition of making the curriculum manageable.

Examples of what continuous provision looks like beyond EYFS was useful. Excellent.

Really enjoyed exploring the concept of continuous provision particularly in maths.

Different types of provision, intra-curricular, daily routines, etc. were excellent, thank you.

Continuous provision to improve progress in the foundation subjects was useful. I found the teach and tinker idea interesting and would like to try it over a period of time in school with both key stages together.

Sophie really helped us to understand the full extent of the Depth of Learning system and how it can be used to inform learning and progress in school. She was able to offer hands on support and guidance and answer the many questions we had, enabling staff to become more confident in their judgements. Many thanks for a helpful, informative and well delivered session.

- Monica Best, Cowersley Primary School, Yorkshire

We have put in place half termly pupil target setting mentoring meetings. Children meet individually with their teacher with a drink and a biscuit to discuss their learning, teachers share the individual report screen from DoL and identify the one target to be high profile in ‘nudging’ learning forward for each child. This is recorded on the target card. We do this for maths, reading and writing. Prior to this the pupil completes their CQE Secrets of Success reflection and self evaluation sheet and comes ready to suggest the one thing that should be their ‘learning to learn’ target. This is discussed and agreed. The targets are signed and laminated and can be used to set a context for learning.

- Matt O' Grady, Headteacher, West Horndon Primary School, Essex

Quite a big change for us about three terms ago was trying to really understand how to plan in opportunities designed to show a child has a masterful (deep) understanding around a concept. The idea of tracking how well a child understands their learning can be tracked through DoL and makes it easier for teachers to see where gaps in understanding are.

- Linda Smith, Deputy Head Teacher, Kippax North Primary School, Leeds

It was great to spend time working in a small group with Sophie. We could ask the questions we needed answers to and Sophie was extremely knowledgeable and helpful. It was a relaxed session and she was able to answer many of our queries. She could also tell us about things that were coming up on the system and other products available that might help us. A really, really useful morning. It was lovely to work with Sophie.

- Ally Lawley, Deputy Head Teacher, St Botolph’s, Leicester

The most useful part of the session was Sophie’s familiarity with the website and our realistic needs as users. Being a personal session she was able to answer our specific questions, from trialling the system, model on the website and explore the best options for us. It felt as though she was problem solving and training us rather than delivering a pre-planned course which was exactly what we need at this stage. Sophie patiently listened to our experiences and explained everything clearly. Thank you.

- Polly Broadhurst, Head Teacher, Adlington Primary School

We love the system: our staff have completely changed the way in which they look at and plan for children's learning. They understand and have embraced the idea of deeper learning and, although we have obviously spent a great deal of time training them to use the system effectively, this has made the staff more willing to focus on the things that really matter as regards children's progress and attainment.

- Christabel Shepherd, Head Teacher, Copthorne Primary School

Yours is the only programme I have come across that is positively better- every other seems to be levels by another name.

- John Starling, Head Teacher, Garfield Primary School

The Depth of Learning system provoked an overwhelmingly positive reaction at our most recent parent consultations.

- Ross McTaggart, Head Teacher, Barnes Farm Junior School

I hope you don’t mind me getting in touch to share the great news of our recent Outstanding Ofsted report with you. A huge part of our move from previous (2010) Good judgement to Outstanding here at old Hutton CE Primary was due to our curriculum and assessment system – both of which are fully based on the CQ Essentials and Milestones/Depth of Learning tracking. In particular, our report comments on our ‘exceptional’ quality of assessment which ‘has a substantial impact on the progress pupils make in their learning’ & states that ‘The curriculum is inspiring...a strength..creative and exciting, which results in all pupils being highly motivated to be involved in their learning’ & ‘consequently...pupils thrive.’ There are many more related statements! I do feel I needed to say a huge thank you to Chris & his team for their inspiring ideas which have in turn inspired us to achieve great things with our children here.

- Andrea Walker, Head Teacher, Old Hutton CE Primary School, Cumbria

Sophie was able to offer our school a personalised approach as the training was only for a few members of staff. She answered all of our questions immediately and was able to give personalised demonstrations of the program. It was also useful that Sophie had brought hand-outs and some samples of other relevant resources for us to look over. Sophie was knowledgeable and ensured we were fully au fait with DOL before she left at the end of the session.

- Sonya Black, Deputy Head Teacher, Throston Primary School, Hartlepool

Sophie was knowledgeable about the DOL system and it was really useful to talk to her as we discussed the spring data. Sophie brought some samples from the moderation document which was really helpful. It was a very useful meeting that helped us to move forward with our data analysis.

- Fiona Phimister, PA to Head Teacher, Bowling Park Primary School

As this is a totally new system for our school, it was very useful to have the ability to download and print the user guide so that I could discuss these with Ashley. In addition to this, the guidance that is on YouTube was very helpful. Ashley was able to answer my questions and give me any up to date information. She told me that there would be an update over the Christmas period to allow each set of objectives to be input individually. E.g. The objectives that are in number could have a mixed range of coverage – basic/advanced/deep. As this was not ready, Ashley gave me a half hour of training with a further half hour to follow to cover any questions that I may have once the update has been done. The training was very thorough. Thank you.

- Claire Render, Head Teacher, Wreay C of E Primary School

Training was excellent! We found the explanations of the expectations of progress were the most useful, so we now have a clearer understanding of using EYFS data and lines of good progress. Sophie was easy to work with and happy to tailor the morning to what we needed.

- Sarah Brew, Deputy Head Teacher, Thomas Hickman School

Excellent explanation of Essentials Curriculum and how to utilise the DoL tracking system to support assessment improvement.

I now understand different ways to assess and how to quality control assessments, the use of the DoL and the potential it has.

I now have a good idea of how to use the Depth of Learning within school and can share this effectively with the staff.

Alex presented "Reviving Primary Science" in Wakefield for Yorkshire NAHT and received excellent reviews from all 23 attendees. There was not one negative comment and everyone left with a plan to improve science in their school. Another excellent day.

- Dave Evans, Yorkshire NAHT

We found the whole day extremely useful. Alex delivered his material in a truly inspiring way. The first session was particularly so when he described the way in which he had used picture books to develop a deeper level of understanding in Literacy. It gave us all a real “buzz” and there was very positive feedback over coffee in the staffroom.

Particularly useful was,
· B.A.D. verbs
· Crafting deep questions
· Definition of a learning objective and how to develop depth within that

We had been working on an enriched topic based curriculum and overall the day made precise and explicit for us what we now need to do.

It reinforced our aims of high expectations for all children and how that can be developed through depth and mastery in the curriculum.

We had to cancel our original booking as our budget was very tight, but that was not a problem and everyone in your office was more than helpful in rearranging our day.

- Gill Anderson, Deputy Head Teacher, Isaac Newton, Lincolnshire

Andy provided staff with excellent strategies to be used in the classroom. His manner and presentation style was appreciated by all staff, particularly the humour. Comments I received from staff were inspirational, I feel ready to try this, invigorated, really useful and many more. The resources were really useful. I was looking around the room during the day and staff were focused and engaged throughout the day. Thank you for a brilliant day.

- Penny Brown, Executive Head Teacher, Ash Croft and Cottons Farm Primary Federation, Derby

It was extremely useful for the staff to hear from Chris the rationale behind the changes both in government and behind the tracker. A reminder that this approach is actually based on sound research was also a good message for us.

The whole approach and linking with the Essentials makes for a sound approach to learning

It was helpful too that the small numbers enabled Chris to adapt to our needs.

‘Common sense’ as always! We really like the structure of this approach – easy to follow, clear and concise, yet thorough and probing.
The visual representation of the school’s effectiveness through the ‘Magic Quadrants’ is jargon free, making it accessible to all. Following the suggested review activities and sources of information identifies where, why and what improvements could be made to achieve the best outcomes for children, both academic and personal.

- Jill Litchfield, Bournehall Primary School, Hertfordshire

The staff found Alex very inspiring and enjoyable to listen to. Each member of staff, whether NQT or experienced, gained something useful from the session.

- M Masters, Willow Bank Infant School, Berkshire

Sophie really helped us to understand the full extent of the Depth of Learning system and how it can be used to inform learning and progress in school. She was able to offer hands on support and guidance and answer the many questions we had, enabling staff to become more confident in their judgements. Many thanks for a helpful, informative and well delivered session.

- Monica Best, Cowersley Primary School, Yorkshire

We had our inspection this week, thankfully it remained a one day! Having our DoL analysis certainly helped.

- Roxanne Gumbs, Head Teacher, Downe Manor, Middlesex

Really impressed with the materials and the day Richard delivered for us. Top notch!

