What is Creativity?

Creativity is a term we often hear.  Many people value creativity but what is it?

I heard Sir Ken Robinson talk about creativity nearly fifteen years ago.  He told us that creativity is:

  • A process, (not an event) whereby we
  • Put to work our imaginations
  • With results that have some value

I had just become Head Teacher at the time, where only twelve per cent of the pupils reached the nationally expected level. I was absolutely convinced that creativity was, as Sir Ken put it, ‘All our Futures.’  I quickly understood that our curriculum was the exact opposite of what Sir Ken was defining.  Instead of a process it was a series of events.  Instead of pupils using their imagination we told pupils what to do and how to think about things.  As our standards showed,  it had very little value.

Two years later the vast majority of our pupils were reaching the expected level.  That’s because we now nurtured creativity, not compliance.

We realised that creativity is not an event, and it is not exclusively about the Arts.  It is a way of thinking in all areas and it is essential if pupils are to deeply understand their learning.

What are your thoughts about the importance of creativity?

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