Growth Mindset – improving learners’ resilience

Conference: Growth Mindset: pupil resilience for learning at greater depth

Audience: KS1 & 2 Teachers and Leaders

Course Outline: 

Essential Questions:

  • In which ways do pupils display determination and resilience when faced with challenging tasks?
  • How can teachers develop in pupils a ‘mastery mindset’ whereby being stuck and exploring the questions is more rewarding than quickly getting the right answer?
  • How is resilience the key to greater depth of understanding?

Why is this course relevant or important?

  • ‘Greater depth’ demands that pupils are engaged in non-standard, non-routine problems that are not easily solved.
  • Many pupils give up easily and do not feel comfortable if they can’t get the answer right quickly.
  • The culture of ‘levels’ as a measure of progress did not require pupils to have the resilience to be persistent and develop reasoned lines of enquiry. Consequently, many pupils lack the mindset required for reaching ‘greater depth’.

This course will advance your understanding of:

  • The nature of learning at greater depth and how resilience is the key to success.
  • How non-standard, non-routine problems are essential for securing deep understanding.
  • How ‘being stuck’ is better than ‘learning that sticks’ to gain understanding at a greater depth.
  • How Chris Quigley’s Secrets of Success may be used as a developmental programme to help develop a mastery mindset.
  • How to develop a culture and climate for learning where pupils feel safe to take risks, explore the questions, suggest ideas and learn that being ‘wrong’ is part of becoming ‘strong’.

Take away from the course:

  • An understanding of the mindset required for reaching ‘greater depth’
  • Practical ideas and strategies for building a mastery mindset.
  • Strategies to improve pupils’ resilience, including:
    • Work ethic and effort.
    • Trying new approaches.
    • Pushing past doubts and worries.
    • Concentration – learning to focus and tune out noise and distractions.
    • Using imagination to tackle complex problems creatively.
    • Understanding the need to improve on original ideas.
    • Working cooperatively with others to share ideas and explore possibilities.
    • Developing a determination to not give up, even when they are ‘really stuck’.

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