Essentials: full spectrum curriculum

The new Primary Curriculum from Chris Quigley

Essentials is a simple to use Primary Curriculum that helps you to:

It includes all National Curriculum subjects and exceeds the requirements of the National Curriculum.

Its clear, simple layout splits each subject into three sections:

Essentials is a full spectrum curriculum in every way:

Clear assessment materials help you to easily assess and record progress for core subjects.

The website gives up to 15 users from the purchasing school (additional users may be purchased) access to all the resources, including extra assessment materials and planning materials.

Click here to sign up for a 1 day trial of the Essentials website.

Book a free demo before or during your 1-day trial, email or call on 01207 279 500 to arrange.


If you require more users for the Essentials website, please get in contact with us directly.

“The Essentials tools for core subjects – we were just about to spend time writing this ourselves, so money very well spent. When the materials arrive I will most probably be hailed as a God for finding it! Thank you.” 

Click here to view sample pages.

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Leading your subject for Depth and Mastery

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