- Karen Saywood, Head Teacher, Braidwood Primary School for the Deaf, Birmingham

The conference was brilliant – to the point that several tutors were quite miffed by students telling them it’s the best session they’ve had all year!! I am very much hoping to book something similar for next year. Alex was excellent, and really couldn’t be faulted. The trainees’ feedback was fantastic. We were extremely pleased with the whole day- The conference was brilliant – it was exactly what we hoped it would be.

- Elizabeth Farrar, Senior Lecturer, Bishop Grosseteste University, Lincolnshire

- 26.04.17 Gloucestershire

Breaking down the new curriculum into a cohesive structured cross-curricular model was great.

Structures to develop a strategic plan to ensure excellent provision and experiences. Excellent day.

Expert guidance from someone who’d been there. I now have a much better understanding of principles/values underlying this. Nice to have a small group, with a range of colleagues.

Great day! Come away feeling enthused.

Planning templates were interesting – I like the quadrant idea. A really interesting and informative day.

Lots of resource sharing – books and websites, which was great.

We have now been using the Depth of Learning tracking and assessment package since January and it has already had a very positive impact on the teaching and learning in our school. The tracking is straight-forward to use and allows teachers to clearly see next steps for the children and incorporate this into their planning, as well as making accurate summary assessment against the milestones. Analysing the data is made straight-forward by the clear charts and graphs the system produces. We now feel in control of our data and assessment again in this 'life after levels'. Thank you!

- Carolyn Dalziel, Head Teacher, Ashfield Junior School

We now have a system which provides staff with a manageable system to assess in every subject across the curriculum. This system allows staff to share the depth of learning with the children so that they know what they are doing well and those areas which need some further work. From a data analysis point of view, we can easily run a variety of reports (including group comparisons) with just a click of a button, showing attainment and progress over time. The technical team are excellent and any questions or problems are resolved swiftly. I would strongly recommend this system to another school (without hesitation).

- Eastwick Schools

The children (understandably) love Alex!

- Eastwick Schools

Alex was able to give us practical activities and new techniques which promote a greater depth of understanding.

- Eastwick Schools

It was wonderful to see Alex teaching the children and showing us how we could adapt our current practice to get even better results.

- Eastwick Schools

Alex was an inspiration to the both the children and staff.

- Eastwick Schools

I just wanted to say how brilliant the training day was, Alex! You really are a brilliant leader and really have inspired and motivated me. Thoroughly enjoyed it! In a world that is full of criticism, I thought I would just let you know!

- Lewis Morgan, Calverley Parkside Primary School, Leeds

- 05.04.17 - Newcastle upon Tyne

An opportunity to consider all aspects of school evaluation without the ‘OFSTED’ cloud. Very effective!

Very useful day with lots of ideas to use back in school that are more effective than what is currently in use.

A comprehensive way of carrying out effective evaluation with a method of summarising in an easy to access format.

As always a very inspiring session. A lot of food for thought. Having attended a number of CQ sessions it is great how they all link together and build on each other.

Explored how to be innovative in regards to evaluation and improvement.

The whole day was interesting and informative.

Use of Magic Quadrants was useful. Looking at a framework other than OFSTED for school improvement was also useful.

Excited about the potential of developing capacity for improvement following today.

- 30.03.17 London

Top tips for staff meetings.

Explanation of the Secrets of Success and ideas as to how to explore them with children was useful. I now have lots of ideas that I feel I can use in the classroom to help over-come some of the barriers my children are facing.

Mindfulness – was great to see demonstrations of how to use mindfulness in the classroom. Lots of practical tasks to get involved with.

Work hard section – tips for the classroom were useful.

Inspirational speaker who relates teaching with ‘real life’ so that we as teachers can relate to the theories presented. Loved the ideas booklets.

So useful, achievable, inspiring and encouraging. All fantastic! I want to come to more! I am a NQT and this course is so helpful and exciting.

Really interesting and inspiring. Fantastic – can’t wait to get back to school and start implementing some ideas/strategies.

Very good – as always! Very thought provoking in a very engaging style.

Real life applications that been tried and tested!

Chris’ deep knowledge and response to questions was great.

The importance of time and patience in the route to depth is clear.

Chris is a very engaging deliverer and trainer.

Engaging discussions. Enjoyed listening to Chris’ stories and personal examples.

- 29.03.17 Leicester

I would like my staff to hear Chris’ view of why basic is so vital!

Excellent, thank you.

Really useful overview of mastery and specific examples for different areas.

I am now able to plan lessons, which promote greater understanding.

Practical ways to change teaching – especially continuous provision.

Brilliant day, thanks!

Fantastic day, lots to feedback to staff.

An excellent day.

Clarity of what greater depth is and what it will look like in children’s understanding and work. The resources were helpful and good to refer back to.

Seeing examples in practice and the opportunity to reflect on how you can use these strategies in own setting. I liked the intimacy of the group – not too big to allow for more discussions.

A fantastic day – very engaging with plenty to think about and reflect on.

Very informative and inspiring.

Ideas as to how we can cover different aspects of the curriculum, not in the standard way.

Unpicking each strand and applying it to the subject was useful. I thought the whole course was superb. Fantastic to listen to Chris speak. Gripping!

- 28.03.17 Staffordshire

Discussion of pedagogy that can be transferred into everyday teaching rather than ‘quick fixes’. Lots of lovely resources. Thought provoking questions. Thank you, very inspiring.

Identifying key components for greater depth writing – how this can be explored in terms of mastery – using the B.A.D model. Helpful ideas for book choices. Excellent recommendations, thank you.

Planning for greater depth and discussion on what constitutes greater depth was useful. Really valuable day. Loads to take back to school.

What it means to be a greater depth writer and what to look for was useful. I’ve been looking for courses around writing – particularly in greater depth. It has been really helpful and didn’t disappoint. I feel inspired! Thank you.

An interesting and informative day.

Examples of writing at depth were great.

Activities to match Basic, Advancing and Deep were useful as was the RAID marking sheet.

I can now engage and enthuse my pupils as writers.

Alex was very easy to listen to and very knowledgeable which was important at the end of a busy day and half term! Staff now have a clear understanding of mastery and what they need to think about when planning lessons to enable children to master and deepen their learning across different areas of the curriculum. The verb sheet was really useful as an aid to think about questions, lots of ideas that will have an impact in the classroom on learning. Everything Alex said was relevant and you can tell he has recent experience in classrooms and it will be quite easy to implement some of the suggestions. The inset was very well received by all staff. The booking process was easy, queries were responded to promptly. A professional and efficient service. Thank you.

- Jen Hughes, Pinfold Primary School, Cheshire

Our staff had lots of questions that Chris happily answered, and then tailored the training to meet their needs. This resulted in Chris completely adapting the content of his presentation for us, which meant we were able to get a very personalised experience that matched what we needed as a school. We really appreciated Chris being so adaptable, it was a fantastic morning thank you. The quality of our booking with Chris Quigley Education was exceptional -very personalised, extremely useful, and illustrated with real life anecdotes – adding humour and enhancing understanding.

- Carly Newman, Assistant Head Teacher, Queensbridge Primary School, Hackney

- 04.04.17 Newcastle upon Tyne

Clarification of what a mastery curriculum is and how to develop greater depth in all key areas. Fantastic course – I wanted to learn more. It’s certainly given me lots of food for thought. I thought the course was excellent. Chris has an excellent understanding of what children need in order to have a meaningful education.

Understanding the concept of Greater Depth (away from the interim framework!) and what that means for my children. As a Year 2 teacher I have become stuck on ‘ticking the statements’ to show children are at greater depth. Continuous provision ideas to gain back curriculum time were great.

The materials we are taking away will help us to share the principles of a mastery curriculum. I really enjoyed the practical strategies for continuous provision. The principles of a mastery curriculum make so much sense! Excellent, looking forward to receiving the digital resources so that I can make a start with sharing ideas back in campus.

Very inspiring – makes you eager to implement strategies in the curriculum. The course was very beneficial.

Brilliant Continuous Provision and inter-connected Maths ideas. Excellent, a good range of resources provided and practical ideas to take back to the classroom.

I now have an understanding of Continuous Provision as a means of teaching and practising aspects of the curriculum.

You make teaching sound easy, good fun and challenging – all of which should be at the heart of any school.

Specific information on Reading, Writing and Maths in Greater Depth. Really useful and gave me lots to think about.

How to apply a stylistic analysis task in Reading was useful. Very useful information and unpicked my own understanding.

Particularly enjoyed Reading/Writing – different approaches to enrichment/Continuous Provision.

- 29.03.17 Newcastle upon Tyne

As a Head Teacher I found the ideas most useful, not only for Science leadership but also because they could be applied to other Foundation subjects. Thank very much – a most enjoyable and worthwhile course.

Fabulous day. Lots to take away and share with staff. Hopefully I can ‘revive’ Science in my school!

