B.A.D is good!

Here at Chris Quigley Education we have thought long and hard about how to plan for and measure progress without national curriculum levels.  We agree with the main reasons for abandoning levels – they created a situation whereby pupils were raced through the curriculum in the name of progress.  This led to a lack of understanding for many pupils.

Our solution to this draws upon research into thinking skills.  We have consolidated our learning in this area and have created three cognitive domains that we call basic, advancing and deep – B.A.D.

The B.A.D cognitive domains describe a pupil’s level of understanding of areas of the curriculum.  At the basic stage of understanding, pupils are mostly reliant on instructional teaching.  At the advancing stage, learning is underpinned by making decisions and applying knowledge and skills to a range of different and diverse situations.  At the deep stage, pupils show a high level of understanding by drawing upon their knowledge and skills and skilfully and creatively solving non-routine and often abstract problems.

The important thing about the BAD cognitive domains is that the content remains the same.  The thing that changes is a pupil’s depth of understanding.

It turns out that BAD is actually good!

Here’s a nice picture you can use to share the idea of depth with pupils.

BAD image

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