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“My experience of the new Ofsted framework in relation to Depth of Learning Tracker was very positive. The inspector thought our assessment system was robust and that we had ‘forged ahead’ with assessment across subjects since our last inspection. The inspector particularly liked the Lines of Good Progress charts which were easy and quick to use in getting an overview of attainment and progress. The bespoke tracking of each individual child was also seen as really important as it gave the true picture of an individual in terms of strengths and weaknesses.

I am very pleased that we have been working with the Depth of Learning practices and principles as well as the tracker as this has helped us tremendously on our journey of developing our expertise as teachers. I thought Depth of Learning was a good thing, two years ago when I attended Chris’ conference, I now know it is a great thing! Thank you to the Quigley team for the continued excellent CPD opportunities.”

Jeannette Little, Feckenham First School

- 05.07.17 – Bolton

Clear areas for improvement/extra CPD. Always very interesting and insightful. Definitely worth the opportunity to see the product.

Lenses made it clear to help understand where our focus should be.

Thinking about how ‘good’ can look different and not just one way. Thinking about how to evaluate in a new way.

Some very good ideas to use back at school – e.g. strengthening aspects of tracking progress, improving your focus on what’s important in leadership. A very grounded view of education pervades the delivery . A very knowledgeable practitioner who gets you to think.

Lots of ideas to stimulate thought on self evaluation.

Gave me a clearer thought process of how evaluation can drive improvement (away from Ofsted framework).

All of it was useful! Mostly confirming thoughts of a better way to evaluate as well as better ways to focus on learning. Excellent all round, brilliant resources.

- 27.06.17 – Birmingham

Particularly like the concept of longitudinal learning, with opportunities to go back, revisit and practise so that real and deep learning happens. Loved the opportunity to ‘refresh’ my practice, having already been trained in Pitch Perfect and Life without Levels.

Love the idea of a continuous provision afternoon.

Lots of great ideas and thoughts to move the curriculum forward. Rationale clearly covered – it all makes sense.

A thoroughly enjoyable day and very thought provoking.

Great ideas about continuous provision and chunking some things together in order to free up time. Not everything that needs learning needs to be taught by a teacher.

Plenty of ideas that can be put into place immediately to improve our provision. As always, Chris delivered this training in an inspiring way.

Love the resources given.

Loved the way that effective practice and principles from the EYFS were articulated clearly to be relevant to other key stages. Appreciated language and phrases used to label strategies.

Inspired to make changes so that classes can work together.

Good ideas for cross and intra curricular links.

As a special school we have found this useful.

Thoroughly enjoyable, informative and clear – thank you.

Really enjoyed my day, I feel inspired and challenged to continue to implement this way of working.

It was all very inspirational and I will be feeding back ideas to SLT to find ways in which our school can adopt and implement lots of the strategies discussed today.

Really valuable and the next stage in our school improvement cycle. Love the ‘ideas’ book.

Clarification of key principles underpinning the new curriculum.

New way about thinking of delivering DT/Music curriculum.

Practical examples of how deep learning can be promoted through time saving initiatives. High quality training, which is particularly relevant in the current educational climate.

The teaching of Maths in the classroom, without the need for a Maths lessons was useful. E.g. four clock classroom, intra-curricular and cross-curricular links.

Some very radical ideas for teaching history. Great presentation and useful resources.

All very useful. You altered my opinion on a range of issues.

It’s hard sometimes to keep people on board – it’s ‘early years’. This course has given us lots of ideas to engage staff with this approach.

Excellent presentation and thought provoking.

Lots of fantastic, refreshing ideas of how to adapt and ‘combine’ curriculum areas to allow more depth of understanding.

Engaging speaker – made me think about my current practice, especially the daily routines with English and Maths.

- 29.06.17 – Middlesex

The layers of clarity, very well explained.

The presentation was clear and good examples/resources were used to support the delivery of the course. The quality of the booking was excellent and the tutor presented really well.

Great ideas on how to implement writing with purpose in the classroom. Loved ideas of marginal changes. Discussion on what greater depth is was useful. Easy to get bogged down with ticking boxes. Highly rated, useful ideas to take back to school. Engaging speaker – thank you.

Very informative and engaging. I thoroughly enjoyed it and was engaged throughout. Thank you.

Ways to identify greater depth and challenge children were useful. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and now have lots of ideas for the future.

Loved the stories to embed in early years.

Ideas for teaching writing in new and creative ways. Creating consistency through teacher expectations was useful.

Looking at examples of what ‘deep’ looks like were useful.

- 23.06.17 – Bolton

Fabulous ideas and time to discuss.

Lots of ideas which I can see staff wanting to incorporate into their planning.

Every educationalist should hear Chris speak! It’s time we stood up and brought about change.

Really helped me to clarify how to set up continuous provision in KS2 alongside lessons to deepen learning. Really forward thinking. Excited to try out new ideas.

Super handout. I have practical ideas to use in school.

Brilliant examples of activities and a clear explanation of why we need continuous provision.

Quick, easy and obviously effective.

We are already following elements of the learning without lessons, so it’s great to have this course next.

Lots of practical ideas. Love the maths section the most.

A chance to discover and explore the rationale was useful as were the practical ideas to take back to school.

Exciting times thinking about how to restructure our curriculum.

I am re-envisaging the whole curriculum in a more productive way which will promote a love of learning, engaging children because they can access what they are interested in.

Well organised, structured presentation.

A completely new look at the curriculum. Fantastic, excellent knowledge and so engaging.

To move away from the ideas that everything must be taught in a lesson was useful, as was, looking at the curriculum as a whole, encouraging leaders to be more creative in their approach.

I can see it happening – it can be put in place relatively quickly, giving immediate impact.

- 21.06.17 – Chesterfield

Loved the maths and writing ideas for embedding into daily routines.

I gained a deep understanding of what continuous provision is and I had the time to think about how we will do it.