Challenging and interesting ideas to engage pupils in science. How to effectively differentiate lessons (Basic, Advancing and Deep) as well as exploring the National Curriculum, and making explicit links were useful. Very good day, I have ideas that I will share with my colleagues and put into practice myself. Good to view Science in a different light.

Developing scientific enquiry through the planning process was useful.

Different ways to raise the profile of scientific enquiry. Alex was able to answer my queries about Science content. This will enable me to go back to school and make some tweaks.

Exemplified documents to use with staff.

Please pass on our sincere thanks to Chris for an amazing day yesterday and to yourself and the team for organising the booking and putting it all together. Chris managed to open the minds of the staff to re-think what they’re doing and why they’re doing it. Every moment of the day was incredibly useful and will enable me to drive forward curriculum re-design much more easily, as there has been resistance in the past. Chris achieved exactly what I thought he would. The whole school are buzzing with ideas today.

- Mrs Andrea Bedeau, Sudbury Primary, Brent

Alex provided lots of ideas. The practical activities provided in the course booklet and ideas on how it could be done were useful. Very good day which was positively received. Excellent and excellent service after the event.

- Michelle Siequien, Head Teacher, Discovery Primary School, Cambridgeshire

- 15.03.17 Sheffield

Very high quality – would recommend. Thank you.

Lots of ideas to provoke thinking and opportunities to link to current practice.

When I arrived I had aspects of my school’s context, experience and position currently in my head. As Chris talked, I was able to link my understanding and experiences to his ideas – provided clarity and precision. The quality of the training is always of a very high standard and is very thought provoking.

Linking ideas and pedagogy from school and seeing how we can move people forward in order to improve outcomes for the children was useful.

Lots of useful, practical ideas to use in school. Clarity regarding the terms monitoring and evaluation. Really clear course materials.

An opportunity to think about how we evaluate leadership from a different perspective.

Big picture overview narrowing down to step by step specifics was useful. Just great – as ever very thought provoking and actionable!

The day was fab. The introduction to the concept was very clear. 10/10.

I like the learning quadrants, I like pictorial representations so this was something I would use. Good, clear explanation of monitoring and evaluation, which has helped clarify my own thinking and practice. Will use immediately.

Opportunity to reflect on where we are now and where we want to be for the benefit of the school/curriculum.

A refreshing and sensible look at school improvement ideas and resources. Will provide us with greater clarity to be more evaluative. Thanks again for fantastic training. I look forward to being an ‘early adopter’.

- 17.03.17 Newcastle upon Tyne

I gained a clear understanding as to what greater depth is and how this can be applied in the classroom. All aspects of the course were of a high standard and very high quality.

I now know how to ensure and enable children to get to greater depth. Excellent course, very knowledgeable and inspiring speaker.

The whole session clarified extensively what greater depth is and how to deliver it. Fantastic value for money and time well spent.

Very helpful, excellent resources and opportunity for thinking carefully and taking time to reflect on the curriculum and its delivery.

A clear and concise definition of greater depth and how this can be achieved across the curriculum. Lots of food for thought. Inspired me to try lots of different teaching methods – thank you.

- 09.03.17 Swindon

Continuous provision is something we are going to take forward as a school. Very useful and built on previous Chris Quigley courses I have attended.

Great presenter – really knowledgeable and engaging. Very good course and would advise others to attend.

Brilliant, I was totally engaged all day. It will be very useful to have this resource to draw on for developing in school/future reference.

Clarity around the meaning of ‘greater depth’. Ideas to take away and use across the age ranges. Chris’ positive and enthusiastic way of presenting enabled me to maintain interest and leave feeling ready to move forward in this area.

In depth scenarios of case studies in schools were useful.

Outstanding course and resources.

I now have a clearer knowledge of mastery. Thank you – lots of useful information to share ‘back at base’!

- 09.03.17 Milton Keynes

All of it was very useful, relevant and inspiring.

Clear insight into how to try and achieve depth with suggestions/ideas for engaging all writers.

Fantastic training! Really helpful and informative. Would recommend to others.

Fantastic training, it will really impact my approach to writing.

Useful discussion on what ‘mastery’ in writing is.

A good reminder as to why I entered this profession – to create fun and stimulating activities to support learning.

Lots to consider, plenty to trial in class and feedback to school.

Fantastic speaker – Andy provided lots of real life experiences I could relate to.

Examples of 4 corner stones to mastery was useful. Clear advice to all. Good for improving cross-curricular writing. Purposeful, engaging and thought provoking.

- 10.03.17 Carlton Colville Primary

Understanding what greater depth means and talking about marginal gains was useful. Excellent course.

Lots of ideas to bring texts alive.

Ideas to cover over the whole school, making judgements over the school activity, outdoor learning ideas, everything was useful! Really engaging and lots of ideas. I am much clearer now. Fantastic.

Lots of opportunities to discuss key points and how they can be applied into the classroom. Very well presented – humorous yet purposeful.

Using real examples was great.

Ideas to engage and develop writers. I’m excited to try them with my class.

Clear ideas on what planning, teaching and learning of ‘depth/mastery’ in writing should look like. Excellent resources demonstrated, e.g. Brilliant Books, Perfect Poetry. Thank you for a fantastic day. I’ve been inspired and can’t wait to take these ideas back to school and our classrooms. Thanks Andy, one of the best training days I’ve been on! So many great ideas.

- 16.02.17 Bolton

The whole day was really useful. I can’t wait to take it back to school.


Excellent – very informative and lots to take back to school. Thank you.

Very informative, clearly delivered.

Explaining what greater depth and mastery actually is was useful.

Too many useful ideas to mention. Pockets of ideas that can be implemented immediately without an overhaul. Consideration of what constitutes greater depth and how to develop whole staff shared understanding.

A real structure that I can use to move the school forward. This has been an outstanding and truly inspirational day, I am going back to school really motivated. 11/10 – funny, informative, engaging and inspiring.

Practical ideas for maths, reading and writing. Thank you – another brilliant Chris Quigley training day.

Having examples in our packs to take back to school and have a go with was great. Excellent day.

Listening to Chris always reminds me of why I went into this business. He just makes sense. Many thanks as always.

Some fantastic examples of longitudinal learning and cross curricular links. Many different aspects that can be cascaded to staff to develop whole school ethos/philosophy.

Examples of what working at greater depth is to ensure I can pitch questions right to help children enjoy being stuck.

Thinking about the curriculum in a different way.

Ideas to interconnect maths/introducing greater depth problems to children – getting children to be ‘stuck’ without panicking.

- 16.02.17 Newcastle upon Tyne

Very clear explanations of difference between differentiation and planning for greater depth. Keen to implement and try them.

Challenged us to apply the same level of thinking that we have recently applied to our mathematics. Found the assessment tool useful for creating a clear context. Really liked the ideas for poetry and the use of picture books.

The day was really informative and provided lots of practical activities and information to take back to school. Coming from a school that uses the Essentials Curriculum it was interesting to see how this fits with the other parts of the curriculum.

Creative feedback and marking ideas to help develop writing skills.

‘Expectations’ across 2 years was useful to consider.

Many and varied ideas on how to plan for greater depth.

Ideas for passionate writing. Really useful, my mind is buzzing with ideas to try.

Considering what ‘depth’ is in writing and realising it isn’t just ‘better writing’ was useful. Loads of ideas to take back into school. Andy was very easy to listen to and offered great ideas. Great presentation.

- 15.02.17 York

The idea of being able to make the teacher’s workload more manageable, Chris was so enthusiastic. I hope he can come to our school to inspire out staff. So informative, delivered in a very funny, entertaining manner.

Wonderful ideas for continuous provision within Key Stage 1 and 2.

Introduced me to a new and fresh way of thinking about the curriculum – especially the idea of the coverage mindset.

The discussion of assessment in relation to a basic, advancing and deep level of learning was useful. Very good course as always. It is always good to be part of a realistic course where the lead has experience and whose advice/teachings are of use. Thank you.

Ideas of progression of skills throughout school was great.

It was helpful to see the analogy with the cars. An enjoyable day with lots to take back to school.

Made me think differently and a change in mindset that I can take back to school. Longitudinal Learning – very interesting and something we will implement.

Useful to reflect on our current practice and great ideas to create more time to focus on deepening understanding.

Entertaining and informative.

I was particularly interested in the ideas for continuous provision. Also liked the drip, drip ideas for music and geography. Nice to have an explanation of why they got rid of levels. Liked the reference to driving a car, very clear. Excellent, with plenty of humour - enjoyed the personal anecdotes.

The relevance of longitudinal learning – it made so much sense when trying to teach history, geography and music.

- 15.02.17 Newcastle upon Tyne

Brilliant course. Inspiring with a brilliant speaker.

