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NEW Continuous Provision in Years 1-6

NEW How 'Designed' is your Curriculum?

NEW Bin the SEF! - a new way to evaluate and improve practice

NEW - Greater Depth in Science and the Foundation Subjects

NEW Leading From All Angles - Middle, Subject, Phase, Team, Deputy and Assistant Heads.

Greater Depth in Mathematics

NEW - Questioning for Greater Depth

Securing Greater Depth

Pen - tangulation: five strategies to monitor and evaluate provision

Other courses available for in school training days.

NEW - Curriculum Package

NEW Growth Mindset - pupil resilience for learning at greater depth

NEW Assessment Support Group for Essentials Users

NEW Questioning Skills - for deepening learning and assessing understanding

NEW Greater Depth in Writing - moderation and provision

Teaching for Depth & Mastery

Greater Depth in Reading

Tracking Depth of Learning

Outcomes and how-comes - supportive self-evaluation framework

Learning without Lessons

Assessment Support for Depth of Learning Users

Successful Behaviour Management

Assessing without Levels

Greater Depth in Writing - planning and assessment

Reviving Primary Science

The Sport Premium – does it make a difference to the pupils in your school?

Assessing through Talk

NEW Cross - Curricular Connections in the Primary Curriculum

Outstanding Teaching

Leading your Subject

Curriculum to Classroom: Breadth, Depth and Creativity in the New Primary National Curriculum

Observing Learning

NEW The Teaching Assistant's Guide to Depth and Mastery

Creative Leadership - How to energise your school

Mastery Level Questions - Using questions to promote deep learning

SMSC Inspecting the 'hidden' Curriculum

The Dangerous Curriculum

Beyond the Classroom Door: Unlocking the potential of your school grounds