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  Essentials full spectrum curriculum  

File & Website

Essentials is a simple to use Primary Curriculum that helps you to:
• Plan for progress
• Assess and record progress

It includes all National Curriculum subjects and exceeds the requirements of the National Curriculum.

Its clear, simple layout splits each subject into three sections:
• Coverage
• Learning Objectives
• Progress Milestones

Essentials is a full spectrum curriculum in every way:
• All subjects are included
• All subjects are treated equally - The Arts are just as important as English
• It caters for all abilities and includes support and challenge materials

Clear assessment materials help you to easily assess and record progress for core subjects.

The website gives up to fifteen users from one school, access to all the resources, including extra assessment materials and planning materials. (Additional users may be purchased.)

300 + P&P 7.95
10 Extra Users License 60

  Online Curriculum Planner  
  This great, online software helps you to map out the content of your Curriculum by year group or class. It is a user friendly, simple way to create a long-term Curriculum map. It is pre-loaded with content from our Essentials Curriculum, which exceeds the requirements of the new National Curriculum. You may also add your own content, including additional subjects.

Version 4 re-designed for the new Primary National Curriculum
• Includes all new National Curriculum Subjects
• Bright, clear new layout
• Add your own content
• Unlimited classes or groups
• Publish your Curriculum maps on your website.

The Online Curriculum Planner covers CONTENT, not Progression. Progression can be planned through our Essentials publication.

£95 + P&P £3.50 This is a one off purchase and your access code will be posted out to you.
  Learning Lenses Lesson Observation Software  
  Website & App

• Seven 'lenses' to focus your observations
• Pre-loaded with England's Ofsted criteria
• Option to change criteria to your own with up to 10 grades - ideal for schools outside England
• Image capture - ideal for photographs of students' work, marking or presentation evidence
• Free iOS app.

The website allows you to sync all of your observations and produce powerful reports including:
• Teacher performance over time with a summary of strengths and weaknesses (ideal for follow up observations)
• School strengths and weaknesses (showing patterns of strengths and weaknesses in each of the observation lessons).

96 + P&P 3.50 This is a one off purchase and your access code will be posted out to you.
  Learning Lenses Lesson Observation Guide
Third Edition, updated for September 2014 Ofsted framework

This guide provides a step-by step approach to lesson observation.
It helps leaders to:
• Identify progress in lessons
• Analyse the effectiveness of teaching
• Grade the overall quality of teaching
• Collate findings in order to improve the quality of teaching.

The guide focuses on the seven most important aspects of teaching, which are referred to as lenses. By using the seven lenses, leaders may identify the strengths and weaknesses in each area and use these as the basis for action plans to improve the quality of teaching. This version of the guide aligns its judgements with the Ofsted Framework September 2014 for schools in England.

The guide makes the distinction between monitoring and evaluation clear, provides details of what should be monitored and evaluated and the process for doing this. It also offers advice on collating information from lesson observations to help with action planning and self-evaluation.

The final section of the book provides staff training activities which may be used to develop the main ideas within this guide. Links to video clips are included in order to provide opportunities for practising observation skills.

£60 + P&P £7.95








Learning Lenses Teaching Development Programme
File & CD

Part of the Learning Lenses series of materials, the Teaching Development Programme focuses on the improvement and development of teaching by looking through seven lenses - Progress, Assessment, Checking, Marking, Teaching Methods, Basic Skills and Attitudes to Learning.

The programme is a systematic and in-depth way to help teachers identify the factors in their teaching that affect pupil progress. The programme takes the user, step-by-step, through over 100 professional development activities designed to improve the quality of teaching. It may be used by individual teachers, as the basis for a year's staff training meetings or a number of professional development days. Activities introduce the user to: The 'Essentials for Progress', The 'Progress Pyramid', 'Ways to Check Progress in Lessons', 'The Marking and Feedback Evaluation Tool', 'Engagement Activities' and many more useful and practical ideas.

The Teaching Development Programme can be used by all primary schools to:
• Secure good teaching
• Move teaching from Good to Outstanding
• Move beyond the Ofsted description of Outstanding.

A CD accompanies the file, which includes printable versions of each activity and video clips.

175 + P&P 7.95
Key Skills in the Early Years
Book, poster & CD
A user friendly and simple guide to help those working in the Early Years to plan for and track children's development in the Key Skills required for progress towards the Early Learning Goals. Three stages of development help the user to track progression: 22-36 months, 30-50 months and 40-60+ months.

A poster is also provided, which may be used within the Early Years setting, to help focus assessment on the Key Skills. This publication is based on the current Early Years framework

A CD is included which contains a Key Skills overview grid, printable versions of the 7 Key Skill areas, assessment sheets to track children's development and observation slips.