It has given me ways to make children think harder. Brilliant, very thought provoking.

Information you can use in the classroom straight away. Very informative with a lot to take away and think about.

Suggestions for questions that aid assessment and observations as well as challenge children’s understanding were useful. Clear explanation of B.A.D. and how to use it. Great presentation and resources. Inspired to teach!

I liked the teacher meeting and reporters idea. Great day!

Very good quality. The course was very interesting and relevant.

I like the empathy to the T.A. role in class dynamics. Left excited about applying new knowledge.

It was a fabulous day and we were thrilled to have 'the man himself' to throw all our questions at. Thank you very very much to Chris.

- Elaine Le Gros, Head Teacher, Rednal Hill Infant School, Birmingham

Thanks for sorting the day out for us at such short notice. You have continued to impress. It was great working with Alex, the feedback we have got from across the cluster has been great. Everybody enjoyed the day and got a lot from it. Experienced teachers enjoyed the chance to look again at things they knew but had perhaps forgotten and younger teachers found what you had to say very informative and inspiring. Already staff are acting on things they took away from the day.

- Jonathan Bursnall, Head Teacher, Brook Street School, Cumbria

The whole day was extremely useful and really supported us in our thinking. Chris is an inspirational speaker who is able to put present complex issues in a very simple and clear manner that compels you to act. It was particularly helpful to hear the research based evidence that underpinned the key messages as well as the humorous anecdotes and analogies. We had the luxury of spending the day after his visit discussing what we had taken away from his presentation and there was unanimous support for making change. I would like to say a personal thank you to Chris for his input, I was lucky enough to hear him in September and hearing him again has ignited the passion for change yet again. It was a truly inspirational day and the feedback was overwhelmingly positive and left us with lots of food for thought.

- Amanda Talbot-Jones, Head Teacher, St Denys Primary School, Southampton

Chris presented the information in an informative and entertaining way. He appealed to all levels within the audience. He simplified, through the use of practical examples, the way to resolve some of the difficulties experienced in school. He was knowledgeable and able to offer alternatives for every staff member to take away. We had a wonderful day and I struggled to make comments about how to improve.

- Bev Allford, Head Teacher, Ravensfield Primary School, Tameside

- 08.02.17 Portsmouth

The whole day was very useful.

Fantastic, very inspiring, thank you.

Really enjoyed the course – shame it didn’t finish later (can’t believe I’m writing that!)

Resources and ideas – easily transferable.

Understanding ideas behind removal of levels was useful.


Changing my mind-set – planning activities into all areas of the curriculum.

Excellent C.P.D. and really useful resources and materials to support C.P.D back at school.

I liked the regular times for reflection and application to our own school. These gave time to think about how to implement/adapt for our own specific situation rather than having to remember at the end and rely on memory/notes.

Identification of teaching strategies for B.A.D. was great.

A great day – informative and loads of ideas that can be brought back to our own schools.

Eye-opening! Chris should be leading this every day of the week.

Actually clarifying what ‘greater depth’ actually is and giving examples of the provision was useful.

Very effective and engaging.

I loved it!

Challenged my understanding of depth.

Really engaging speaker. The impact of this course will be amazing!

Examples of activities and questions for greater depth that give a good basis for the school to plan and use. Real examples that can be used and adapted.


Interconnection problems – changed my mind-set about how our maths curriculum is delivered.

All of it! Exposition of philosophy and rationale coupled with practical tasks and suggestions. Excellent!

Thought provoking delivery.

Different types of teaching for different stages of learning was useful.

Practical ideas to take back to school. Delivered from a realistic understanding of what it’s currently like in schools.

- 07.02.17 Newcastle

I like the idea of making mathematics understandable for every child.

The concept of ‘mastery’ itself and different ways of approach were useful.

This course will be valuable to develop the school’s curriculum.

The various links and connections that can be made within the curriculum were useful.

A great event which helped me with my understanding of mastery maths.

Problems for higher ability/greater depth were great.

Chris – always great at giving us time to think which supports mastery and deep thinking.

Food for thought – ideas to support various approaches and interconnect-ability.

Lots to share in school – very useful.

A great course – have learnt a lot. I will have a lot of ideas to return to school with.

Made things clearer for me.

Purposeful, useful, lots of ideas/pedagogy to share in school.

Great and pacey course covering many areas to take away and think about.

Intra linking the curriculum and passing some areas into other subjects to save time was pertinent to my school.

Alex was sensational and a true inspiration to my staff. The emails flooded in from staff last night saying how inspired they felt. Makes my job of designing a new curriculum a lot easier so please thank Alex on my behalf! Keep up the great work.

- Danny Bullock, Head Teacher, Uplands Junior LEAD Academy

Richard was superb with lots of real world/practical examples. His depth of knowledge came across well and the material fitted our needs well with staff having increased clarity on how to apply mastery.

- Anita Krishna, Halifax Primary School, Suffolk

Please thank Andy on behalf of our group of schools!

We had another brilliant inspiring session - sending staff back into the classroom in 2017, filled with enthusiasm and excited to make a change - as one Head reported staff were 'just buzzing'.

Andy, as always, delivered a professional entertaining training day - filled with a myriad of examples of good practice, and ideas on how to improve the classroom delivery of writing. He inspired both teachers, support staff and SLT to consider how they could develop a definition of year group expectations in writing. With the whole school staff arriving at a coherent approach, they could see it would be easy to have a relentless focus on consistency.

Our event was another great partnership success - with your eye on the detail of the day and Andy's professionalism it was never in question! Thank you.

- Bungay and Halesworth Schools Partnership

Chris was a very engaging and knowledgeable presenter. All delegates who attended said that their expectations of the day were fully met, with the majority of teachers stating that their expectations were exceeded. All delegates were able to identify key areas of focus for their follow up work in school.

- Achieving for Children, Deep Learning Conference, Kingston and Richmond Schools

Karen led a twilight session on Learning Without Lessons. As a school we work in a cross-curricular way and so this session was very affirming. We have begun to look closely at continuous provision and plan to do more on it on our next inset. Karen was a fantastic communicator.

- Mel Shackleton, St James' CE Aided Infant School

- 07.12.16 - 08.12.16 London

Well paced with excellent visuals. You are inspiring (awesome) Chris.

New way of approaching differentiation and progress.


Getting real activities to give to the staff and children to see what greater depth could look like.

Inspirational. It makes me want to teach.

The approach: Fun at the core of learning; methodologies as a supportive framework, rather than a limitation – great.

Chris was inspiring.

This was an excellent and interesting CPD.

The 2 days have sparked my love for teaching again. I can’t wait to implement some of the ideas in the classroom and watch the children flourish. Thanks Chris!

The conference had clear outlines which were shared with clarity and enthusiasm. Thank you!

I feel so empowered in my knowledge of what greater depth is and how to implement this new culture in my school.

Chris was incredibly engaging and informative. He was very inspirational and inspiring. I can’t wait to take these ideas back to school.


Absolutely brilliant course that will definitely impact on my teaching and how I will lead maths in my school.

Feeling very inspired!

Outstanding A*.

I really liked the ‘interconnected maths’ plan.

Very inspirational – looking forward to sharing with all staff.

Deepened my understanding of what great depth is.

Examples were brilliant.

I was unsure of how to promote depth in English but now I feel much more equipped to return to school full of ideas.

This was such a wonderful course. I feel re-energised and re-motivated.

Listening to Chris and his ideas gave so many solutions and echoed many thoughts I’ve had over the years.

Fantastic, humorous and thought provoking.

The course showed an understanding of current school difficulties.

The course materials are a great reminder for further discussion, back at school. Very helpful.

It is very difficult to pick out the most useful parts of the course as it was all absorbing and enabled me to re-evaluate my teaching and focus.

It was useful to discuss progress and how to show/provide information for a trust.

Very informative with a range of fantastic activity examples.

I have learnt that the curriculum objectives are intended to be learnt over the key stage, not the year.

Fantastic speaker – engaging and provided plenty of anecdotes which link to the topics.

A fantastic course. All useful content. Great resources.

Professional and inspirational.

Fantastic! I was focused throughout.

This course has given me permission to be creative.

Fantastic, refreshing. 10/10.

Perfectly delivered – engaging, entertaining.

Challenged current practice of ‘mastery’ and identified practical ways forward.


Extremely well delivered and real examples demonstrate how we can do this/back up theory.

Clarified what greater depth is and how we can adapt our provision. Practical ideas to ensure that our curriculum is allowing our children to develop their skills.

- 02.12.16 Essex

Very good, would recommend to other colleagues.

Good information about progression of skills and activities to encourage this.

Very exciting! Thank you.

Very inspiring day.

Very well presented – thought provoking and inspiring.

I found everything really useful – great ideas to take away, really appreciate the packs given out.

