Continuous Provision in Years 1 to 6

One of the reasons children learn so well in EYFS is that some things are better learned than taught.  Continuous provision is such an important part of learning in Early Years and in Years 1 to 6… Its just not common place beyond EYFS.

Of course, the ‘continuous’ provision in Years 1 to 6 has to be age-appropriate.  Here’s a few ideas to get you started:

Key Stage 1 Science – Naming common UK plants and trees

Key Stage 1 Science

Key Stage 1 Science – Name that tree


Key Stage 2 Science – Conditions for growth

Key Stage 2 Science (1)

Key Stage 2 Science – Plant Doctor


Key Stage 2 Science – Fossils

Key Stage 2 Science (2)

Key Stage 2 Science- Jurassic park


Key Stage 2 Science – Flowering plants

Key Stage 2 Science (3)

Key Stage 2 Science- Bee Watch

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