£70 + P&P £7.95
Sensible Self-evaluation
Book & CD
Fourth Edition, updated for September 2014 Ofsted framework.

This book shows you how to create a 4 page SEF that will show a deep and thorough understanding of your school’s strengths and weaknesses. The book will take you through:
• The journey of the typical child including any variation
• Summarising achievement
• Linking achievement to the quality of teaching and leadership
• Summarising what you know about behaviour and safety
• Linking behaviour and safety to the quality of teaching and leadership
• Summarising improvements since the last inspection.
Many schools have drastically reduced the amount of paperwork in their SEF with this user friendly guide.
The book will:
•Help you to create a 4 page SEF
•Help you to make judgements using simple tables for each of the main areas
•Enable you to complete your SEF in one day.
A CD accompanies the book with templates and examples of completed 4 page SEF’s.

£70 + P&P £7.95

The Art of the Lesson Start
50 Ways to Boost Progress in lessons
Book & DVD

This book is a collection of inspiring teaching ideas designed to boost student productivity and progress within lessons. Included in the book are 30 Lesson Starters and 20 Learning Structures to help students to collaborate well and to move away from a dependency on adults to learn effectively. Lesson starts include ’Sort it’, ‘Questions’, ‘Transform it’, ‘Observe it’, ‘Top Trump it’ and a class favourite, ‘Finding Faults’. Learning Structures include ‘Roles’, ‘Tokens’ and ‘Hubs and Spokes’. This book is guaranteed to transform passive pupils into active and engaged learners.

The DVD contains nine video clips showing examples of some of the activities in action. They may also be used with the activity sheets at the back of the book to help analyse some of the features that make students productive. These may be used for individual study or as training materials.

£65+ P&P £7.95
The Dangerous Curriculum

Book & Website

This book has 40 ‘dangerous’ activities that can be best described as ‘scouts for schools’. The activities play to the strengths of pupils who enjoy danger, challenge, risk taking and problem solving and for whom being indoors is sometimes a switch off to learning. The ‘dangers’ are not all physical – although some do involve the risk of mild injury, many may embarrass, run the risk of failure or invoke fear. Each activity also has a ‘learning trap’ – a cleverly disguised part of the curriculum such as learning poetry or the history of Britain. Many of the activities are disguised as competitions or challenges and pupils may not realise until it is too late that they are learning. Each activity comes with a cunning ploy to write or blog about experiences, along with some guidelines about safe blogging.

The Academy of Danger is a unique website accompanying the book which pupils can use to track their achievements and compete with the rest of the class.

£99+ P&P £7.95

20 Progress Checks in Lessons
Outstanding teaching requires teachers to gain a deep insight into the progress pupils make in lessons. Many methods of checking progress, however, actually delay the progress of some pupils. This is because many checking methods put on hold pupil learning whilst the teacher talks to the whole class.

This guide, which is illustrated with cartoons to bring the techniques to life, helps teachers to explore twenty ways to check progress and to reshape teaching without interrupting the learning of others. Excellent checking, the insight it delivers, and the effective reshaping of teaching as a result, can have a notable impact on progress.

£25+ P&P £3.50

Secrets of Success - Teacher's CD Pack

6 Books, 6 Success-o-meters, 8 Sticker Sheets & CD
Second Edition

Some call it ‘Learning Power’, some call it ‘Habits of Mind’ and some call it ‘Attitudes to Learning’. We call it ‘The Secrets of Success’. This pack gives pupils the chance to read and learn about what will make them successful learners, successful friends and successful in their adult life. The big secret is that there are only 8 things that children need to learn in order to achieve life-long success. This pack will teach children to see the importance of: Trying New Things, Working Hard, Concentrating, Pushing Themselves, Improving, Imagination, Understanding Others and Not Giving Up. The pack comprises 6 guided reading books, 6 success-o-meters, a teacher’s companion CD which includes clipart images, an interactive big book for whole class presentations, assessment materials and activities. Ideal for 7-13 year olds.

Pack now includes 8 sheets of recognition stickers for each character.
CD now includes certificates, note paper and postcards for each character.

£90 + P&P £7.95

Secrets of Success - Personal Edition
Book & Success-o-meter
Second Edition

Based on research from all over the world this exciting book, written especially for 7-13 year olds, reveals the 8 Secrets of Success, and shows children everything they need to be successful in life.

£10+ P&P £3.50

SOS CD only available to purchase by customers who have previously purchased the Secrets of Success Teacher's CD Pack.

£30 + P&P £3.50

Secrets of Success Sticker Pack
Contains 24 sheets of stickers.

£24 + P&P £3.50

"I am writing to say that in our recent Ofsted Inspection we received the grading “Outstanding” and that the services we have received from you contributed to this outcome. "
Darren Clegg, Head Teacher, Aston Fence J and I School, Rotherham


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