Lots of ideas for cross curricular links and resources to share at staff CPD. Questioning tips are useful to develop deeper learning.

This has been one of the best training days I have been to, it has been very engaging and useful.

All of the clips, resources, books and discussion were useful. I feel like I am leaving with a wealth of knowledge that I can now try and use.

Excellent. Full of useful resources and information. A clear layout.

Excellent resources – particularly on artists and how to embed mastery and deeper critical thinking.

Great ideas on how to deepen.

- 29.11.16 Newcastle

Good value.

Recognising the need for learning to be advanced and not ‘achieved’.

Further establishing the difference between breadth and depth was useful.

Excellent quality. Great ideas and resources to take back to school. I would definitely recommend.

Understanding depth vs breadth.

Very useful, ideas can be shared in school and help evaluate the current curriculum in school.

Content, connections and cross curricular work, particularly maths, within subjects was useful.

Longitudinal learning – if we can take some aspects out of lessons and make them ongoing or continuous, this will free up time to focus on depth.

Definition of ‘Depth’ and how it can be achieved was useful.

Really engaging course which gave me lots to think and talk about. Feels like you are being supported by a real expert with a passion to improve education. Thank you.

Overview given at the start of the day to clarify position in education at the moment was useful. Practical examples given for a very wide range of subjects and objectives.

Allowed materials to be shared in a format that can be delivered back at school.

Thinking about what we are doing currently and asking why! Providing examples of ways to combine areas of the curriculum, but also explaining the benefits of doing this.


Really enjoyed it – explanation of mastery as a learning approach not a teaching approach was great.

The differences between curriculum and national testing agenda were useful.

Andy delivered the session in such a way that it was appropriate, engaging and relevant for every member of staff, whatever their role in school.

- Julie Slater, Deputy Head Teacher, Trinity CE Primary School, Wolverhampton

- 24.11.16 Newcastle

Delightfully delivered.

Continued inspiration to strive to produce a better pedagogical understanding of children’s learning. It is easy in the current external climate to feel sucked of life! I have two terms left to make a difference! Thank you.

Thank you – so much to think about and apply in our settings.

Excellent – relevant, timely and really helpful for what we want to do/where we are going in school.

Fabulous day – provided plenty of useful approaches to use in school in order to evaluate our teaching and learning.

Delivered what I needed, expected and more.

Thank you, very much inspired and excited.

Very good delivery and mixture of styles.

Such a well considered, planned for and evidenced course which is insightful and supportive for schools to move forward strategically.

One of the best courses I have been on during my teaching career.

Alex’s explanation of the CQ materials and thoughts on education have clarified so much for me and really inspired me to drive my team forward with new initiatives.

I would thoroughly recommend.

Thank you very much for a very informative day. The course was well structured and well delivered.

Inspiring. Another brilliant course, which is appropriate and inspiring.

Excellent course with a lot of ideas to put into practice.

Resources and strategies to improve quality of knowledge gathered about my school. Re-ignited ideas/strategies that I used to use but have been forgotten.

Very informative and useful.

Feel inspired to share with staff and implement new thinking.

Totally understand and want to embrace learning walks and talks in an effective way that will support both children and staff. Really appreciate the inclusion of Early Years (we are often/always left out of whole school initiatives!)

- 23.11.16 - 24.11.16 Birmingham

Made me think about practice in school in terms of planning, lesson time etc.

Very awe inspiring and thought provoking.

Thank you for producing even more great resources to support great teaching in classes that the children will enjoy and thrive on.

Particularly got a lot out of the writing section.

Chris is so enthusiastic about what he is teaching and clearly believes in it. He makes all of us see the possibilities.

The whole course has been so inspiring and encouraged me to question my teaching styles.

All sessions were well led, clearly explained and were relevant.

Practical ideas e.g. SPaG mat and writing sketchbook that can be used in the classroom.

Great tips on how to implement a Mastery Curriculum in my school.

Excellent and inspiring.

This has been much more than getting a better understanding and going back to school with ideas. It’s about really reflecting on and unpicking the cultures we have in school and considering ways we can ‘shuffle and nudge’ ourselves further along the journey!

I feel inspired and motivated… and ‘positively’ challenged!

Confirms that the culture of the classroom/school is so important.

Worth driving 74 miles each way for, twice.

Feeds the soul, thank you.

Unpicking what the greater depth concept looks like and how we can go back to school and evaluate what is working was great.

Wow! A fantastic two days. Good to know we are on the right track as a school but still some way to go.

The role of coaching in children gaining greater depth was useful.


Perfect balance between presenter input and professional discussion.

Deepening the understanding of genres enabling deeper learners to personalise their learning and express themselves using whichever genre suits their style.

Brilliant document given at the start. Made me really think about what I need to do in practise and what my children could access.

Excellent. The course material is always extremely useful, informative and well organised. Chris is an inspirational speaker! Love him!

Lots of positives to take away for our school and aid professional development regarding greater depth specifically.

Exploring conditions that need to be present to ensure pupils have the opportunity to ‘deepen’ understanding.

A wide ranging and thought provoking two days, with practical suggestions for schools.

Exploring the attributes of learners working at greater depth was useful.

- 22.11.16 Cheshire

The day was interesting and engaging.

Great to work in a small group to have questions answered and time for discussions with Alex.

Ideas and practical help to advance children through art was great.

Great delivery, knowledgeable and enthusiastic.

Examples of how to include and use art in all areas were great.

Easy framework to follow.

Discussing the differences – Basic, Advancing and Deep was useful.

Very good, trainer was very enthusiastic and informative, good delivery.

Sharing ideas and seeing books was great.

Very happy. Full of ideas to take back to school and hopefully place into planning. Thank you.

Inspiring and enthusiastic delivery.

Outstanding quality.

Alex was both engaging and passionate – a very well thought out presentation and the planning structure was excellent.

Lots of ideas which can be integrated across all key stages.

- 17.11.16 Cheshire

Looking at the questioning of the higher level children was useful.

How to create a writing rich environment so children are immersed in quality writing all the time.

Great knowledge and good resources.

Thank you – it was a very interesting day with lots of good, practical ideas to try.

Whole school approaches to developing consistency in writing was useful.

Opportunities to reflect on consistency in writing across the whole school and clarity on the idea of ‘mastery’.

Really valuable day – thank you.

Lots of ideas for cross curricular writing and progression in writing.

Really engaging and positive – helpful in many ways.

Looking at whole school approaches – authors, sentence types, marking objectives was useful.

Inspirational – it has reminded me of the things I love to do but have lost in recent times due to shackles.

Expectations of writing in each year group, idea of coming up with a school poster for key features of genres was excellent.

Andy is a really inspirational speaker, which kept me enthused all day. Thank you.

So many ideas and resources to use in the classroom, practical ideas too which can be used straight away.

Andy is a very inspirational presenter – encouraging, enthusiastic and inspiring.

The way information was presented/explained was great.

A chance to reflect and consider use of drama and how to use Milestones/LO.

- 17.11.16 Sheffield

Very engaging – lots of reflection time and real life scenarios.

Practical examples of how to use things in context.

Chris has a fantastic manner when presenting his work. Very interesting.

Chris’ vast knowledge of what sort of questions are needed to assess where children are and what is needed to move them to deeper understanding was useful.

Excellent – lots of ideas to share!

Thank you for such an informative session, anecdotes made it all the more enjoyable.

Coverage at a strategic level as well as class based.

I thought it was very useful and informative.

Much better understanding of assessing where children are through questioning.

Good booklet to take away.

As the Assessment Co-ordinator this was really useful and has given me lots of ideas for adjusting our current systems and ideas for staff training.

Excellent. Lively, engaging and informative presentation.


Lots of new learning concepts taken on board.

The video modelling of how to do it was useful.

I like the question examples, I can use this to help with planning.

Clear delivery by Chris, obvious deep passion and understanding of how children learn.

A very useful morning, lots to take in and think about.

Step by step practical ideas about assessing children under the new curriculum.

I brought 5 staff because of the discount which made it affordable.

Chris has a very engaging manner.

- 16.11.16 Harrogate

Style of delivery gives confidence and reassurance to the role of the Teacher.

Exploration of Maths was great!

Great ideas to take back to school and discuss with staff – will definitely follow through on ideas and explore possibilities for change.

As a school we have a good understanding of greater depth – but the course gave me a way forward with the concept of longitudinal learning and how to ‘fit it all in’.

The best course I’ve attended in years and has completely made me re-think my approach (and our school’s approach) to making links, saving time and covering the skills needed in order to improve skills across the curriculum.

All parts of the day were very thought provoking and I particularly liked the advice to focus on skills, not content/knowledge. The history discussion was particularly interesting, especially the ‘theme’ approach to teaching instead of the traditional ‘topic-based’ approach.

