Do children feel clever?

I meet so many children who think they aren’t very good at anything. But when I see them playing with their friends I see them come to life, smiling, using their imagination, helping each other out and caring for their friends when they get hurt. It turns out they are good at something: being children. Actually, it’s more than that. They are good at most of the things that adults need to thrive.

What I think they mean when they say they aren’t good at anything is that they don’t have a favourite ‘subject’. But if there were a school subject called ‘sharing’ then they would be top of the class. If there were a timetable slot for ‘being happy’ then they would wish for that slot to come around sooner. If there were an exam on using imagination they would score top marks.

Let’s help all children to feel clever by giving them feedback on all areas of their school life, not just their scores in tests. Let’s go beyond subjects and think about a Full Spectrum Curriculum.

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