Chris was very knowledgeable. He shared his ideas clearly, with humour, giving lots of time to reflect.

Lots of valuable resources. Chris is a lovely speaker. I have really enjoyed his course. 10/10.


Chris’ style keeps people engaged.

Many thanks for another well delivered day.

Practical ideas that can be implemented straight away.

Ideas, challenging the norm.

Revisiting through continuous provision and making it applicable to the milestone was useful.


Different and effective ways to approach planning the curriculum especially in foundation subjects.

Loved the ideas for continuous provision across the subjects and the scrap book idea to show progress over time.


Really enjoyed today. Provided clarity and renewed enthusiasm in challenging times.

Ways to slim down the curriculum were useful.

Professional dialogue delivered in a real way.

- 15.11.16 Newcastle

A very enjoyable day. Chris is very inspiring. It was a lovely venue to network in.

Thanks for your humour. You understand children. You understand Teachers, and you understand/inspire Leaders.

Thank you for such a thought provoking course. This is the fourth course given by you that I have been on.

For me personally I loved the wheel at the end of the session. I have copied this and enlarged it.

A great deal of common sense applied with a professional approach.

I thoroughly enjoyed your take on shaking up the curriculum but not by ‘throwing the baby out with the bathwater’.

Excellent. Would 100% recommend, thank you.

I feel very inspired and motivated. Very practical ideas that can be immediately implemented.

So many great ideas for continuous provision of art, geography etc.

The whole day was of great benefit, for various reasons. The theory behind the mastery approach has, for example, changed the language we will use in identifying learners in the classroom, encouraging us to consider how best to support them and the afternoon has given us several usable approaches to grow questioning throughout the school. Andy's presentation was engaging, informative and challenged every member of staff to consider their own approach to 'questioning'. Outstanding.

- John Sheard, Assistant Head Teacher, Loxdale Primary School, West Midlands

- 8.11.16 Newcastle

Great morning – thank you.

Lots of ideas for the classroom and for working with other staff.

Lots of helpful hints.

I learnt new ideas to help with fluency, reasoning and interconnectedness.

An extremely useful and informative morning. Thank you.

Using visual images to represent problems. This is something our school has tried to do but I never understood how to apply it until today. This course has changed my way of thinking and encouraged me to pass this on to the rest of the staff.


Developing a clear understanding of the concept ‘mastery’ as there is generally lots of confusion around the term.

Idea of mastery teaching – it was good to have mastery work explained clearly – not about moving up but greater and deeper understanding.

Friendly, informative and challenging.

Reassurance that levels and needing to show rapid rates of progress is gone.

Resources will be useful to use at school.

Useful to be with a leadership colleague – we loved the bar method.

Fantastic – thank you.

Defining the different cognitive domains and suggesting questioning around the areas was useful.

- 8.11.16 Essex

Excellent as ever!

Brings together the CQ approach that we are immersed in.


All tied in together very well. Structured to aid improvement.


It will support senior leaders in self-evaluation as I expected but will also help us develop an embedded teaching and learning policy over the year and support subject leaders to monitor depth.

Thank you, very inspiring.

Gave me a wider viewpoint of quality assurance and self-evaluation.

Looking at ways other than observation to move forward with the quality of learning and teaching.

Inspirational and innovative

I liked all the models and proformas.

Discussion of work scrutiny, learning walks, consistency and management was excellent.

Very good quality. It was everything I wanted from an INSET day. It enthused and inspired staff, gave them concrete ideas to try out whilst also giving a good overview of what the whole picture should look like. There was plenty to chew on for leaders, Teachers and TA's. Andy's delivery was engaging and easy to stay with. He took the whole staff with him and they were really enthused by the day. Thank you.

- Sally MacDonald, Head Teacher, Greythorn Primary School, Nottingham

The messages were clear and insightful. Staff were so motivated by the day that they were texting me at home that evening! The morning session was especially useful as the reasons for reorganising our curriculum were obvious to all the staff attending. Staff enjoyed Chris' stories and humour but they were all grounded in thought provoking content. Please thank Chris and the team for such an enjoyable and interesting day.

- Jude Yoxall, Deputy Head Teacher, Beckstone Primary School, Cumbria

- 4.11.16 Essex

I was thoroughly engaged, thanks Andy!

Lots of thought provoking ideas discussed.

It was really useful breaking down the B.A.D. idea.

Thank you for an excellent day – worth every penny!

Getting back to what matters. Simple changes such as calling the children ‘authors’ and referring to what we’ll get better at.

Brilliant day, thank you.

Andy was very easy to listen to. He made sense and made it entertaining!


Andy was really enthusiastic and helped relate the ideas with real school life. He was brilliant!

Excellent – very engaging and lots of new ideas.

Creating opportunities for purposeful writing to empower children as authors.

Lovely day. Lots of inspiration to take back to school. The trainer was fantastic – very engaging.

Discussing the terminology used with children and how to focus the learning objectives was useful. I realised that it is necessary to slow down and work in greater depth – quality not quantity.

I loved every part!

Long term planning ideas were great.

Exploring how learning looks at a Basic, Advanced and Deep level – this was explained very clearly.

Lots of useful info re mindset and new curriculum.

Wow! Amazing ideas and charismatic presenter.

Enjoyed all aspects as we are remodelling the curriculum and has given lots of food for thought.

Quality of materials and handouts were good and useful.

Andy is inspirational to work with. He challenged and guided us and left us with a list of key areas to work on. Brilliant as usual!

- Lisa Cannell, Head of Junior School, Westbourne School, Sheffield

Training was excellent! We found the explanations of the expectations of progress were the most useful, so we now have a clearer understanding of using EYFS data and lines of good progress. Sophie was easy to work with and happy to tailor the morning to what we needed.

- Sarah Brew, Deputy Head Teacher, Thomas Hickman School

Sophie was knowledgeable about the DoL system and it was really useful to talk to her as we discussed the spring data. Sophie brought some samples from the moderation documents which was really helpful. It was a very useful meeting that helped us to move forward with our data analysis.

- Fiona Phimister, PA to Head Teacher, Bowling Park Primary School

Sophie was able to offer our school a personalised approach as the training was only for a few members of staff. She answered all of our questions immediately and was able to give personalised demonstrations of the program. It was also useful that Sophie had brought handouts and some samples of other relevant resources for us to look over. Sophie was knowledgeable and ensured we were fully au fait with DoL before she left at the end of the session.

- Sonya Black, Deputy Head Teacher, Throston Primary School, Hartlepool

It was great to spend time working in a small group with Sophie. We could ask the questions we needed answers to and Sophie was extremely knowledgeable and helpful. It was a relaxed session and she was able to answer many of our queries. She could also tell us about things that were coming up on the system and other products available that might help us. A really, really useful morning. It was lovely to work with Sophie.

- Ally Lawley, Deputy Head Teacher, St Botolph's, Leicester

The most useful part of the session was Sophie's familiarity with the website and our realistic needs as users. Being a personal session she was able to answer our specific questions, from trialling the system, model on the website and explore the best options for us. It felt as though she was problem solving and training us rather than delivering a pre-planned course which was exactly what we need at this stage. Sophie patiently listened to our experiences and explained everything clearly. Thank you.

- Polly Broadhurst, Head Teacher, Adlington Primary School

- 19.10.16 Cheshire

Very useful.

Greater clarity around mastery and depth and how to evidence this. Excellent examples to work through with staff around the changing culture of learning talks/walks and observations.

The informal setting and small group allowed for questions from individual schools.

Resources are effective and not going to cause huge workload for staff.

Fantastic ways to implement monitoring and assessment straight away. Useful resources to support different leaders: SLT, middle leaders, subject leaders.

This day has been very inspirational. It will be useful for all subject leaders/teachers to follow.

It was helpful to see examples of ‘Learning Talks’ through the video clips.

Fantastic day – all aspects were very useful. It was really good to see and hear about real examples of how the systems are being used in school settings. Excellent delivery.

Delivered really well with great examples.

- 18.10.16 Gloucester

Fabulous concepts.

A fantastic day – so much to think about and lots of possibilities. Thank you.

Helps you to reflect on yourself as a teacher and remind you about why you came into the profession.

Helpful to see how classroom practice could change to being more child-led and purposeful – not just ‘taught’.

Inspirational – a lot of thoughts for the future!

A variety of ideas to deepen across the curriculum.

Really enjoyed today – thank you.

Lots of good examples/ideas.

All of it was useful! Lots and lots of ideas to take back to school to share with staff.

Change of mindset from teaching from a very focused ‘modelling/explanation’ approach to a more ‘problem solving’ approach.

A new spin on continuous provision.

Inspiring and passionate speaker.

Really good ideas – love the rationale.

Intra-connected curriculum – very thought provoking. Good pack to take back to school.

Very thought provoking – a good starting point for discussions back at school.

Objectives that can be met through continuous provision.

Great explanation of how to support and promote deep learners.

Practical examples that I can implement.

Loved the idea of cohesive curriculum learning.

Helped me clarify my own thinking about the curriculum and the ‘vision’ for learning principles of learning. This is something I have been trying to work towards – today has given me clarity and lots of ideas.

Upbeat, entertaining and memorable. Thank you.

Being able to use continuous provision to develop and deepen children’s understanding and knowledge was useful.

Really thought provoking – great ideas to make our own.

Continuous provision – how to carry on from Early Years – weaving through day to day great ideas.

Chris is inspirational to listen to.

Ideas on how the classroom and curriculum could look. It was useful to see how it could look/work in practice.

Focus upon providing depth in the curriculum and the ways this could be done.

The whole day was really inspirational and the staff felt very empowered and positive about taking our foundation curriculum forward. We also had a governor attend and he commented on what a fantastic event it had been. Many thanks to Alex for a great day!

- Mark Church, City Academy Whitehawk, Brighton

Chris covered everything that had been asked of him in a calm and measured way. As always, he was very thought provoking and provided a lot of very practical advice. 11/10!

- Su Plant, West Midlands Consortium

- 13.10.16 Portsmouth

I have been to a couple of presentations before and each time I learn more.

The practical examples that backed up the principles were great.

A fantastic day, I feel that it has really made me think and want to change my current mindset.

Loved the Maths Mission ideas.

I will now stop worrying about coverage so much.

Extremely good. The day was exactly what I was expecting from the publicity literature.

An extremely good day. I know there will be a positive impact on the educational experiences for children at our school.

Focusing on the importance of conceptual understanding and its importance was useful. Ideas for maximising the impact of the curriculum and being creative were great.

All was useful to really start thinking about ways to fit in everything in an already crammed day/week/term/year!

I have always said I can’t cover everything in the curriculum – now I have ideas as to how to! It was so enjoyable to have humour included in the delivery.

High quality booklet and ideas that can be implemented back in school.

Inspirational and motivational as always.

Loved the idea about continuous provision and dipping into different topics and themes across the year. Very inspiring!

Looking forward to new materials. It was good to see how the Essentials curriculum is being developed further.

Fantastic. Thank you so much.

So refreshing and inspiring! A fresh outlook on teaching.

Thinking differently – so much food for thought. It helped consider how and why we do what we do, thank you.

Lots of information to share with staff.

Innovative suggestions for getting the most out of the school day e.g. through use of continuous provision.

I really like hearing Chris’ anecdotes – making the job real!

Definition and visuals to show deeper learning were great.

Fascinating and thought provoking day. Inspirational. Our curriculum will change as a result and our provision will be more exciting than ever before!

Useful and well delivered as well as professionally organised.

Thank you – rarely do I learn enough to inspire me to make many notes! My staff are already afraid!

The day was really inspirational and engaging. I am keen to go back and share the possibilities.

I will look at the way I plan the curriculum. Very informative day, thank you so much.

Great, high quality, thoughtful and inspiring.

Pacey, humorous delivery allowed a huge amount to be covered in one day. Inspiring and enjoyable.

An approach to creating learning experiences for children that develops deeper and deeper understanding. I like the idea of milestones.

- 12.10.16 Oxford

Engaging presentation with good interaction/discussion.

Fab – just what we needed to take us forward now.

History was a great idea – why hadn’t we thought about that!

The idea of delivering the history curriculum was such a godsend!

Deep learning – difficult to provide teachers with strategies so this part of the course was very helpful.

It has given us a lot to think about and we have already decided what to take back to the staff in staff meetings this term!

All useful. We particularly liked the idea of longitudinal learning, revisiting skills regularly.

All very useful, lots of ideas and different ways to view the curriculum.

Excellent, thank you.

The idea that learning happens over time. It’s not so much ‘what did you learn today?’ but ‘how did you improve today?’ - such a key message.

Such an inspirational day as always. So much food for thought and practical approaches.

Maths approach was fascinating.

The day was all great, as expected. Gary was able to draw connections between our current approach, DoL and Learning Without Lessons. It's really useful to have someone other than myself giving staff the same message.

- Matt O'Grady, Head Teacher, West Horndon Primary School, Essex

Andy's presentational style was extremely engaging. The combination of his great sense of humour and clear expertise in the area that he passionately spoke about ensured that staff were engaged and enthused throughout.

- Becky Dickson, Deputy Head Teacher, St Thomas More Catholic Primary School, Peterborough

The help, advice and ideas that Andy shared from his wealth of first-hand experience, together with the devised programme that provided the vehicle to put it all across, took us all nearer to our goal of developing a shared understanding of what basic, advancing and deep looks like. Teaching Assistants, Teachers and Senior Leaders alike all took something away from the day which will improve our school both in terms of our curriculum provision and the assessment of it. Andy managed all of this with empathy and humour, which made it easy to listen to and absorb the ideas. Thank you Andy, we look forward to welcoming you to Withymoor again in the future

- Gill Harper, Head Teacher, Withymoor Primary School, Dudley

Having seen Andy previously, I knew that the staff would benefit from his input. He did not fail to transmit an important message. His humour, experience and stories enabled all to gain a clear understanding on the Questioning focus. He helped us consider the importance of framing questions and small changes to classrooms which would make an impact. All staff took something away which could be used and at the time of writing - I have just had a member of staff who has called me to her room to show a display that has been created since the end of the day.

- Shaun Miles, St Luke's CE Primary School, Staffordshire

Staff Inset was useful and gave staff confidence to speak to parents about our changes. Chris gave an excellent and inspirational talk to parents and answered questions well.

- Marie-Clare Gilfedder-Bonnar, Deputy Head of Juniors, Blackheath High Junior School

Engaging, informative, reassuring, useable, and very professionally delivered. Many Thanks.

- Simon Perkins, Head Teacher, Long Whatton CE Primary School, Leicester

Please would you pass on our thanks to Chris for today. He was inspirational and my staff are buzzing. It was an absolute pleasure to have him in school.

- Davina Clacy, Old Church CofE Primary School, Walsall

Alex has a great presentation manner which links theory with example. It engaged staff and met the brief perfectly, which was to summarise the creative curriculum, enthuse the staff about the new methods and inspire them at the start of the year.

- Zoe Dunn, Headmistress, UCS Pre-Prep, London

- 11.07.16 Newcastle

A fantastic course – inspired me for next year – thank you.

Developing a better understanding of deepening learning through an alternative teaching style.

It was all very useful – particularly getting a child’s voice for subject monitoring and examples of bar modelling.

Great visuals and resources to use.

I now understand that mastery is a process.

Bar modelling is a good idea.

To find out that age related expectations apply at the end of the key stage was useful.

Great presentation packed of information – all relevant and practical.

Clear explanations of progress and mindful practice.

Practical examples to take back for children and staff for training purposes.

Useful examples of activities.

A very good course with many ideas to take back to school.

- 06.07.16 Birmingham

Excellent – clear, concise - which made it easy to understand what we need to develop next in school.

Tasks to generate talk with children, not cold questions were great. Excellent presentation.


Discussing different levels of questioning. What does each ‘level’ look like? How it feeds in to all subject areas. It was really enjoyable and interesting.

Very well presented, practical ideas within a context which although is currently in chaos, enabled a greater understanding of what we aspire to.

A very clear presentation. We use the Essentials Curriculum in school so it was really interesting to listen to how we can use assessing through talk to strengthen our knowledge of children’s understanding.

Particularly liked the opportunity to explore B.A.D. questions and to revisit the importance of depth of learning. An excellent morning, thank you.

The 4 corners of a learning talk is a brilliant way to think about how to develop. Observable, checkable, discussable – great thought process.

The whole session was really useful. We have lots of things/ideas/talk/assessment to bring back to school.

I now know how to craft a learning talk.

Time to reflect on the milestones and assessment linked to these was great.

Unpicking the difference between basic, advancing and deep was useful.

Excellent, useful morning.

Learning talks – will be exploring how we will apply this.

Useful handouts made the ideas expressed much clearer.

Paced well and delivered clearly.

The video clips were very useful.

Suggestions for assessing cognitive domains were useful.

- 05.07.16 Bolton

Very thought provoking – moved me out of my ‘rut’.

Thank you for continuing to relate to the real purpose of our role – learning and developing young people.

Very pleased with the course.

Some inspirational ideas.

I think the course is an excellent summary of how to ease the curriculum stresses.

A deep understanding achieved!

A fantastic day.

I have loved today. Funny, inspiring, thought provoking and insightful. Thank you.

I have attended lots of seminars on mastery and depth and for the first time, I am absolutely clear on the concept! I loved the car analogy – great to share with staff and parents.

It was really inspiring and challenging to discuss the shift between teaching and learning, bringing back ‘awe and wonder’.

The delivery and organisation of the course was slick and professional.

I found it useful to look at what greater depth looks like and how to make sure you are delivering it.


I like the idea of daily rituals and constant revisits.

Challenging current ideas of curriculum delivery – lots of things to think about.

Given lots of food for thought in terms of organising our curriculum and making the most of inter connected learning and longitudinal projects.

Fantastic course as always.

Very enlightening.

Good explanations of the theory behind the Essentials Curriculum.

I liked the 3 cognitive domains and an alternative way to consider/measure progress.

All unique ideas and a different way of looking at cross - curricular teaching.

Very helpful and engaging, A+.

Sharing ways of making the curriculum deeper and richer by interconnecting other subjects.

Very useful day.

- 01.07.16 Bolton

Developing ways to interconnect areas of maths is something we promote on our PGCE programme in maths but this gives us a new way to look at it.

A really interesting morning which has refreshed and given me lots of ideas to try out in school.

Another great event – thanks.

Activities and ideas supported by educational thinking behind the 4 steps to mastery were great.

I now have a deeper understanding of how maths can be taught and how to use these ideas in other areas.

I enjoyed learning about the reasons as to why deep learning takes place and discovering examples and links across B.A.D.

The course gave me ideas about an interconnected curriculum.

A wonderful, thought provoking morning!

Examples of how to implement ideas into a class situation were useful. It was useful to put the fluency into context.

Fantastic course.

Clear definition about mastery in maths. Activities that promote mastery were great.

The clear description of what mastery/depth is was useful as was the outline and distinction of Basic/Advancing/Deep – always ‘heard’ terms but could never ‘visualise’.

I found it all useful. I enjoyed finding out about math missions. Practical activities will be useful to share with staff for CPD.

I now have a greater understanding of assessing children alongside progressing their domain.

- 29.06.16 Nottingham

Some thought provoking questions to take back to the SLT.

I attended this course with a colleague before and have to say I’m so glad that I returned with more colleagues. Great to analyse our current practice and further develop our provision – really enjoyed it!

Really interesting day – enjoyed every part of the day.

I have gained an understanding of what depth of learning looks like and how to develop strategies to develop mastery.

Activities to engender a culture of mastery.

Very useful ideas on how to differentiate within the classroom and understand the process children go through in order to achieve depth/mastery.

Very informative day, thank you.

Thought provoking and inspiring, a superb course!

I found the session on lesson objectives highly effective.

Good materials for use in our own INSET.

A super course, thanks.

Really engaging as always from Chris. Very enjoyable.

The verbs and ideas for B.A.D. are most useful.

Enthusiastic about using the ideas/thoughts of the day.

Good to be challenged. I look forward to using the ideas from the day and love the idea of shuffling forward.

Chris’ delivery was very engaging – the course held my attention throughout.

Good practical tips for how to implement the theory.

The course challenged my way of thinking about ‘levels’, ‘progress’ and the cognitive domains of learning.

Very engaging from beginning to end. I really enjoyed Chris’ presentation style – very inspirational.

A great day – very inspirational, learned a lot.

I hope to make some positive changes to my practice.

Exploring how questions can deepen learning using the same content was useful.

A really interesting, thought provoking course, thank you.

Your explanation of mastery was brilliant and now it makes so much sense!

I finally understand the purpose of the new curriculum and why levels were removed.

An opportunity to reflect on our own practice and gain a better understanding of how deep, advancing and basic relate to cognitive processes as opposed to levels of understanding or ability.

- 28.06.16 Sheffield

Great speaker, funny, professional and passionate.

Good to know how to deepen understanding throughout the curriculum, not just individual subjects.

Interconnected maths just makes sense.

We never cease to be inspired by Chris and his thought provoking sessions. He really is a true inspiration. The consultancy work and these sessions have helped us tremendously to find and shape our vision for our children.

Lots of ideas, can’t wait to try them out in school.

Inspirational delivery that can be used in our school setting with the needs of the children at the heart of the curriculum.

Rethinking ‘depth’ of learning was insightful.

Longitudinal learning – makes coverage easier and can come back and deepen knowledge.

Some brilliant ideas on how links can be made to give more time to delve into different ideas and how some learning can take place over time using continuous provision.

Thank you for the inspiration.

Very engaging course.

Emphasis on the importance of the Arts was useful.

Opens ideas to lessons not being taught by objective led activities but allowing children to explore.

Clearly explained, useful, comprehensive ideas.

A fabulous day – will definitely be tapping into CQE in the future, thank you for the inspiration.

Opportunity to evaluate what we already do, why it doesn’t work and where we want to be as leaders.

A fantastic and informative day with lots to think about.

Love the ‘maths missions’. I am buzzing with ideas to go away and extend into other areas.

Thinking about learning and not about ‘lessons’ and exploring the difference between breadth of study and depth was useful.

Very pleased to have come at this time of the year – a timely course that echoes how I am feeling as curriculum leader, regarding getting everything ‘in’ to the time available. Thanks.

Whistle-stop tour full of ideas.

Excellent training - thought provoking, inspiring. Chris was charismatic and he paced the sessions well.

Thinking about the 3 concepts of conscious connections, continuous provision and longitudinal learning and how to implement these were useful.

Spot on!

Longitudinal planning - refocuses and drives to create something more exciting.

First class – gave us lots of food for thought.

I love all the visual artwork – think the children will love it too.

Lesson plan pro forma’s are fab.

Clear, motivating messages that can be brought back to our own setting.

- 24.06.16 Birmingham

Very useful, thank you.

The evaluation cycle and how DoL fits in with this was useful.

Thank you!

It was a really useful course for the future of our school and children.

I loved delving into the rationale behind the tracking system before looking at the tracker.

I now have a better understanding of the tracker and its functions.

Attended in my role as a Governor and used the session to clarify what I needed to know. The session today was very helpful in doing this.

Very informative and very useful. I know how to take this back to staff.

Good overview of curriculum and tracking.

- 21.06.16 Milton Keynes

Fantastic – great resources.

A very useful and constructive day – providing useful prompts and frameworks to take back to school.

Clear explanation/definition of mastery putting it in a clear context.

Very worthwhile, useful resources and inspiring good practice.

I thoroughly enjoyed the day. You retained my full attention as you presented meaningful, reflective practices.

Many useful acronyms to take away and refer to.

I was able to relate the content to my role and my school.

Opportunities for discussion with colleagues and the speaker were useful.

An excellent learning opportunity and will recommend to others.

Clear and concise explanations of what mastery is and what it should look like.

Super course that has given me the next steps to improve my subject area and my overall practice.

The moderating folder is a great idea to support assessment of writing.

Lots of ideas for displays.

Fantastic course and brilliantly delivered.

The discussions of what mastery looks like in particular subjects were useful, as this has given me a better understanding on how to deepen learning.

Always interesting training with useful things to take away.

Talking about curriculum drivers and the mastery evaluations was useful because staff keep asking how to develop mastery.

- 14.06.16 London

I’m thinking in a completely different way.

Excellent, the philosophy is very clear. Highly thought provoking.

The chance to reflect on why/how ‘life without levels’ is empowering and how the curriculum – including foundation subjects – can be covered in the year was useful.

A great day. Thanks.

Very clear delivery excellently supported by the document provided. I feel very inspired to try longitudinal learning and continuous provision – as a start.

Excellent ideas to inspire in depth, cross - curricular learning.

Challenging thinking about ‘lessons’ and ‘learning’ was great.

Highly entertaining as well as extremely informative.

Breadth vs. depth of learning – love it.

Helping teachers to move away from content focused mindset which is a barrier to creativity and learning (deep).

Once back at school, I’m keen to explore the focus of putting measures at the centre of the maths curriculum.

A fun and informative day, thanks.

Connections to help save time and develop depth were useful.

It was an inspirational day. It gave the opportunity to re-evaluate my teaching, especially the way we plan and implement the teaching of different subjects. Longitudinal topic work is certainly something I want to experiment with.

Learning over time – a different approach.

Fantastic – very useful and relevant for what we are trying to achieve in Year 1.

Examples of continuous provision e.g. 4 clock classroom were useful.

A fantastic day as always. Great practical advice, thank you.

Emphasis on depth and freedom to consider and prioritise this ahead of coverage was useful.

A really thought provoking course with excellent materials.

Useful to look at how interconnections can free up time.

Very engaging and so much I would like to develop within school.

Fantastic speaker with great humour and with brilliant anecdotes as examples.

Very inspiring, I wish my SLT colleagues were with me!

We are using Essentials and have been for the last cou